November 14, 2009

My Favorite Babywearing Photos: In A Baby Bjorn!

I know! I KNOW! Baby Bjorns are not a popular carrier of many die-hard babywearers. But, just like many babywearing Moms, I started out with the Baby Bjorn.

(I am 99.999% sure you say it like Baby Be-yorn.)

I registered for it when pregnant with my first baby because that was the thing to do! I just HAD to have the "metro black" style. I used it for walks and times a stroller wasn't convenient. But not much more. It hurt my back. It wasn't that fun to wear. And once the babies were too heavy, forget it.

But, I have fond memories of that Baby Bjorn.

The photo above (circa 2002) is a VERY YOUTHFUL me (with very red hair) wearing Carter when he was just 3 months old. I had been helping out decorating for a party at church all day and wore him in it the whole time. I was able to keep him with me and do lots of other things. People marveled over the fact that I was doing all I was doing while wearing my baby!

Another time not long after that photo my family spent the day at the apple orchard and I wore him in it the whole time then, too.

I've since learned that the Baby Bjorn is not ideal for long-term babywearing. It's not the best position for baby's hips and groin area. It's not the most comfortable carrier for Mom & Dad. And having baby facing out (the most common way people wear their Baby Bjorn) not only can be overstimulating to baby, it also throws off the wearer's center of balance.

But, for some parents, the Baby Bjorn is the best way or their favorite way or the only way they wear their baby. And you know, babywearing is babywearing.
It keeps baby close to Mom, it encourages attachment, allows for hands-free, and the list goes on.

I loved that Baby Bjorn. And look where it's taken me.

I'm posting my favorite babywearing photos this week leading up to the announcement of the 2nd round Babywearing Triathlon winner (and also when I will be posting my favorite of yours that has been left in the comments on this post.)

Also, I'm giving away two pouch slings (enter by Tuesday night.)

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  1. Cute picture. I HAD to click when I read your tweet. A babywearer who calls herself a babywearer using a baby bjorn? Had to know what it was about. :)

  2. Awe, we have a Bjorn as well that was given to us, second hand, with a bunch of other baby stuff.
    We've used it a handful of times, but with all the other carriers I use now (MOSTLY just the Ergo, haha) I actually have no idea where the Bjorn got to!

    (Also, CUTE pic! You are so happy!!)

  3. My mom found a Baby Bjorn at a rummage sale for $2 when my son was a baby. I think I only could use it once or twice because his thighs got way to big to fit in the leg holes. I have no idea where that carrier is now. I could probably have used it with my youngest for a lot longer, but I used my ring sling I bought on Etsy instead. Love that sling.

  4. so cute! okay, i'm going to post a pic now. =)

  5. I remember wearing Luke in a Bjorn at the Dunes, hiking up and down sand dunes. I don't know how I managed it, because my back was killing me by the time we were done!

  6. I better read through your blog much better to see which is the best baby carrier! I use the CHEAP version of a Bjorn which is made by Jeep. So far so good but my baby is 14wks old & only 13-14 lbs so the back issues haven't happened. I tried a pouch sling & she hates it! (it's one I made tho from online tutorial).

  7. Okay it's way too early for me.... I missed the baby completely and thought you were wearing the person with the gray hair behind you... I was wondering how he could be only three months when he looked so big and uncomfortable. Please laugh with me and not at me! Like I said, it's early.

    I also disliked my bjorn because I am not the right height for it, or so I thought. My hubby loved it though, so he would wear the kids when they were smaller. Glad to know you've encouraged us to move ahead in the world. :)

  8. Great post. I guess I have been a little snobby about this (I never used a Bjorn--we sold hotslings at work when I was pregnant with my first). I think what I hate is that a lot of people try only the Baby Bjorn or one of those Infantino slings and determine that babywearing won't work for them period. But you're right, the Bjorn HAS kept many moms and babies close, and that is the whole point of babywearing.

    And I may not like their carriers, but Baby Bjorn makes some awesome potties.

  9. We used Baby Bjorns when my twins were early 2003. My hubby just never felt totally comfortable with my slings and it was worse when we had other little ones to look after because he would end up swinging the baby abruptly when he'd reach down to help our toddler. When we had twins, we had to figure out a better alternative. He loved how secure the baby felt.

  10. Since having baby #2 and wearing her A LOT, I cannot stand to even try to wear her in the Baby Bjorn and she hates it. I literally thank God for my pouch & ring slings.

  11. I started with a cheaper version of this! And you're so right, any parent that carries their child is doing good for their child! I had a lovely chat in a queue with a Dad who had one one of those huge hiking backpack carriers, while I had a sling and hubby had a maitai, and we chatted about the merits of babywearing! We had lots in common!

  12. Baby Bjorn was totally the gateway carrier. First I moved on to a simple New Native pouch, but then it led to Maya Wrap ring sling(old school Guatemalen stripes, of course), before I started in on the harder carriers likes mei tais and even - gasp - wraps. I know, I know. It's a slippery slope. Once you start, your hooked. They really should come with a warning label. ;)

  13. oh my, what an adorable photo! i had a baby bjorn several years ago too. it does seem to be a stepping stone to a lot of babywearing mamas!

  14. Since I totally missed out on the babywearing thing, someday I'm going to ask a babywearing momma to let me borrow their baby and sling so I can try it! Maybe Love will let me go somewhere with her someday and I can wear one of the babies :)

  15. Seriously, to be honest, I love my Bjorn. Love. But I don't use it much either because of the hip/groin stuff. Sigh.

  16. that's how I "wore" my babies back in 95, 98 and 01! I had no idea there was much more amazing great ways to "wear" them! I either wore them in one of those thingys and they always faced in (at least I did that right) or I had them in my arm! My family talks all the time about how much I could do with just one hand! I wish I would have known about real babywearing sooner! Good job on getting the word and the apparell out there! Thanks Steph!

  17. I had the same one for John-John. He snuggled into it faceing me. Right now I use a hotslings sling for him to carry him on my hip since he is 15 months and 26 lbs+.

    Anyone got any suggestions on what to use for him? We have a big trip coming up and though we'll be taking the stroller, I want the option of carrying him too...

  18. I started with that same carrier in denim when my youngest was born. Then I learned about how bad they are for the baby's hips and made my first ring sling-pronto! It is good to know I am not the only one who started off with one.

  19. That was my first carrier too and I still use it on occasion...

    P.S. Come see my post from today, I have on a sling that Kim (prairiemama) made for me! : )

  20. Your experience with the Baby Bjorn sounds familiar. When I had my first daughter, it was THE CARRIER everyone talked about.

    Now, however, I've moved on to "better" and more comfortable carriers. But I'm still grateful that Baby Bjorn was a leader in the babywearing movement way back when.


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