October 6, 2009


One aspect about having a larger family is not just my gushy big heart love for my children, but also watching them love each other.

Noah brought home a writing assignment yesterday that had to be about a Perfect Person.

He had written it about Gray.

Gray is my brother. Gray loves me.

Gray is funny. He is nice. I love him too.

He likes to play dinosaurs.

He is little. He is two years old.

He has tan hair. He has tan skin.

He has little and big legs.

He has little arms.

He is a little kid.

I had to send a note to Noah's teacher because he was upset that she kept trying to correct him and make him write Gary.

I explained to him that Gray isn't a common name and she probably thought he was misspelling it. I assured the teacher that his name is indeed Gray, short for Grayson, and not GARY. That made Noah feel better.

Originally posted September 9, 2008

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  1. So sweet and something my only child will never know. Of course I had big brothers and they hated me, so I guess there are no guarantees. :-)

  2. I may have told you this (probably more than once) but when Aliyah was in first grade her teacher kept calling her
    and Aliyah was too embarrassed to correct her so I had to send a note to school explaining to her that her name was pronounced

    :) haha

  3. That is soo sweet! What powerful yet simple words from his heart!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwww. That is so sweet! You must love Noah bunches and bunches for that one! Good on you for sending a note to teacher, Mama!

    drgarnecki at gmail dot com

  5. Oh my that is so sweet!!!!!! I just love when children have such a deep affection for each other.

  6. haha poor kid.

    and his writing is adorable.

  7. That was sweet. And poo on the teacher for thinking he didn't know his own brother's name!

  8. That is the sweetest ever...

    Brotherly Love---is there any more scriptural concept?

    Its always nice to see after all the scuffles and lego-quarrels, a quiet moment with their arms around each others shoulders.

    Makes me love being a Mum all over again<3

  9. That IS the sweetest thing about being a parent of many children. I agree!

    That writing assignment was precious! I'd want to frame that one.

  10. <3!!! This makes me so excited to be raising brothers.

  11. Oh, I remember reading this the first time if you can believe that! Can I tell you how relieved I am that this the post this is? When it just said "Gary" on twitter I thought, "Oh no, what happened to Steph in Gary? I really hope she didn't get a flat tired and mugged by hoodlums there".

  12. I remember it happened to me once as well I wrote about a fish which of course the teacher had never heard about and changed it into a completely different fish. At the time I didn't tell my mom and she never got corrected LOL

  13. Noah just made my day! :) In every picture and video of the kids, you can see Noah was put on this earth to play the role of BIG brother, caring for his brothers and sister. His sweetness is such a gift!

  14. Awwwww! Too cute!
    (and I don't blame him for being frustrated with his teacher!)

  15. How very, very sweet! Darn teacher, she should really make sure that she is right before correcting him!

  16. I kept thinking about Gary the pet snail on Spongebob.

    Um, yeah, we watch a lot of that.


  17. Love this! Happy 4th Birthday Gary, oops, I mean Gray!

  18. I can understand the teacher trying to correct it once but if a child resists changing the spelling I'd personally have asked something like "Isn't your brother's name Gary? Because you've written Gray, like the colour".

    I guess Noah learned that teachers don't know everything though - that's a pretty valuable lesson so young :)

  19. So sweet! Is is just me or does it seem like these days Gray would be a little more common that Gary. I don't know anyone named Gary. They misspell my daughter's name all the time and she is afraid to correct them but I tell her that teachers make mistakes too and it is okay to correct them.

  20. I love that Erin thought you got mugged. That makes me giggle. I mean, thinking of you getting mugged doesn't make me giggle, but it makes me giggle that that was her first thought.
    I loved this post the first time, except that I am still bothered that the teacher corrected Noah.

  21. This is just as good as it was last year.


  22. I think the love between brothers is so unique and so GREAT. Thats one awesome poem! I love the name Grayson!!!

    Geez Louise

  23. That is too funny. My daughter Isabella had to do a family portrait in kindergarten a few weeks ago and she put her sister's name (Lucy) and mom and dad and her name but for her brother she didnt put anything.
    I know she doesnt know how to spell it. We dont call her brother by his name but by a nickname and the nickname is hard to understand unless you know him. So I had to write a note to the teacher so she knows for the future (her brother's name is Israel but we call him Isito (eee-see-toe)

  24. I remember reading this last year when you originally posted and thought it was about the sweetest thing I had ever heard...and I still think so! I don't tend to think of ours as a big family, but I guess we kind of are with 3 kids...it's a challenge some days, but it's all worth it!!

  25. I love this post. Also, it reminds me of the time my son's Sunday School teacher went round and round with him, insisting that he was misspelling HIS OWN NAME.

  26. I have a Grayson as well and we have gone through that also. My other 3 kids don't have the name issues. Who would have thought that Gray would be so weird!

    Heidi P.

  27. "Little and big legs" - maybe he was trying to think of the word "medium"? So sweet! My boys are best friends, even now at 13 and almost-11.

    Nathan has a girl in his class named Iestyn. Pronounced "Easton". Compared to that, "Gray" is like "Bob" lol.

  28. That is such a cute written assignment about his little brother. I'm sure you felt so proud and happy when you read that assignment.


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