November 21, 2009

Anywhere But Here


I have written some stuff I'd love for you to check out over at Real Moms Guide if you're in the mood:

Hoping for a boy or girl? (Many Moms deal
with the secret of having gender disappointment)

How to shop like a pro on Black Friday (I won't be anywhere NEAR a store that
day, but this is for those of you that will.)

And over at NWIparent:

I like soup (And I hope you'll share your soup with me.)

Also, my friend Michelle at Scribbit would like you to enter to win the HP TouchSmart 600 COMPUTER.

I said I'd mention it here before I even realized how awesome the giveaway was and so I entered myself. If you could see the ancient computer I am blogging on right now... (I am so glad you can not see it).

HP TouchSmart 600 Giveaway

Now I'm off to lunch and a movie (go on, guess which one.)

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  1. Love the photo of Ivy. off to check off all the other stuff

  2. Love that pic. My daughter has the same dress. I bought it second hand for $2 so that made me love it even more LOL!

  3. Thanks so much--and that skirt is nearly as cute as Ivy.

  4. She is just so adorable, Steph!

    P.s. Thanks for commenting on my blog :) My husband actually lived in Indiana for two years, and I tried to convince him to move back with me to meet you!

  5. Ivy is always adorable, even in the "getaway" photo! Thanks for the links, I also do not go out shopping on black friday, if any shopping happens it is on my prehistoric computer too!

  6. Oh dear! I must ask where you bought that beautiful baby skirt!


  7. Adorable, as usual! :)

    Did you go to see New Moon??? :)

  8. She is so friggin' stylish!

    And I had gender dissapointment with Dash but oh heavens am I happy I got him!

    And secretly, though we likely won't, I've love to round out the family with one more boy.


  9. I won't be out shopping on Black Friday either. Big crowds and little kids are not a great combination. Besides, malls are NOT my favorite place to begin with.

    Did you go see the 2nd Twilight movie? If so, you have to post a review!


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