September 27, 2009

Seagull Bread!

Am I the only one whose child yells SEAGULL BREAD! LOOK MOMMY SEAGULL BREAD! at the grocery store when they see loaves of Wonder bread?

Yeah, thought so.

We only eat wheat bread and so, well, I might have one time or another told the kids white bread was for feeding geese and sea gulls. Poor birds, we really shouldn't feed them that stuff either.

Also, anyone else have a grumpy old man almost-4-year-old who is always yelling at squirrels?


Squirrel! Get back here! I'm talking to you! DO YOU HEAR ME??!!

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  1. This made me laugh like no other. I turned to my husband and pointed to the screen and said "read this" over and over until he complied.

    I am definitely going to have to use the Seagull bread excuse once we have kids!

  2. That's hysterical! We only eat wheat bread here, too.

    The yelling at the squirrels cracks me

  3. We don't have squirrels here, but we do have crows and seagulls. My 5 year old is constantly cawing at the crows. It is great.
    Oh and the seagull bread? Genius. Of course my kids think there is something wrong when things turn out white like bread or pancakes -- they won't eat them.

  4. Hah! I like seagull bread idea. :-)

    Those pictures are priceless.

    He is too cute!

  5. Too funny! I had to eat some white bread not too long ago and I couldn't believe how awful it was! Poor seagulls!

  6. Luke doesn't yell at squirrels, but one day at the park he took off after a squirrel, leading all the other kids in the park astray.
    Also, we tell Luke that white bread is for ten year olds, with the assumption that by the time he's ten, he'll know that we just eat wheat bread. But I like your explanation!

  7. Lol! Yes! I have a two year old who is constantly yelling at the birds to "stop running away!"
    Kids are too funny. :)

  8. That's funny. White bread is for the birds. :)

  9. I might have to start using that line w/ Fynn about white bread ;) We mostly eat wheat also, but they always want the light white squishy bread!!

  10. OK, this post made both me and my husband LOL! :) Also, I am with you on the bread. I am a second generation "100% whole wheat or bust" mom and I find myself saying what my mom told me, "That stuff isn't bread, its Styrofoam."
    ;) Fun post!

  11. haha! now that's funny! my almost-two-year-old will chase a bird, any bird, all the way down the beach.for.miles. just running. and just when the bird kind of does that side-eye thing and my boy thinks he's catching up, the bird takes off running again and down the beach we go. Then the little finger comes out and he starts yelling at the bird, giving the bird the business in gibberish. but still running.(it's all a really rather funny scene except for the part where there's a mommy running in her bathing suit. never a fan of running in the bathing suit.)

  12. i love him.

    (and yes, i'm home!) =)

  13. I love that he calls is seagull bread. We eat wheat as well, but never thought to call white bread 'seagull bread'. Fun stuff!


  14. That's too funny about the bread! :)

    And ever since seeing the movie "Up", my kids are always yelling, "SQUIRREL!" :)

  15. Kid.the.first is all about chasing the squirrels. You'd think he was a hound dog... and he can be a surly crotchety old man sometimes!

    We feed the geese and ducks the super cheap white bread hot dog buns from walmart. Those things are so processed, they practically melt when they hit the water.

  16. My kids both, definitely, yell at squirrels! Especially when the squirrels steal their snacks....

  17. My grumpy 2yo is always chasing birds. It's funny til he runs in the street after one! Boys!

  18. LOL oh my goodness! So very cute!

  19. Can I tell you a secret?

    I have a certain four-year-old who spends a large part of any outdoor play time trying to catch "his friends"; who just happen to be the local squirrel conglomerate.

    So glad I'm not the only one inadvertently promoting human/squirrel relations:p

  20. I have a secret love of soft white bread with real butter. But I would never admit that publicly. (Oh, just did!)

    We always buy wheat.

    My daughter yells at the squirrels: Get out of mommy's garden!

    She even built a squirrel catcher:

    Because you know the rules, no squirrels in the house!

  21. Too funny! We have a name for white bread too. We call it Cemetary Bread. We don't have seagulls here in WV, but we do have a big duck pond in our local cemetary. You're right though, we should probably not feed the ducks white bread either.

    I love Gray yelling at the squirrels. Isabella used to try to catch them, and would become VERY upset when she couldn't. Our squirrels here are acting crazy this year! Really.

  22. Wog's always chasing squirrels... freaks me out a little. I'm always scared one will turn around and chase him back. :)


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