November 17, 2009

My Favorite Babywearing Photos: Ring Slings

My very first sling, photo circa 2006

Before Gray was born I had already changed my whole parenting style to something more "attached" and planned to wear him in a sling. I had gone to a La Leche Meeting while pregnant and saw other Moms wearing ring slings and I was IN LOVE. Had to have one. So, I found one on ebay for $15!

I still have this sling, I will always have it. I wore him in it the day he was born. Even though it was only $15, it is worth the most to me.

(Kim, the maker of that sling, now has an etsy shop here- KimzKreations.)

This is one of my other favorite ring slings. You'd think it would be mainly for its beauty, but it also wears like a dream. No matter which carrier you love most, no matter how much or how little it costs, I hope you feel good when you wear it.

I did not buy my Sakura Bloom slings myself- they were given to me by Sakura Bloom as a gift- nothing was asked for in return. They do make a great gift. :)

Just a few of the reasons why I love ring slings: They are adjustable. They are super easy for a quick in & out and an easy on & off for Mom. Ring slings give a great snug fit. They are the perfect sling (in my opinion) for newborn and fantastic for when your baby turns into a toddler. They are very pretty, in all different styles, patterns, silks, cotton, linen, and more.

I'm posting
my favorite babywearing photos this week leading up to the announcement of the 2nd round Babywearing Triathlon winner tomorrow (and also when I will be posting my favorite of yours that has been left in the comments on this post.)

Also, I'm giving away two pouch slings (enter by tonight.)

By the way, this goes for all my favorite babywearing posts this week- I was not asked, paid, or given any product to post about any of these slings- they are my personal faves and what I've chosen to post about!

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  1. The Sakura Bloom sling does wear like a dream. I cried a little when I put Tommy in it, and I'm still amazed that I gave it back to you without a fight!

  2. I love my ringsling (mine is a mayawrap) and I can't wait to wear it again with baby #2. It was perfect for hops into the city with my daughter when she was a newborn.

  3. I'm going to have to look into a ring sling for this new baby. I've always been a Baby Bjorn fan; I got a pouch sling when Teyla was born, but I could never get comfortable in it (nor could she).

    But the ring sling sounds like it might work. (Not to mention all the gorgeousness.)

  4. I love that picture of you and Ivy in the Sakura Bloom. You both look really happy.

    It is definitely a feel good sling.

  5. I thought I loved my pouch sling until I totally fell for my ring sling!

  6. I have a ring sling, but have found that the Mei Tai is much more comfortable for me.

    What's the heaviest weight you'd carry in a ring sling? Henry is super close to 30 lbs. and I'm afraid carrying in the ring sling is going to break my

  7. I am getting SO excited to wear my little girl in just a few weeks...I've been reading up on my Moby & ring sling, since those are what I plan to use in the beginning - I've never had the opportunity to wear a newborn, didn't start until Z was 9 mos. or so, so I just can't wait. :) Also, in MOPS this morning, the girl next to me was nursing her 7-wk-old little guy & it almost made me cry, because I just can't WAIT!!! One more month! :) Just had to share, sorry for the rambling. :)

  8. I love my ring slings, bu I have to admit that I love the wrap and pouches more. I'm just not as good at breastfeeding in the ing sling for some reason.


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