October 13, 2009

Babywearing Triathlon: Meet Sara Sophia

Sara Sophia is Mom to children ages 7, 6, 4 and 1, residing in "Neverland", GA. She chose Sakura Bloom's organic Raven linen sling from the Pure collection for her first challenge.

"I've been babywearing since the birth of my eldest in the form of a "snuggly". You remember those? The pitiful little off-brand Baby Bjorn? It wasn't until the birth of my youngest son that I discovered the magic of slings and have been hooked ever since. I love the idea of being close to my children--and babywearing is the perfect way to facilitate that. It allows me the freedom to accomplish without having to push away the tiny arms that beg to be held. All of my little people are big sling advocates"

Favorite quote, from her Grandmother: "Whenever you get frustrated with trying to change the world--focus on making the spot you're in beautiful."

A favorite song:
When in Rome by Nickel Creek

Sara Sophia blogs at Tout-Est-Des-Roses.

Sakura Bloom Triathlon officially begins this week. I'll be introducing each contestant through today. Watch for a very special announcement tomorrow.

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  1. I just met Sara not long ago and totally love her writing style.


  2. LOVE that quote :-) and it's is so true!

  3. What a beautiful photo! Can't wait to see what she thinks.

  4. You are a beautiful mama! Can't wait to find out more about you!

    So happy to be babywearing with you!

  5. Beautiful pic, you have perfect teeth! Organic raven is gonna look awesome on you!


  6. Stephanie...you have some very nice readers:)

    (my head is now big from the "perfect teeth" comment:P)

    I love you all already!!!

    --Sara Sophia

  7. I love her quote. In fact, I think it's my favorite one so far. :)



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