November 15, 2009

Favorite Babywearing Photos: My Mei Tai

Wearing my sweet Gray, 2006. He was born to be worn.

Ivy's first trip to the beach this summer, in the mei tai.

My mei tai (say it like MAY-tie) is an original Freehand Baby carrier that I got it off a Mom barter group online several years ago. It's one of my most very favorite carriers ever.

I recommend the mei tai when baby is around 3 months old on up to toddler age. It evenly distributes the weight on your back and hips and is great for long-term wear.

I'm posting my favorite babywearing photos this week leading up to the announcement of the 2nd round Babywearing Triathlon winner (and also when I will be posting my favorite of yours that has been left in the comments on this post.)

Also, I'm giving away two pouch slings (enter by Tuesday night.)

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  1. awwww! You are killing me with cuteness!!!

  2. I''m finally ordering a Mei Tai so that I can carry baby Bean!

    Love your photos! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures, and the fabric that mei tai is made of is just gorgeous.

  4. What beautiful fabric!

    The Mei-Tai has been a lifesaver with my two kiddos - neither one of them would nap past 4 months of age unless worn to sleep (the toddler always preferred to be worn in the front, though, while my current baby needs a high back-carry to lull him).

  5. My mei tai is still my favorite. I love that picture of you. xo

  6. Born to be worn. That could be a song you know...

  7. Love the "born to be worn" tag, & you & your babes are so beautiful!

    I just realized that my current FB pic is actually a babywearing
    photo, circa 1972! My son, about 10 months old, is in a Snugli, the only baby carrier of the day, other than backpacks. I'm wearing him facing out; it was our passport photo.

    Don't know how to send you a link, but it's way fun!! Let me know if you want me to e-mail it to you. My e-mail address is rikidolph @ (at)

    Love your blog!

  8. Mei Tais are my favorite carriers, hands down. I am generally too small through the chest and shoulders for most SSCs and I like that I can get a great fit with the MT straps. MTs fold up to almost nothing for easy packing and both my babies have loved being carried in them. I have a Mei Tai Baby that I will use again for my soon to arrive third baby that I bought when I was pregnant with Ella.

    Love the shot of you and Gray!

  9. With the slings, pouches and carriers as darling, convenient and bonding as they are, I can't figure out why all new moms don't use them. Darling shots!

  10. I just bought a Mei Tai because of your last 2 posts, lol. I have a wanna be Bjorn (the Jeep version) & I notice when I'm carrying her for a long period of time my back does start to ache. Now I see your post about the Mei Tai being your fav from 3 months & up I must give it a try :)

  11. I have a BabyHawk Mei Tai and it was my favorite carrier for when my baby was itty bitty. It was comfortable, easy enough to put on, and...SO PRETTY.

    Now, however, I ALWAYS reach for either the ERGO or the BOBA. That style of carrier suits me best, I think. :)


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