October 14, 2009

Sakura Bloom Triathlon: Round One

A special message from Lynne at Sakura Bloom!

Helpful instructional videos:
Putting on and adjusting a ring sling
Tummy to tummy hold in a ring sling

Lynne will be working on more instructional videos throughout the challenge weeks, so if you have any demonstrations you'd like to see, please let us know in the comments!

And now, the first challenge of the Sakura Bloom Triathlon, three questions for our seven contestants:
  1. What first interested you in babywearing?

  2. How is your personality reflected in your parenting style?

  3. If you could spend a year traveling with your family, where would you go and why?

Sakura Bloom Triathlon contestants have until October 28 to submit the answers to the three questions, via email or a post on their blog. One contestant will be recognized for her answers and awarded with a $100 gift certificate to Fawn & Forest.

Meet the contestants.

Play along if you'd like! Leave your answers to the questions in the comments below or link to your post on your blog so we can check them out!

More information about the Sakura Bloom Triathlon.

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  1. If I could spend time traveling with my family I would go to a lakehouse with lots of trees surrounding it. There would be plenty of things for the kids to do; biking, hiking and swimming. It would be a perfect retreat for the adults as well. Getting back to nature always recharges the batteries and makes you feel like you can breathe. It is also great for the kids to get away from the concrete jungle. Ahhh. The perfect vacation.

  2. So nice to finally see your face, Lynne! I'll be pondering these questions all weekend while I wear Pixie in our Sakura Bloom sling at the Ossahatchee Indian Festival:)

    <3 Sara Sophia

  3. Lynne, you are fantastic! And the videos are great for first time babywearers!!

    Thanks again ladies!

  4. I answered the questions on my blog here: http://dgvelaw.blogspot.com/2009/10/lawyering-and-babywearing-triathalon.html

  5. I just blogged my answers in 3 posts:

  6. Yay! Finally answered all three questions

    And HERE:

    Can't wait to go read everyone elses!

    --Sara Sophia

  7. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading everyone's posts! I just added a new picture of me wearing my littlest chiquita in the Sakura Bloom sling I never want to return:



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