September 21, 2009

The Sakura Bloom Triathlon

Happy International Babywearing Week!

Let's kick it off in high style and celebrate- I am soooo excited to announce that I'm your official hostess for The Sakura Bloom Triathlon brought to you by Fawn & Forest and Bravado Designs!

The Sakura Bloom Triathlon
Sakura Bloom and I are looking for seven Moms to try out three amazing Sakura Bloom slings, each for a two week period.

We want you to get to know these slings, to use them as part of your everyday life, and to share your results with us in three ways:
through photos, video, and writing.

The Mom who best represents the Sakura Bloom spirit of “the modern art of babywearing” will win a grand prize of a sustainable eco-luxury Sakura Bloom Luxe Collection Sling (msrp $540)

Here’s how the contest will work:

Part 1/Interview (weeks 1-2)

Each participant will be sent a Sakura Bloom Pure Collection sling crafted of a single layer of Irish Linen (msrp $88), along with three "babywearing" interview questions to answer at the end of the first two weeks, submitted via email. (Interview not required to post on your blog, but if you want to, great!) The best interview answers will win a $100 Fawn and Forest gift certificate!

Part 2/Photo (weeks 3-4)

Each participant will receive a two-color reversible Sakura Bloom Essential Linen Collection sling (msrp $160). At the end of the fourth week, all will submit their best photo featuring the Essential Linen sling in use to be featured here at Adventures In Babywearing.
(You may also post your photos on your blog if you like, but not required.) The best photo will win a $100 Fawn and Forest gift certificate!

Part 3/Video (weeks 5-6)

Each participant will be sent a Sakura Bloom Essential Silk Collection sling: a reversible, two-color sling made of handwoven dupioni silk (msrp $198). At the end of week six, each participant shall submit a video of the Essential Silk sling in use.
(Not required to post the video on your blog, but if you want to, great!) Best video will win a $100 Fawn and Forest gift certificate!

The GRAND PRIZE winner will be chosen for excellence in all three categories: interview, photo, and video.

Want to be considered for the contest?

Here’s what you need to qualify and how you can apply:

(1) must have a blog (this helps us get to know you, but you will not be required to post any part of the contest at your blog if you don't wish to), (2) the ability to take, upload, and post online photos and videos, (3) have a child of babywearing age, and (4) due to the time-sensitive nature and shipment of slings for this contest, must be a US resident.

Leave a comment here explaining why you should be chosen.*

Comments/applications will be accepted through midnight (CST) on Saturday, September 26.
Be sure to include your email address and a link to your blog. If you are uncomfortable leaving that information in the comments, you can contact me via email.

As a special BONUS, Bravado Designs will be providing each of the contestants with one of their stunning Essential Nursing Bra Tanks [$45] and Breastfeeding with Bravado DVD.
Bravado's tanks are stylish and comfortable with a full bra inside, beautifully supporting up to a G cup.

Sakura Bloom rings slings are excellent for discretely nursing your child, and now with a Bravado Designs nursing bra, your style will truly be unmatched!
(Breastfeeding is not a requirement- non-nursing contestants are encouraged to give their nursing bra to someone that can use it.)

Fawn & Forest has generously offered to provide the prizes for each round. This breathtaking site was founded on the belief that good design should be enjoyed by the entire family.
Sustainable materials, organic fabrics and ecologically friendly methods of production are a critical part many of the products available at Fawn & Forest.

Rules and Requirements:
Contestants will choose the color of their contest slings from a select list supplied by Sakura Bloom. Sakura Bloom will pay all shipping charges and each sling will come with a pre-paid return label.

Each sling will be shipped to contestants on the same day, and contestants will be required to ship their slings back to Sakura Bloom on the same day (with a 1-2 day window allowed because, well, we’re moms too and we know what its like!).

Contestants’ next slings will not be shipped until each challenge is completed. If a challenge is not completed by the announced deadline, that participant will not advance to the next round.

I can't wait to choose the seven Moms. Should you be one of them?

Grab our beautiful buttons and spread the babywearing love if you'd like! Please link back to this post if you do, or let me know if you want me to share the codes.

[Disclosure: What do I get for hosting this contest? Only the pleasure to celebrate babywearing and happiness! I was gifted with a few Sakura Bloom slings in the past, but they were just that- gifts from a generous advertiser. I'm doing this for the fun and love of it!]

*The Seven contestants have been announced!

Photo by Mishelle Lane: I'm wearing a sleeping Ivy in a linen hana Sakura Bloom.

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  1. What an amazing opportunity for the seven chosen women.

    Sadly, the girls are too big for ring slings now but I'll pass on the information.

  2. Rats! I was getting excited but then I saw the "US Residents Only." I"ll be cheering everyone on from Canada. Great idea!

  3. Wow! That's so exciting for you!!!!

    And I totally think that I would be a great Sakura Bloom model mommy for this!

    My son and I are both in love with babywearing. I've been wearing him since the day I brought him home from the hospital and I've enjoyed as we've tried new slings and different positions.

    Not only is he growing up fast, but he's MOVING so fast. So I try and enjoy every moment of snuggly time that we can have together. That's one of the many reasons that wearing him is so enjoyable!!!

    And I qualify for each of the rules. I cannot wait to be a part of this, whether as a participant or as a spectator. :)

  4. Hi.
    I would love to take part in this contest! I am a new blogger (still trying to figure the whole thing out!) My blog is about natural family remedies that I use with my family. I think babywearing would fit in perfectly. What a better way to start talking and blogging about it by posting about this contest and sharing photos of me babywearing in a gorgeous Sakura Bloom. I hope I am considered to participate.

  5. I'm a mom to five kids five and under. My baby is 9 months old. I'd like to say I'm an octopus and can juggle baby, the toddler, and my three wild and crazy boys, but, sadly, I've only got two arms like everyone else.

    I LOVE wearing my baby (thanks to your handy-dandy tutorial, Steph) and I'd love to try out some different ways of wearing my (still nursing)girl. I tend to wear my baby most when we're out and about, so we never fail to attract attention. (As if the four little people waddling along beside me weren't attention-grabbing enough!) I post pictures of my ergo and sling on the blog often and I always field questions about what they are and how to use them.
    I'd love a chance to try these out!

    I may not be an octopus, but maybe, with the help of these lovely slings, maybe I could sprout a third arm!

  6. I love babywearing, wearing Ian is one the things I look forward to every day. I was asked many times this weekend when at two different festivals about baby wearing and why I love it. You can find me and my answer, my babywearing post will be up later this evening.
    My email adderess is

  7. I would love to be a part of this! I LOVE baby wearing and currently can not find a good way to wear my newborn (6 weeks+) and I also have a 2 year old.

    I've had a blog for 5 years in which I talk about knitting, designing and my children (and baby wearing when it comes up!). I often post on mom forums about my baby wearing experiences as I love to tell others about how wonderful and easy it can be to wear your baby! I've tried loads of wraps, slings etc and am still looking for the best one for me and my girls.

    I also run a website all about knitting for babys and kids!

  8. I would love the opportunity to be involved in this project.
    Why should you pick me?
    I love babywearing. My 4 month old loves being worn to the point that we are on a trip at the moment and we didn't even bother to bring the stroller, just two slings. One for wet and one for dry.
    I do have a blog at, where I talk a lot about babywearing and breastfeeding, and what better way to breastfeed than while babywearing?
    I'd also be a good participant because my older daughter loves to have excuses to use the camera and the video camera, and this would be yet another excuse for her to embrace her photography/videography skills.
    I also would be a great inspiration to other moms out there who might have bought into the nonesense that if you aren't skinny you can't properly babywear in a pouch or ring sling, but I am proof that even a chesty not-skinny type can happily babywear in an over-the-shoulder-BABY-holder.
    Ah yes, and at times, I am almost funny.

    Congratulations on getting to host this delightful competition, by the way.

    fentonslee at gmail dot com

  9. I would love love LOVE to be a part of this contest, why? I am a mother of 2 girls, one being 7 and one being 15 months.

    I am always on the go one holding my hand, and the other on my hip. I have been babywearing for 10 12 months, and I cannot believe I didn't do it sooner.

    The bond that I share with my daughter is something words cannot describe. Wearing her is the only thing that calms her down. I can nurse her, clean my house, shop, and just have her close because I love having her near me, so she can hear my heartbeat.

    I also love just looking down, and seeing her beautiful face. I give her a kiss, and she smiles. Nothing is better than that, and I mean nothing.

  10. I would love to participate in this event!

    As you know, I am very serious about doing babywearing more often now.

    Jackson is currently going through a withdrawl/shy phase and really enjoys being held a lot right now.

    Having one of these slings would simplify things SO MUCH because it would give my back a break while he could be clam and comfortable. And in truth, buying a sling right now just isn't possible because money is stretched tight already.

    Because he wants to be held so much lately it's hard to get things done around the house without my hands free...this would certainly help me me accomplish more in my day and most importantly allow for more bonding time between he and I...which I really think will help comfort him in this trying emotional phase he's in.

    I seriously appreciate the opportunity to be considered for this neat event!

    As you know I do have a blog ;-) and I would easily be able to make videos and posts about the contest as it went on!

    Thanks so much for this Steph!

  11. I would love to do this! I am mother to a beautiful bouncing baby girl of 8 months. I love babywearing her. More importantly, my husband does too. He's the primary caregiver being a SAHD and I'm the working girl outside of the home, so it's an interesting situation we have. Wouldn't change it for the world!

    Alas, we haven't been able to do much babywearing lately because the one sling we had started wearing through already and we haven't been able to afford a new one. So this would be a blessing!

    I do not envy your choices! is my blog.

  12. Wow Stephanie, what a great contest!!!

    I have been babywearing for almost 7 years!!! I have tried so many different carriers and my friends and family know that I am the one to ask about different slings, wraps and carriers.

    I would love to try out these amazing slings and give my honest opinions about them.

    It is great timing that I am reading this while having a baby nursing in the sling! HA!

  13. How fun!

    Ok so heres WHY I should be chosen :)

    1) I'm pregnant! num 3 on its way...
    2) I love babywearing and spread the word quickly about my favorite carriers. I have a nice collection of slings but 90% of them are on loan because I just love to share how great babywearing can be for mom and baby with everyone I know.
    The more slings the better.
    3) I am due with num 3 is due in March and in May, June I have two weddings (Im a professional photographer).. if I am nursing I have to take the baby with me... so how cute would I look at the wedding with one of your slings? :) I need something show stopping for sure for a wedding.
    4) I take great photos and am already on numerous babywearing websites so I may as well be on another! I love love love photographing others and myself with a carrier.
    5) Did I mention I was pregnant? :)

  14. gretchen from lifenutSeptember 21, 2009 3:37 PM

    Me? Little old me?

    Me, who tries so hard to wear Archie (8 months) but his legs turn bruise-purple and swell like sausages?

    Me, who is admittedly skeptical about the glories of slinghood?

    Me, who despite my skepticism, has tried time and again to make it work but it hasn't...?

    I think you need a skeptic on your panel. Cough. :)

  15. I was so excited when I saw your contest! I really didn't know much about babywearing and all the products out there before I had my daughter. (I thought BabyBjorns were the only option!) Well, she's now 3 and I can still get her in my Babyhawk! (She's 35lbs and 97% for height!) I love baby carriers and definitely feel like there are so many pretty ones to choose from. Right now, I have the babyhawk and a hotsling that are always in my car. (We also have an REI frame carrier.) I use them mostly with my son who is 11 months, not walking and LOVES to be worn! I love being able to have him close to me and kiss him all the time. I've also nursed him in my babyhawk - in Babies R Us! I even had a grandma point me out to her pregnant daughter! Aw...Anyway, babywearing is very close to my heart and one of the things I have really enjoyed about being a mommy! It would be an honor to be picked!

  16. I wish so badly i could participat this year but my little bundle isnt due to arrive for a few more weeks. Darn! I cant wait to see all the pictures, interviews, and winners!

  17. I LOVE wearing my baby...I currently wear my 7 week old son daily, he loves it far the sling I used with my first son is not a huge hit, BUT my SSC which is handmade by my cousin is his favorite place to be:-) I never figured out nursing my older son in the sling.,..such a bummer since I nursed him for 2.5 year s, but my new son nurses in the carrier easily...go figure...

    My 3 year old still loves being carried in the Peanut Shell sling, and I carried him throughout my pregnancy with my new one...he likes to ride in the sling while I vacuum:-)

    I would love a chance to try out new slings/carriers...This contest sounds awesome!

  18. This is SIMPLY AMAZING. Due to the time of the contest, I don't think I qualify right - is my little babywearing bundle is still in utero for 8 more weeks?

    I must rack my brain for some friends of mine that must enter...

  19. What an amazing opportunity! I would love to be apart of this.

    I love wearing my 8 month old daughter. And you can almost always find her in the sling or wrap, as she is a Mama's girl :) I love breastfeeding in the sling as well, It's just so easy and convenient, and I love being able to snuggle during those times!

    I'm always on the lookout for the best baby carrier. It's need to be comfy, wearable, and cute! So I would love documenting this journey, to all of my blog readers. In hopes that they would find the information useful :)

    I agree with Slee, it would be great to showcase the plus size Mamas!(I'm one of them) so to let others know that even if they are plus size too, they can still babywear and breastfeed in a sling, as easy as the next person :)

    Thank you for the chance! I hope I get to be one of the 7 amazing moms!

    jessiekaitlin at gmail dot com

  20. I'm addicted to babywearing! My little man is about 5.5 months old and he loves his slings! We've been wearing him since he's been born and it's one of the few things that makes him nap. I love babywearing so much I've owned 4 slings within these past 5 months to explore my curiosity of how each one worked!

  21. Oh my! I would love to be chosen!
    I am an awesome candidate because I love love love babywearing! I still wear my 1 yr. old everywhere, and not just because he's a clingy monster, but also it's so much easier to pack a carrier than a stroller.

  22. What a great opportunity. I would love to try this out. My second daughter is 5 months old and about 17 lbs. I am always looking for more comfortable ways to carry her. I use soft structured carriers right now but would love something she could see out of better too. I blog about our family at I could always give it a try with my 26 lb. two year old too.

  23. Oh Stephanie I would love to be a part of this! I love wearing Emily, but so far I have not found a carrier that I am in love with. I would love to try the ring sling and I'm sure Emily would too. She is dealing with some separation anxiety right now and wants me to hold her all of the time. Unless I am wearing her, I cannot get anything done! I would love to try the sling and give my feedback!

  24. I am a mom to three kids, ages three and under. I use a baby carrier everyday for my newborn. I can get so much more done when I am wearing my daughter. She also loves it and falls asleep within minutes of getting her secure. I love carrying my youngest close to me during the day knowing that i am bonding with her and also "protecting" her from her overly loving big sisters.
    My husband would say that I am addicted to baby carriers, but I tell him some women collect shoes, but I choose to collect baby carriers.
    My blog is

  25. I am a mom to three kids, ages three and under. I use a baby carrier everyday for my newborn. I can get so much more done when I am wearing my daughter. She also loves it and falls asleep within minutes of getting her secure. I love carrying my youngest close to me during the day knowing that i am bonding with her and also "protecting" her from her overly loving big sisters.
    My husband would say that I am addicted to baby carriers, but I tell him some women collect shoes, but I choose to collect baby carriers.
    My blog is

  26. Oh, mama! I don't envy y'all - having to choose just seven lucky mamas is going to be quite the task!

    The sisters are too big for ring slingin' so I'll just cheer from the sidelines. What an amazing way to celebrate babywearing! So fun.

    Best wishes to all!

  27. Wow, Steph, this is a great contest!
    I'd love to be considered! I think I'd be an excellent choice because I have two little ones that my husband and I seeminly wear everywhere we go (just wore our newborn all over central Illinois this weekend!). One son is two weeks old, and the other is two years old, so we could show the versatility of the carrier very well. I've also been really excited at being able to nurse while wearing the boys in carriers, so I'd love to try a ring sling that boasts long enough tails to discreetly nurse!
    I very regulalry blog about babywearing (tips, tricks and favorite carriers), and I have a stellar group of mamas who especially appreciate reading about different carriers and how well they function; I'd really like to share with them about this brand. I have experience with quite a few different types of carriers, but currently I'm really digging ring slings because I can easily use them with both boys, and they are quick to use!
    Oh, and I'm the co-leader of our county's babywearing group, so I would LOVE to take these beauties to a meeting so the other moms could try them out -- I love spreading the babywearing love!
    Thanks for considering me; I'd be so honored to be chosen!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. WOW!!! I have 2 that are "babywearing age". I'd LOVE to be chosen because while we've found the RS love, Sakura Bloom isnt in our price range.. though I drool over them when I go to the natural parenting store! I wear our youngest most of the day and our toddler when he's tired/cranky or we're out and about. If my husband is home, they're both "up".

    I'd also be willing to blog about it.

  30. i would love to be consider for this opportunity. it would be my first ever triathlon ;) what an honor! i have never done anything like this, but would love to give these beautiful slings a try and then share with other mommies about this product.

    as a mommy of four (age 8 and under), and always busy and on the go, i love to wear my babies. i have worn each one of them. but i have had the most fun babywearing with my fourth. i am passionate about encouraging other mommies and share with them what i have learned along my journey. this would give me another platform to share. i would love to try out some different slings and tell all about it. i love blogging and would love to have something like this to share on it! oh such fun! thank you steph for considering me!

  31. Oh my baby, how you warmed my belly while growing safely inside. I was one with you and knew you intimately even though we’d never met face-to-face. I felt your every move, so gentle and yet such purpose with each movement. I knew when you were awake, asleep, fulfilled with the sustenance that I consumed that day and when you were in a playful mood.

    Then I held you in my arms for the first time and it felt ‘right’. We gazed deeply into each others eyes like we’d known each other forever. I don’t know how but I have known you forever. You nuzzled me, you fed from my body, and you fit perfectly in the nook of my arm and cuddled up sweetly into my neck.

    Now you’re a big boy. You’re crawling, independent, standing, walking, talking and eating foods from nature. You sleep in your own bed and don’t seem to miss the comfort of lying next to me in bed.

    But even with the independence and growth of your little 8 month old self, you still long to be with me, next to me, held in my arms and nuzzled. When I wear you next to me it’s as though we both are taken back to a time when you’re growing so safely, snuggly, and securely in my love womb. We connect on a deep soulful level when you can be next to my heart and I can smell your sweet baby head.

    Babywearing is an extension of my womb and my heart. And if given the opportunity to be one of the The Sakura Bloom Triathlon 7 Mom’s, I’d be able to babywear with style and grace.


  32. I would SO love to do this. Not only because I love the beautiful looks of the Sakura Bloom slings... unfortunately I've never tried them. But also because I love to share the babywearing love.

    As a nursing student/mom who has to leave her kids at "school" for some of the time, during the weekends and time when I'm home with my boys, I want them as close to me as possible. That's why we cosleep... babywear... And there's not too many like me around my neck of the woods... so I get the opportunity to share and teach often!

    Anyway- I'd love to participate... so if you feel so led, choose me!

    Email is whitbc at gmail dot com

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. I would love to be try out these beautiful slings! I have one son of my own and I nanny two other boys. My son and the younger boy I watch, need/want to be carried all the time! I used a sling before but it was very difficult to use because I needed to tie knots in it! A ring sling would be awesome and I would love to compare the two slings as well as note the uses for older kids! (18 months and 23 months)
    Please consider me for this awesome opportunity!
    Amanda M

  35. Because I am good enough, I am smart enough, and gosh darned, people like me.

    I think I cuss too much on my blog to be picked.

    Anyhoo, I currently use the Ergo and LOVE it (angels are singing right now- can you hear them?). I have always wanted to master a sling but of the two slings I borrowed, one was too big and the other was too small. I'm kind of like Goldilocks and the Three Bears- I'm looking for "the one that fits just right".

    My baby (third in the line-up) is turning one year on Friday. You know my blog!

    Mommy Mo

  36. Oh. My. Goodness.

    Steph, I hope you pick me!

    Today I wore my three-week-old around NYC for six hours in my dingy old maya wrap sling. The whole time I was fantasizing about owning a Sakura Bloom sling. And I didn't even know about this contest yet!!!

    I would LOVE to be chosen for this amazing Triathlon, and I meet all the requirements: I am an avid devotee of babywearing, with two children that I wear all the time. I have a blog and I LOVE to blog about babywearing. I am all over the photo/video uploading requirement. And I totally live in the US.

    Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity!

    Also, I will not be able to sleep until you pick me.


  37. Oh my I would love to be a part of this ... I am the mom to six wonderful children, my youngest is 7 months and I wear him all the time -- it is the only way I can get anything done!! Babywearing allows me to chase my two year old, play with my four year old, homeschool my older kids and still garden, cook dinner and play in the ball field!

    I think I would be a good participant because I could be the voice of women who are vertically challenged (I am just barely 5 foot) and still working on loosing those baby pounds (as with all the other 5 children I never loose the baby weight until I am done nursing).

    I would love to blog about babywearing and share my experience!

    My blog is:

    Thanks for the consideration.

  38. A Sakura Bloom triathlon?!

    Why, that's just perfect, because, I'm a triathlete! I've done many of the swim-bike-run variety, and I'm definately down for Sakura Bloom's interview-photo-video version. The modern mom is busy, active, unstoppable! And the modern art of babywearing doesn't get in the way of these women, in fact, babywearing allows us to be even more amazing.

    Sakura Bloom wants someone who can show the spirit of the modern art of babywearing, and I can do that for them. I've worn my baby to the tops of mountains (really. the tops of mountains. photographic evidence on my blog!). While that's great, the real beauty of babywearing is in the day to day use of baby carriers. We live on the campus of a boarding school where my husband teaches and so several times per day, I wear Sierra up the hill to campus, to check the mail, to meet Daddy for lunch. There are nearly a dozen families with babies here, and my baby is known as "the one in the pouch." Babywearing rocks!

  39. This is so exciting!

    I would be a great candidate because I have an amazingly cute eight week old who loves to be worn (seriously, we wouldn't make it through the day without slings), and when I get a chance to shower, I'm pretty cute myself, which means we'd make great sling models (I hope modesty isn't a requirement for this contest). Of course, I would also blog about it and share a million photographs, but really, the chance to try out these slings would be phenomenal. I love to have him close to me at all times, and the chance to do it while wearing something so stylish makes it even better.

  40. This is way stinkin' awesome!! I'm pretty sure I just jumped up and down and squealed a little bit! I'm a stay at home, nursing, cloth diapering, baby wearing mom with 3 boys. One in 1st grade, one in part time pre-k and one at home with me. I ADORE wearing my 6 month old. In fact just today he stayed attached to me while my oldest had dental work done :) I love to blog about things I LOVE! I love posting photos too! I love to wear my baby as much as possible. My baby loves to BE worn as much as possible. It makes things much simpler for us. I use my sling nearly everyday when I walk to get my oldest son from school:) And I would LOVE to try out new wearing utensils, especially since we plan on having more babies (trying for that girl)! Thanks for the opportunity to apply to participate or to just follow along! Be blessed!

  41. What a great opportunity! I'd love to be apart of the Sakura Bloom Triathlon!

    I love to wear my five-month-old. Right now it is the best thing for us because I have a two-year-old who is constantly on the go but who still needs mommy's hands to help him. When I'm wearing my youngest I can better assist BOTH than when I'm not wearing him. I haven't even braved going shopping with both of them while NOT wearing Noah. That seems a little dangerous to me!

    I think we'd be a great candidate because well, he's cute (he'd be a great GQ baby model :) and I need some practice. I wore my first only a little and every time I put Noah on I feel like I have to relearn it. Plus, I like to be fashionable while babywearing and this seems like the PERFECT opportunity to show some style and some love. :)

  42. How exciting this is! I was looking at this linen sling the other day because I saw that picture where the tail is wrapped around the rings or something. I do not have a ring sling. I've never cared for the tail swinging around. I would love to try this out with my 5-month old Rebekah. She loves to be worn! Whether or not I get picked, it will be fun to read all the reviews!

  43. This sounds like a blast! My email is; my daughter is 7 1/2 months and we love babywearing. I'm a busy mom with a full time job outside the home, and babywearing helps me feel closer to my daughter. I love any chance I can to promote babywearing, and this sounds like a great one! My blog is:

  44. Steph this is such a wonderful opportunity that you and Sakura Bloom are offering, oh and I can't forget Bravado too. Thank you all.

    I would love to participate. My daughter is going to be 9 months old tomorrow (holy cow, I can't believe how fast time flies) and is a total Mama's girl and even if I hadn't planned on doing attachment parenting with her its what would have ended up happening. She always wants to be held and part of what I'm doing. It is so nice to wear her so I have my hands free to do other things.

    Another reason I want to participate is I love how comfortable and beautiful you and Ivy always look in your Sakura Bloom slings.

    Ring slings are one of the only designs I haven't tried and the one that I wanted from the beginning.

    Again thank you for offering such a great program and I really hope I'm chosen but if not good luck to those that are. I can't wait to read what everyone has to say.

  45. Dear Amazing Sukura Ring Slings,

    If you pick me to love on and use you all the time, you will have the time of your life. Not to mention get to be one-on-one with an amazing almost one year old, still nursin' sweet baby girl. I will take you everywhere. The library. The community center. The gymnastic center. Church. And even my new home that is currently getting a face lift. This is where you are most needed. I need you please. So I can still take care of my sweet baby girl and work on our new house. I will show you off to everyone I know. Not to mention, you would make a fabulous fun birthday (ahem, October 30) addition. So please, for my birthday, will you pick me?


    Hopefully Yours,

    Abra and Audrey (the sweet baby girl)

  46. This is a great contest and I'd love to take part. My baby is seven weeks old and for the first time I'm trying out a pouch style sling with her. I also have an almost 6 year old, almost 4 year old and a 2 year old. I've worn them all a little differently - first with the baby B'jorn, then the ergo then a mei tai. They all have their advantages and disadvantages so I'd love to try the ring sling as well. I've found that babywearing is a necessity when we're out and about because I must have my hands free. Thank you for considering me for this contest.

  47. This is so great! And a great way to get the blogosphere to get to know Sakura Bloom Slings! ;-)

    I'd love to get a chance to be a part of this amazing opportunity. With Lily being 6 months old, we are (at what I think)at our "peak" of babywearing. She is old enough to be comfortable in the ring sling, be aware of whats going on, and even play and sleep in it.

    It wasn't always this easy.

    Lily and I had a very hard time bonding ever since her birth. Her and I just didn't "click" like many mother's/new baby's do. In all honesty, in the beginning, wearing her was torture. Having her close to me was very hard for me. As time went on, and many obstacles were presented to us and many speedbumps were hit, we have become closer and closer. And now, some of those special moments, the ones that make my heart skip a beat, are the moments I have her so close in the sling. I won't say wearing her made me fall in love with her, but it was a pretty big part of it.

    I hope I can participate in this event. I think it is something that would not only be fun, but emotionally beneficial to Lily and I as well. ;-)

    Thanks for considering us.

    mommyinstincts AT

  48. I would love to take part in this! I have been babywearing since my son was less than a week old and continue to do so today! We have tried out various slings, and I hope to continue to try out and find new ones we like as he changes and grows! I have tried the Moby, MeiTai, and pouch sling, and would love to try out the ring sling as I hear it is wonderful for nursing in! I love the chance babywearing gives mothers and babies to be close together and to build a strong and secure bond.
    My blog is
    Email is:

  49. How fun!! I'd love to be considered!

    Well, I LOVE wearing my sweet baby girl. It's especially handy when we're out and about and I need my hands free and don't want to lug around the carrier. And at home, it's an easy way to keep my girl happy while I'm tending to the house or trying to corral our three little boys while we're homeschooling. And honestly, we have only one sling that we use regularly and it was the one we could afford. We'd never be able to afford one of the slings that the contestants will be able to try out, so even to be able to have one for a short time would be such a treat for me and my girl.

    Thanks for offering this!

  50. Why should I be chosen? Hmm, well, I have just read about every entry for the Sukra Bloom contest and my story is not unique, it is actually very similar to many of the entries. I am a mother of three under three so I need to have as many hands free as possible. My youngest (my daughter) is just about to turn six months old, and yes nursing herself into "Michelin (wo)man" status. I regularly use a baby Björn , I am very happy with it, both of my boys did well when in the carrier and currently my daughter also does well . But......I have always been curious of other carriers, slings and wraps, the price tag usually scares me off and I think why fix something that is not broke? My curiosity is peaked, plus the nursing aspect is very intriguing and I cannot deny that Sukra Bloom slings look gorgeous. I would like the opportunity to try a Sukra Bloom sling and give my honest opinion and find out if there is a better alternative to the Björn. my website is and my email is

  51. Steph, thank you so much for offering this to your readers, how blessed we are! These slings are beyond gorgeous and amazing! I would love to be chosen! Being 5 months pregnant, I think I would have a unique perspective on what its like to use these ring slings with a young toddler while pregnant! I would love to have them available for the baby boy on the way too! I was just looking into getting some more slings for the new baby! I've been babywearing Capri since she was born, and its been a life saver on many occasions! I can't imagine being a mommy without my slings!
    My e-mail is
    Thank you!

  52. This comment has been removed by the author.

  53. I would love to be on your panel! I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old... oh ya, and an indoor puppy. It is best to keep the baby off the floor. Right now I just have a Bjorn. I would love to try out some more types of babywearing gear.

  54. So, I should admit first and foremost that Sakura Bloom did send me one of their ring slings in the past to review and I love it. So, I do not know if that makes me ineligible or not but I wanted to put it out there and be honest. :)
    Let's see why choose me? Well, I am a pretty typical mom but I have come quite a ways in my babywearing journey. From starting at a place where I did not think it was for me to now being the mom that cannot understand why people do not do it. My daughter just loves being worn and I have come to truly value what it does for her and me. And what it does for her brother. I think I can give both of them more attention if I am wearing her than if she is in a stroller - or running after me crying to be picked up.
    Oh and I qualify for all the rules.
    email is (It should come through with the comment but just in case) and the blog is

    I am really excited to see what happens and how this goes - even if you do not pick me. I do not envy you having to pick just seven mamas. :)

  55. Now THIS is a Triathlon I would ROCK at :) I define myself as a modern, educated mama! I research what is BEST for my family, not what is cool, not what the media tells me - but the absolute BEST for my boys :) And if that happens to be rockin' an AMAZING and LUXURIOUS Sakura Bloom sling so my boys benefit from touch and direct interaction, then I guess we are roughing it :)

    I am a busy mom that thrives off of craziness and my boys. I have to have both, together, at all times - which means that I have to babywear at all times possible! To chase around the 3 year old, to hang out with friends, to go shopping, to garden, and even to a photoshoot :) I love nothing more than to spread the word while we are out and about. I carry business cards, and have been known to talk ears off of new moms about babywearing and cloth diapering - seriously, it was on the 11 o'clock news :)

    You can read more about us at

  56. Oh, how I would love to be considered. I have a 13 month old that I wore lots and lots when he was little. I only have two options...the Bjorn and a wrap. We are of the age where the wrap I have is not supportive enough for him and wearing the Bjorn has started causing me back pain. I'd LOVE the chance to try something else. I miss wearing him while doing things around the house, in the yard and just out and about. Carrying him in my arms is not the same. I miss the days of educating other moms in Target, the grocery store, the post office, church, even Babies R Us! I am not kidding when I say I would have a conversation about my wrap or carrier at least once every time I was out with him and wearing him! It was great.

    My blog is and my e-mail is

    Thanks for the awesome contest!

  57. Oh, sign me up for this one! I love, love, LOVE wearing my 9 month old, Anna! And, hooray!, she's still nursing! I have four kids, 5 and under, and we never fail to cause a few raised eyebrows, especially when folks realize that there is one strapped to me! I normally use a Moby wrap, but am open to new ways of toting my little one around and keeping my hands free. Heaven knows I need those hands! Thanks for hosting!

  58. I looove babywearing my daughter which is how I found you blog!We love the closeness and Ellie likes seeing what's going on. We have almost always used carriers as aposed to slings. But I have been lusting after your sling since I first saw you wearing it. I would love to try one and feel the difference now that Ellie's a year and so big it would be nice to try something as versitile as a sling.

  59. Wow. How I'd love to be chosen for this challenge...

    I sound like a lot of the other entrants, though. I've three children, three and under, so I can't imagine not babywearing! Honestly, I don't know how I'd get groceries or do much of anything else if I weren't able to pop my five month old into a sling or my Beco.

    The only thing that makes me a bit different I suppose, is that I've never used a ring sling. I've always been a bit afraid that they'd slip, so I've only used pocket/pouch type slings. I'd love, love, love to have Sakura Bloom's beautiful slings as my introduction to a ring sling!

    (I'll e-mail you my blog's address!)

  60. emailed you my entry...let me know if I should also post it here! :)

  61. Hi there,
    I am a mom to 2 boys. My oldest is 3 and youngest is 1. I have stuggled to find a sling that works well for me and my second son. I am a smaller framed mother, and he is a big boy :) It makes me sad that I have not been able to enjou the kind of baby wearing experiance I had with my first son. My first son really demaded I keep him close 24/7 - and i had a selection of sling I could do that in. With my next son, I wore him in the very early stages, but he is more content to be put down and play, and is more independant. I want so much to enjoy some sling time with my younger son, and for him to have those moments of closeness with me, for as long as he will let me.

    My blog is

    Thank you for considering me in this most lovely opprotunity.


  62. "Close enough to kiss"
    that's why I wear my Little Miss
    We want to rock a Sakura Bloom
    They make me feel like Heidi Klum...
    My mom uniform is a tank and jeans
    but adding a Sakura Bloom means
    instant glam to my daily tasks
    and both hands free to carry shopping sacks!

    Shopping, nursing, doing chores in every room
    Life's more enjoyable with baby close in my Sakura Bloom
    On my hip, tummy to tummy, or cradled near
    Baby experiences the world without any fear

    So please, pick me, I'd love to play
    and show the world how Sakura Bloom makes my day
    More glamorous yes (even when showers are rare!)
    But most importantly,
    Sakura Blooms help this modern mom keep all my balls in the air

    heatherneroy at gmail dot com

  63. Oh! I've been drooling over the Sakura Bloom slings ever since I found your blog a while back!

    I started wearing my first daughter when she was 2 months old and have had her on me during outings ever since. I had my second daughter (now 4 months) in a sling the day we came home.

    Two of my absolute favorite things about babywearing - spreading the knowledge about it and having my girls so close. There is nothing better than explaining the benefits of one of my carriers while being able to give snuggles and kisses on the tops of heads. I often end up on a hike or in the store with the little one on my chest and the toddler on my back. Our non-jogging stroller simply gathers dust ;-)

    I'd love the opportunity to delve a little deeper into a bit more babywearing talk on my blog, as it's been some time since I have had anything new to say about it.

    What a wonderful opportunity! Thank you so much to both you and Sakura Bloom for offering it to your readers!


  64. I adore babywearing. I didn't start wearing my first daughter until she was 8 weeks old. However, it was a lifesaver! That's how I got her to sleep the first 5 months of her life. I was so eager to wear a newborn and was recently blessed with another daughter. I've been wearing her from day one! With a toddler around, I wear my baby at least once during some point in the day. A sling is the only thing I give new mamas for baby shower gifts! I have a "babywearing section" on my blog. lori at lbpublicrelations dot com.

  65. I would love to be considered for this contest! I have a 7 month old son named Charlie that I wear almost daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. I love my Babyhawk and my Baby K'tan carriers. They stay in the car and I use them any and everytime I go into a store. I don't trust those dirty carts and I get paranoid of him falling out of one! Most of the time I don't have a stroller with me and if we do bring a stroller it ends up carrying bags and the baby ends up being worn! I like to keep him close enough to kiss.

    I also have a homemade moby type carrier that I use when I need to get stuff done around the house.

    I have tried nonadjustable slings and could never get the right fit. Nursing discretly in a ring sling is something I've really wanted to try. Another reason I want to try a ring sling is because my son is getting to the point where he wants to be close to me and held up at my level, but he also wants to look all around. It is hard for him to do that in the Mei Tai. Also, I think it would be quicker to get hime in and out of a ring sling.

    I love taking pictures and videos and I have a blog that I try to add them to occasionally. I really want to take more pictures of my son and I babywearing (and nursing!) I just got a new Flip video camera that would be perfect for this contest.

    I hope that Charlie and I will be considered for this great opportunity! Thanks for the chance!

  66. oh, steph, NOW i know why i just HAD to come to your blog today despite the soooo slow Ugandan connection! i'll be home in 3 days and i would LOVE to be a Sakura Bloom mommy!

    I have loved wearing all 4 of our girls for the past 5 years...and have enjoyed wearing our (God-willing) new son, Clayton, while here in Uganda. As you know, I fell head over heels for the Sakuras at my brother's wedding. They are so beautiful, comfy, chic and easy to nurse in. I adore them.

    I'd be honored to carry sweet Bianca and Clayton in them and participate in the challenges!

    Baby-wearing has absolutely allowed us our dream of having many children close in age. I don't know how I'd do it without it...and the girls are so happy and secure, which i partly contribute to it. And Sakura Blooms allows it to be done in style...I love that. =)

  67. Okay, okay, I'm in.

    Please go ahead and consider me for this challenge; it was meant to be. The day before your "Sakura Bloom Triathlon" post, I blogged about my one and only sling:

    I recently quit my job to be a SAHM and I'm a little embarrassed to say that I didn't have ANY IDEA that there was such a thing as babywearing until I was desperately searching for any answer to my daughter's colic "issues". I purchased the Peanut Shell (which I love by the way) from Babies R Us just because it was the only brand they had on the shelf and (did I mention?) I was desperate.

    Participating in this would give me a chance to expand my babywearing horizons because honestly, otherwise I'll just wear the Peanut Shell forever and never consider other babywearing options.

    My daughter is turning 3 months this week, I have a (new) blog: , I'm a U.S. citizen and I have the ability to upload pics and video.

    So, thank you for the chance to state my case and thanks for your blog! -Sharon

  68. One more email:

    thx -sharon

  69. ooooh pick me pick me! i soooooo want in on this one! i wear my 4m/o all the time! i can honestly count on my hand how many times i've even used my stroller since she's been born. baby wearing has given me the freedom i need with our busy schedule. (8 y/o and 4 y/o in dance, soccer, gymnastic, football, baseball, ok you get it) wearing my baby is so much easier than getting the stroller out every time i need to run into a store or just pop into drop someone off at dance. it has also been a huge blessing when nursing. i don't have to plan around when the baby needs to eat. she eats anywhere and everywhere thanks to my pouch carrier.
    so why should you pick me?
    -b/c i'm a newer baby wearer than most mom's on here and would love to experience a different carrier
    -the babe is getting bigger and i'm ready to branch out and try something new.
    -i'm a natural living, homeschool teacher to one, babywearing, nursing, sahmomma from nebraska. know any other blogging mom's from nebraska? i'd love to represent!

  70. WOW... I would LOVE to do this. I need an excuse to post more to my blog. I am a babywearing freak, but am really used to two shoulder/SSC or Ergos. I have a regular sling from SBP but only used it occasionally when Thomas was tiny (He is 8 mos old). And I have a mesh sling that I use in the water when we have swimming class for my older son.

    But I would LOVE to try different types of slings and give my opinions of them. I keep thinking that the fabric is one of the reasons I don't really use my current sling.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  71. almost forgot

  72. What a great opportunity. I am the mom of an almost 30 month old and a 6 month old. I still wear the 30 month old at least once or twice a week and the 6 month old is worn daily. I love to wear both of them and I have worn both of them together before as well, since DS loves his Mommy snuggles as much as DD does.

    I love my current carriers, but would love to try something new as well since I am looking for another carrier. I would also love a carrier where I am able to nurse while using it. I have yet to be able to do that with any of my carriers, it would be nice to find one where it is possible for me.

    My blog is mainly pictures of both DS and DD, though I occasionally post about other things, though it is really rare at this point in time. A Mile from Mainstream ( is where it is located. I am located in the US, and my e-mail is kiircat at gmail dot com.

  73. Hi Steph...I would LOVE to be considered for this contest!! I'm a mom to 1 year old identical twin boys. I love wearing the boys in our Baby Bjorn but have never bought a sling and REALLY REALLY want to try one especially when a new baby comes along. I'm really looking for something to be able to use for my 1 year olds and these Slings seem perfect but I can't afford to buy one just yet so being able to try it out and then convince my hubby that I REALLY REALLY need one is perfect!! Please pick me!!


  74. I think that I would be a great contestant because:

    1) I could give a great perspective on babywearing an older baby. Jakob is 1 and a half, but he still loves to be close.

    2) I love taking pictures and showing them on my blog....I know that I would have a blast using my blog as a means of communicating all the wonderful benefits of babywearing.

    3) I live in Texas...which is in the US.

    4) I never win ANYTHING, so if I were chosen I would be so excited that I would definitely give this contest the attention it deserves.

    Please pick me, I would love the opputrtunity to get the word out about babywearing.

  75. We would love to participate. And I think we should be able to because not only am I a babywear-er, my husband is, too. So both of us will get to try out the slings! Our J is about to be one year old, and she is 'worn' every day. Check out our current blog:

  76. Hello!

    I would love an opportunity to participate!

    My dd is 16 months old and has been worn since she was 10 days old when I bought my first RS. Since then we've also used a MT & a SSC.

    While my blog does not have a specific topic of discussion, I find the topic are generally around my dd, family & knitting.

    I've been involved with a local babywearing group and encourage parents to try babywearing whenever I can.

    Email: crazycatmadame at gmail dot com

    Blog: crazycatmadame dot blogspot dot com

  77. Oh, I would love to be considered! And you're just the perfect host.

    I'm pregnant now with my second miracle baby, but I'm not due until November 4th. Is that too late to participate?

    I feel silly saying this, but I didn't really "know" about babywearing with my daughter. Which is really a shame, since she demanded to be held all the time! I'm really looking forward to using a sling with my son, to keep him close and to free up my hands so I can keep up with my daughter!

  78. #1 My blog is...

    #2 I have my dd point and shoot camera that can take video plus my dslr. And I know how to post pictures.

    #3 Prairie Princess is 9 months old and is starting to outgrow her pouch. It's getting to tight. It is very much time to upgrade to something else. And a ring sling would be great.

    #4 Yep I'm a Kansan. I could represent the midwest.

    I would love to represent you and babywearing. I even just got a great new makeover! So I'm feeling fab.

    I've been babywearing for 15 years now. And would do it no other way. I think people who carry their babies in car seats are crazy. It is so much easier with the baby attached.

  79. What perfect timing! My Little Miss E will be here in about 10 days and even before I found out I was pregnant I was longing to try babywearing. Who knew I would ever be blessed enough to have her?

    Now that she is almost here, I cannot wait to enjoy the closeness that the two of us can share while I wear her.

    So my newborn Miss E and I would love to show everyone just how we start our own babywearing adventures in style with Sakura Bloom.

    What a fabulous project you get to participate in (and I hope I do too!)

  80. Wow! What a wonderful contest! I have a 3 month old and I am just learning about babywearing. I only have one so far (hotsling) and my son seems to like it. I would really like to learn more about it and try different slings to see if he likes those as well. So far I love it! It is so much easier to put him in the sling and run into the store than carry his infant seat in. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful contest!

  81. Oh, wow. This sounds fun.

    I'm mommy to a two year old boy and an eight month old girl. I babywear because I love to and because I HAVE to. My two year old has cerebral palsy and cannot walk, so wearing at least one of my babes is a necessity. Especially for short trips or places where a GIGANTIC double stroller seems superfluous. Places like the post office, Starbucks and church. For these places, if I didn't babywear, I wouldn't have a free hand for opening doors or holding a pumpkin spice latte. You know, the important things.

    I'm an avid sling user for the newborn stage, but then transfer to more structured carriers, such as the ergo or a mei tai after that. I admit I'm a bit of a skeptic concerning the use of slings for my wiggly "not newborn" children, but if you care to convince me otherwise, I'm game. I love a good challenge.

    Bri Morrison

  82. You know I'd love to play along.

    I've been wearing my son since he was two weeks old. Before that, I'd only ever tried a Bjorn and a Hip Hammock. Once I had an active preschooler and a fussy infant, I started getting more into babywearing. (It's impossible to grocery shop without a sling or wrap, in my opinion.)

    When he was small, I preferred wearing him a wrap. Now I've been using a ring sling since he likes sitting at my hip and spends far less time just sleeping.

    I have a bad back and he's fairly heavy, so comfort is important to me, as well as ease of use. I'm oftentimes trying to get him into a sling as quickly as possible while I make sure my three-year-old isn't darting off into traffic.

    Thanks for this neat opportunity. I'm excited to see all the interviews, photos and videos.


  83. OMG Sakura Bloom! Fawn and Forest! Bravado Designs! *dies*

    Firstly, how awesomely excited are you to be the hostess for this awesome event. A triathalon, I friggin' love it! Thank you to Sakura Bloom, to Fawn and Forest and to Bravado Designs for partnering up to do this event, I think this is a WONDERFUL idea to get the word out there about these wonderful slings. This is the one sling I have coveted but never had the opportunity to purchase for myself, it's just never been in our funds with our big family's small family budget. I have, however, tried it with a friend once, and have absolutely LOVED every stitch, every ounce of luscious fabric. Oh, how I long to wear one again!

    We wear two of our children, our youngest, but we wear them with practical babywearing items, not functional AND beautiful such as these (you know, cotton wraps, waterproof mei tai, etc). I would be honored and grateful to be chosen - babywearing is a part of me and my family's life. I feel it's imperative to share with others it's importance and how beneficial it can be. When I first discovered babywearing, I was at my wit's end, my arms were beyond tired with an attached baby who would not or could not EVER be put down, and I was so tired, so in need of help, a second set of arms. My friends threw me an 'after baby' shower and both bought me wraps. I cried. The second I put my baby in the wrap I knew I was hooked forever, it was a Godsend. From then on I have made it a point to help as many people as possibly in knowing about babywearing, trying on my stash, showing them how helpful and beneficial it is to babywear. It has only helped strengthen my relationship and bonds with my children and others whom I've introduced to babywearing. I feel so grateful in knowing I helped overtired parents realize that there is another way.

    I love to take pictures and have done video many times before, I would be more than comfortable with the tasks of this challenge. In fact, my video about Motrin and babywearing last year was shown on the Today Show, too. (Can you tell how passionate I am?)

    Thanks again for this opportunity, and good luck to everyone! Whether I'm chosen or not, I look forward to seeing this challenge and these slings "in action" :)

  84. My 21 month-old daughter and I would love to be a part of this! We are an Air Force family that is constantly on the go. During the week, we have our children's activites and on the weekends we take off to the city, go hiking in the mountains, or enjoy checking out our local farmer's market, or apple orchard. Babywearing can be done anywhere!

  85. OH, how fun! I am due on October 1st and am excited to wear my newborn from Day 1 (or maybe 2).

    I don't have any experience with babywearing myself so I'm excited to try different types of slings and fabrics and see which mesh with my life.

    My blog is just getting started and it seems will be a bit of this and that baby and life related.

    Thank you for considering me for your contest! Have fun!


  86. What a special contest! I can't get enough of you and your blog!

    This is very, very exciting...oh, how I would be in even if I won. Sakura slings are SO beautiful, makes any mama feel special. And isn't that what a mama deserves? To feel special?

    Audrey is at that age now where she gets really excited when she sees me reaching for the sling or carrier.
    I am so happy I chose to wear her. It has given me the chance to love on her even more, during all those house mama times where laundry needed to be folded, dishes needed to be washed, and errands needed to be run.

    I have to admit, I know where her not because it's easier but because I love her and want her close.

    I think you need a Latina mami as one of your contestants Steph! We need to get more Latina mamas to babywear! Please choose me! I want to feel special and beautiful in a Sakura bloom, and Bravado, well they carry the best nursing tanks, and yes Audrey is still loving mama's milk.

    You and Ivy look special in that picture! I grabbed the button! And will pass the word in my little corner of the world!

    Awesome giveaway!

  87. I just have to apologize for all the typos! Can you tell I was excited?!?!?!

    A couple corrections ( : I would be in heaven if I won.

    I now wear her not because it's easy but because I love her and want her close.

    I feel a bit of a fool now! ( :

    Good luck everyone... all of you deserve it! You are all beautiful mamis.

  88. This comment has been removed by the author.

  89. Ooh! That sounds amazing! I'd love to be considered. I have five children, ages 2 to 9. My youngest (2,3 and 5) are still worn regularly, with the youngest being worn daily. I was more of mei tai gal until recently, when I whipped up a linen ring sling. Holy mac n cheese! It is so wide and supportive and wonderful. We are praying for a new baby, so I've been sewing more in hopes of a new wee one.

    Babywearing came into our lives mostly just because of necessity. With so many littles, I have to be able to sling one or two so I can have hands free. Plus, when they were smaller, they napped and soothed so much better in a sling.

    Gabriel, our youngest, doesn't speak, so the sling is very good for him. We use it for his speech therapy and OT. Something about walking in the ring sling and bouncing seems to help him center and organize his language. He babbles much more and tries more sign when we do it in a sling.

    Also - we are busy homeschoolers, so babywearing has been essential for us to go out and do things. People ask me all the time how I can go out with "all those kids" by myself. I can thank babywearing for that ability.

    My blog is

    My email is tamara @ (no spaces) - I forgot to include that above.


  90. I would love to be considered. While my son is 13 months old and "too old" to still be worn (according to most friends and family), we continue to share the bond throughout everyday.

    My oldest son hated being worn and I feel like I missed out on so much bonding with him, I'm so thankful for the chance to snuggle with my second son!

  91. Steph, this is AWESOME!
    And for a gozillion reasons I am so sad I can't enter. Do it again when I CAN enter, k?

  92. oh wow! this contest is SO very cool. remember a million years ago (or was that a few months ago?!) when you confessed to me that you had never tried a didymos. well, tried and true babywearing addict that i am i have never had a ring sling. its a little insane isn't it?

    i would LOVE to get a chance to learn to love ring slinging my absolutely still being worn thirteen month old baby girl (who is also still nursing).

    i have my blog, (home of woowoo woven wrap loan), i can happily post babywearing pics and video's, i love to spread the babywearing love, and i live in the US.

    so, i think that means i qualify to be chosen :)

    (never mind that i challenged myself to video blog a few posts ago in attempt to get over my fear of sharing my spoken voice.)

    ok, this comment goes on and on. so sorry about that. but i am jumping up and down and waving here saying "chose me chose me." or, if you don't chose me, i am plan to thoroughly enjoy watching the seven mama's you do chose enjoy their slinging :)

    as always, your blog rocks.

  93. p.s. i linked up to your contest on my blog :)

  94. Fabulous contest. My little Jack just turned one last month. He still loves to breastfeed and be worn. There is just nothing better!

    We'd love to try out a new sling. Thanks for thinking of us.

  95. Oh my gosh I would love to be one of your chosen moms! The only way I can contain my very active one year old is when I am wearing her! I have been obsessed with my Ergo for the past few months put would love the chance to use some different slings especially ones as beautiful as Sakura's. My blog is and my address is Thanks so much for this opportunity!

    P.S. I LOVE Bravada nursing bras. My daughter is weened but I still wear the bras I bought last year 'cause they are the most comfortable that I have ever owned!

  96. Why pick me? I have a rambunctious but cuddly 11 month old son who loves to be close when out and about and I'm almost 7 months pregnant! We discontinued use of our beloved mei-tai style carrier when my belly got too big, but slings would seem to be the way to go nowadays.

    I will bring all sorts of wit and charm to the triathlon, not to mention the fact that my baby is just amazingly adorable. (Totally not biased). Also I come with the added bonus of potentially having two children of varying sizes make use of the slings, depending on when the triathlon takes place.

    What more could you ask for than practical use and reviews by a super pregnant lady and her wiggly son? (And potentially her ultra-cute forthcoming baby girl?)

    You can find me here:
    and if you really need more of me to read click on my profile for a few more blogs :)

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  97. Hi Steph,

    I am a fairly new blogger. My blog is mostly about stuff happening in my life, and all the hilarious things that seem to go on.

    I have been babywearing for 4 years, and my youngest is 22 months. I still wear him daily. I have oogled over Sakura Bloom, but never have had the chance to see one in person. I would love to have the chance to participate

  98. love this contest!
    why i should be considered?
    i own one sling. Henry lived in it when he was a baby and now Dot resides in the same sling. I would love another option to test out.

  99. Here's my entry:
    - My son Jude is 4.5 months old & ridiculously cute. In fact, he may be the cutest baby alive (and no, I am not biased at all).
    - I'm a casual babywearer. I enjoy having him close and it's great for our evening walks - I'm convinced that wearing him when we're out & about is helping me get in better shape and lose the last of my pregnancy weight.
    - I've never tried a sling. I currently use a soft structured carrier but am not completely satisfied with it & am open to trying something different... especially if I can nurse him while in it.
    - My hubby is also into babywearing & as long as the design isn't too feminine he'd use it too.
    - The photo & video part would be a piece of cake. I love sharing via those mediums.
    - I'll be traveling abroad to Egypt & Jordan for two weeks of the triathlon so I'd really be able to test drive it the durability and comfort since my hubby & I will be carrying him the whole time (no sidewalks = no strollers). As an added bonus you'd get to see baby Jude in the Sakura while on a camel at the pyramids. :)

  100. This momma NEEDS a sling!

    I was given a Baby Bjorn while pregnant and ended up using that for about 6 months, but it killed my back. But my little one was colic, and it was really the only thing that kept me sane.

    Just recently I've been researching other slings for my now 15 month old, because carrying her around aaaallll day on my hip just isn't working out anymore.
    And dinner isn't going to cook itself!

    The problem? Most of them are pretty pricey and I can't afford to buy one without test driving it first, you know?

    Save my back.
    Save my sanity.
    For the love of dust bunnies and dishes....
    Give me some slings to try so I can snacth one up and get more done around here!

  101. I would love to participate in this challenge. I didn't start babywearing until my oldest was 9 months old with a simple sling. Since then I was hooked and have used a wrap, mei tai and ring
    sling. Dd is now 2 and we were blessed to have a baby boy join our family in June. Now I baby wear and toddler wear on a regular basis. DD loves the time she gets when I wear her and ds is happiest when he is being worn in kangaroo hold, it keeps his reflux at bay. Also babywearing gives me the opportunity to keep up with a very busy 2 year old in all of our activities. Taking pictures is easy (and bonus I will have more pictures to send to my children's birthfamilies). I love to take video with our camcorder and am familiar with uploading. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider us for this contest.

  102. I would love to be considered for this.

    When I had my first child, babywearing saved me. I don't know what I would have done without it. I had a fussy baby who NEVER wanted to be put down. I spent weeks with my arms aching and my muscles shaking by the end of the day from carrying her so much.

    I tried a few of the more popular mass market carriers and none of them felt right to me. Then I discovered pouches, later, mei tai carriers, wraps, and ring slings. I wore my child every waking second. For hikes, around the house, to soothe her, to go to the grocery store, everywhere. I was so thankful I found a convenient (and stylish!) way to carry my child.

    I am a photographer and love to take photos, so I am sure I could capture many. I would also love to write about the joy of babywearing and hopefully spread the word to moms everywhere, while showcasing your beautiful slings.

    My main blog is here:

    Thank you for your consideration.

  103. Oh how fun! I love wearing my kids and especially love wearing them in Sakura Blooms. I really love blogging about babywearing and would love the opportunity to participate.

  104. How will you ever decide? We have a 6 month old currently and have worn our other girls (4 & 2) since they were born. My husband wears the kiddos when he is able but mostly I am their primary caretaker so I do more than him. He would definitely try the slings out though to give his 2 cents. I love trying new slings and I love sharing my experiences about babywearing on a local mommy forum and also a few big sites. It is not uncommon for me to lend out my slings and wraps in hopes that other families will find the babywearing love. This would be so much fun to do, I have never done any sort of reviews like this before - how exciting. Even if I am not chosen I look forward to the photos and reviews that will come in - thanks mama!

  105. Dear Stephanie,

    I just had my craziest ring sling experience in 10 years of baby slinging. I was at the Natl. Arboretum in D.C. on a beautiful late summer afternoon, standing at the huge koi pond while my 3 oldest boys threw fish food to the biggest & creepiest koi I had ever seen. I had my youngest, 4 mo old Ramsay, in a ring sling.

    We were heading out and I had my 2 oldest far in front of me, with Grandma, and my 3 yr old behind me. He let go of my hand and ran to take another look at the fish. As I ran after him he leaned too far and fell right into the pond!

    My mom was too far ahead too help me so I hoped it wasn't deep and hopped in the pond to grab my toddler, while baby was still in the sling. It never occurred to me to take him out because he just belongs in there these days, close by & happy.

    Unfortunately I was yelling a bit so that freaked the baby out, but he didn't get wet, my toddler never went under and we all made it to the sidewalk. As I sat and held both boys and caught my breath it sunk in that I jumped in the pond like a nut, with the sling on, and now I was soaked and sitting in a puddle still wearing the baby, who was secure and quiet again. Not my finest moment as a mom, but it could have been much worse. (well, the pond was only about 2 feet deep:)

    Whn I had my first baby almost 10 years ago, ring slings were one of the few carriers you could find easily. I wore mine religiously, leaving the bucket behind for even the simplest grocery runs. The only problem was that I was horrible at putting it on, it was always twisted...all jacked up...but I tried my best anyway.

    Now, I have ring slings down pat (I finally watched the videos with my 3rd boy :) and even though I have a great selection of other types of carriers, I always start and end babywearing each child with a ring sling and it is always my most poppable in & out of the car sling for any age baby or toddler.
    Thank you for the chance to try some very beautiful and comfortable looking slings!

    More ring sling adventures:
    -Trekking in & out of preschool and walking to pick up my older 2 each day
    -Leading my breastfeeding support group & doing home visits to new moms
    -Wine tastings & hikes at Va wineries
    -Hosting cocktail parties and birthday dinners at home
    -Pumpkin patches, weddings, visiting family in Chile, traveling to Rome & taking my boys on night nature walks.
    -Keeping baby close & nursing when I'm admitted to the ER.

    I think Sakura Bloom slings would enjoy spending time with us and I know we would enjoy them too!

  106. How fun! I would love to participate...the past few weeks I've been working on getting the hang of wearing a newborn. So far we're doing well with the wrap, but we're not fitting into my pouch as well now that my chest is in full out bf'ing mode.

    Sweetpea wants me to carry her more now that she sees the baby getting carried so often, so I'm always carrying one or the other of them. Besides that, a girl can never have too many beautiful slings, right? :)

  107. Talk about a fabulous opportunity! I would LOVELOVELOVELOVE to try some Sakura Bloom slings. I've been oohing and aaaahhhing over the beautiful choices on their website since I started reading your blog, but I haven't been able to afford one.

    I am a US resident, I have two children of babywearing age and weight (although my almost three year old will be outgrowing the babywearing sooner than he'd like to admit)...sometimes I wear him and my 6 month old, Elliott, at the same time!

    Sadly, it doesn't seem to make the baby weight disappear as quickly as I would hope.

    I can upload pics and videos.

    *AND* I have a blog, called the dayton time, which you can get to by clicking on my name. My email address is thedaytontime at gmail dot com.

    We have a few different slings/wraps/podegis that we use regularly with Elliott and HB, and we use them My MIL recently remarked that she didn't get to hold Elliott as much as our other three kiddos because I wear him so much!

    This triathlon is the perfect sporting event for me, no actual running or exertion or sweating involved. I'm game if you are!

  108. Ok, this contest happens to be right up my alley.

    I have a brand new baby and a preschooler and for me, it's a no-brainer how handy babywearing is. I'm putting the carrier I have to good use but of course, I would love to try out some new slings and blab about them on my blogs. I have friends who have been asking me which slings I like and if I'm chosen, I'll finally be able to give them some good advice (which is my favorite thing to do)!

  109. I think you should pick me for 3 reasons:
    1) This would be a perfect opportunity for me to get up the courage to start blogging about my misadventures in motherhood!!
    2)My son is CUTE and we'd be a great example of BWing past a year (in fact, I only use a RS on errands...only one stroller in this house and it's for dad & grandpa)
    3) I'm an occupational therapist so it would give me some more fuel in my fire to get babies out of containers and into parents' arms where they belong.


  110. Hi Steph,

    What a great idea!! I would love to join in on the fun. I have been wearing Jackson (my seven month old) with a Baby Bjorn and have been looking for a new way to wear him, as he is getting quite heavy! I love the closeness and bonding that happens with babywearing.

    My husband talked me into trying a Kelty backpack carrier, but I took it back because it wasn't functional for daily tasks and he was so far away.

    I would be happy to report about this on my blog, and I can upload pics and videos without any problem. If you want to see examples, there are some up on my site right now.

    What a fun idea!!Sakura Bloom has beautiful slings and I would love to work with such a wonderful company.


    Amy (

  111. I babywear every single day for hours...and I wear my mei tai and my two slings more than most of my favorite pieces of clothing. :-) I would be THRILLED to participate in this... we could definitely give these slings a work out since I wear my 30 lb 18 month old as well as my 15 lb 5 month old, sometimes at the same time! I tandem nurse, as well, so I'm pretty experienced at nursing in a sling! I would be delighted to have great blog fodder as well... with two little ones I frequently find it more relaxing to sit down and read blogs instead of trying to think of something to say... but you can't go wrong with cute babywearing pictures!

  112. My name is Rose and I would be a great model mom/tester. I'm a military mama (Navy wife), have two daughters, 3 years and 8 months, I wear them both.
    I am active at my church and in the community and would be able to help get the Sakura Bloom name out there. I'm also active with my local babywearing group. I love wearing my girls and would be honored to be chosen.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  113. I love this idea -- so fun to see new, challenging and MEANINGFUL experiences like this in our community!

    I would adore participating in this, not only have I been a babywearer for 7 years now, but I think I could contribute a unique experience as one of the bloggers in this challenge because the baby I'm wearing right now is on the older side (2yr old) and a special needs child.

    So many moms don't realize how long you can wear your kids (based on weight), and so many special needs moms don't realize how amazingly beneficial babywearing can be for their child's specific needs.

    I'd love to share our experiences and try out these beautiful slings!

  114. I would love to enter this contest! I have a 2 month old and a two year old (I wonder if the sling would be big enough for my toddler? If so, I will wear him too!) and my little chubby baby has outgrown the peanut shell sling I currently have; I literally cannot fit it over the two of us anymore. Wearing him has been a lifesaver when it comes to keeping him happy (he is a very, very 'interactive' baby), keeping up with his older brother, and managing to do anything at all around the house. Please do consider us for the contest; thanks!

  115. Dearest Steph,
    Here is why I would love to be chosen:

    A: I wear Pixie DAILY (and our current sling is getting way too small--it is non-adjustable).
    B: I have never had the priviledge of trying out a Sakura Bloom sling.
    C: I would take the best pictures I possibly could (I have to mention that I work as a photographer--that helps right?:)
    D. I would love love love love love the opportunity to work with you AND this amazing company.
    E: My blog is well-established and a large portion of my subscribers are parents with small children.

    The fact that SakuraBloom offers such lovely slings for all different budgets is a wonderful thing. I am so happy that they also offer organic options and would love to blog about that aspect as well.

    Pixie is 18 months old and I would be the Mommy blogging, photographing and v-logging that it is absolutely possible and WONDERFUL to wear a baby that is a bit older. With a good sling, your back will not hurt and you will get the privilege of going about your daily duties while still cuddling your tiny one:) Since I have four children, its great to know that I don't miss out on special time with my youngest just because I am so busy. I can still have those snuggly moments WHILE I do the five million things I have to do:)

    Please consider me...this would be SO much fun and a wonderful project for any Mommy to devote their time to. If you need any other information at all--please let me know!

    <3 Sara Sophia
    *crossing my fingers and hoping hoping hoping!!

  116. Darn it from a too-far Canadian! I lurrrve the look of Sakura Bloom slings, and regularly visit the site just to drool over their lovely wares. You'll have a hard time picking just seven moms, I bet.

    Can't wait to see what fun photos come out of this contest -I'll be cheering from the sidelines :).

  117. I love how slings look, and while I was pregnant, I was sure that I'd have my son in one all the time. So I bought 3. Two for me (in case my postpartum size changed) and one for my husband. My baby? From the MOMENT we got home, the sling was the only thing that made him really and truly miserable. I'm not sure what it was, whether I was doing it wrong, or his reflux, but... slings have never really worked for us.

    Now we use our Ergo all the time. I wish that I could figure out how to use a sling again, because they look amazingly simple and I think the convenience can't be beat, but I just haven't been able to make them work for us. :(

    Still, I love the idea of this contest, and I *love* the beautiful Sakura Bloom slings. Maybe when I read about it, I'll learn how to use my slings from your contestants!

  118. I'm interested in taking part now that my baby is a toddler and full on into the up/down stage. I'd be curious to see how Ring Slings work with a toddler instead of a teeny baby.

  119. Oh oh Pick us Pick us! LOL

    I have 2 blogs:

    I have 4 boys ages 6-15 months & am currently 15 weeks pregnant

    I am totally qualified for all the rules.

    My 15 month old loves his mama & wants to be worn every where & I need my hands free! Also a lil pressure off my back is always a good thing being pregnant and all.

    What an amazing opportunity

  120. Ooh, I would LOVE to be one of the seven women!! I'm Mama to five children (aged 5, 4, 3, 2, and 8 months) and I'm expecting Baby Blessing #6 in May! Needless to say, babywearing is a big part of my life and I can't imagine what in the world I would do without it!

    I have ring sling and an Ergo that I am quickly wearing out. :) I wear my babies around the house, out for walks, to the grocery store, to the park, anywhere that I can!

    I do have a blog (, and I posted about your giveaway ( Thanks for having the contest and giveaway!

  121. What a fun idea! I love to wear my chilren and discovered the beauty and comfort a Sakura Bloom sling with my newest baby. I would be thrilled to participate.

    jamieleet6 @

  122. Ok, here goes: Why I should be chosen? Why shouldn't would have the better question really :)

    1st of all I love and I mean love with a capital L my Sakura Bloom ring sling. I love it so much that I talk about it all the time, wear it all the time (mostly with a baby in it) and can't stand to be without it. It really is my go to. I bought it when my 1st son was 1 and newly walking. It was great then and now it has been perfect for my newborn who has been carried in it almost exclusively since birth (he's 3 months old now)

    I am crazy about babywearing! I also have cloth diaper from the birth of my 1st son and am now doing so with my 2nd son (over 2 years now). I'm also wild about cloth as well. Really you can ask any stranger who asks me about either my sling or my diapers.

    I breast feed my 1st up until 2 weeks before my 2nd was born (he self weaned).

    So to wrap it up: Pick me, Pick me, Pick Me. You can ask any one of the ladies I know ,who now (after hearing me go on and on about my sling) own a Sakura Bloom, how perfect I would be for this.

    My blog is :

    where I go on about babywearing, knitting, sewing and me.

  123. Hello Baby Steph- I would love the opportunity to put my sweet pumpkin (1 yr old) in the new Sakura. I started wearing my oldest son, now 4 from day one. Before I found attachment parenting or blogging. It was just so natural and the only way to raise my boys. My husband was a stay home dad for the first three years, so every moment I was home I wanted the boys with me. Babywearing was my answer. I would love to be chosen. My blog is

    Thanks for all you do. -Rena

  124. I love this idea! What a fun contest.

    As a mom of eight kids from 7 weeks to seventeen years, I'm definitely in need of another pair of arms--one at least! Our newest addition loves his mamma and loves to be held . . . hence, our addiction to slings and wraps! I only have one right now, and would love to get a feel for a Sakura! We babywear at home while I homeschool (yup, I'm one of those crazy folks!) and also at church, where lots of people say "OH, MY--look at that tiny baby--and you're here! How do you do that???" Babywearing is a great way to stay on the go; now, I'm just in need of some *style!"

    My blog is at . Thanks so much!

  125. I am going to try and fill this out from my phone while I wear my son in the ergo.
    My name is Kim and I run which focuses on cloth diapers, babywearing and breastfeeding. Since becoming a mom in November I have embraced babwearing as a way to continue living life and stay close to my son. We have also mastered the art of nursing in our carriers. I love documenting our life and finds on DDL and sharing our love of the AP lifestyle. We also take a lot of instructional videos.

  126. My sister told me about this triathalon and suggested I apply. She is too modest to apply herself; so I am nominating both of us! My sister is a wonderful Mom of 5 children (and 1 on the way). She is a huge advocate for babywearing! She taught me everything I need to know about it when I became a first-time Mom to my baby 8 months ago. We both blog, both love babywearing, and would love to share this expereince of being a part of your triathalon! I know all the Mom's applying out there deserve to be selected, and we are no different. I will say, my sister and I wear our babies in different venues, which may be interesting to this project! My sister has her own self-sustaining farm and has 2 children that she still wears. She wears them on the farm and on various outings including meeting with friends, family get togethers, and church. My husband and I live in an Urban area and wear our baby in the city, on hikes, on the beach, and in our home. It would be interesting to see Sisters with such a wide-range of babywearing possiblities in your triathalon, don't you think?!
    My blog is, due to the nature of my work, you'll need permission to log on, so I will send that info to you. My sister has a public blog at She hasn't blogged in several months, I've been on her about that, and will encourage her some more to write more soon! Please consider us for your awesome event!

  127. I would love to be considered for this blog event!

    I've worn all of my Sprouts (current ages- 4, 3 and 15m), and absolutely LOVE every moment of it.

    I wear my youngest, Ollie, pretty much everywhere. He's been having a horrible time with teething lately, and I'm so grateful that I can throw him on my hip or back, and give him extended snuggles WHILE taking care of my other children.

    We live in a rural area, and I'm met with many looks, comments and questions. I take advantage of every encounter, though, to sing the praises of babywearing. Reviewing these three slings will give me more "ammo" in my arsenal of knowledge, as I can offer my personal opinion on them to others.

    Here is my blog:

    I'm also active on Facebook, Twitter and several parenting boards.

    Thank you!

  128. P.S. My avatar is of Ollie, age 7m, hanging out in our mei tai while on a hike. :)

  129. I would be thrilled beyond words to participate in this!!! I'm a huge believer in babywearing...I wore my daughter until I got so pregnant with my son that it was impossible (and still wear her sometimes now that I'm not pregnant). And I wear my 11-month-old son on a daily basis...pretty much anytime he's not crawling around exploring!

    My blog URL is . My email is lora at 4everfamily dot com.

  130. Oh I have always wanted to try one of their slings; they are SO lovely and look amazing. We just can't justify the cost for one right now, so it would be so awesome to get to review one and maybe win my own! How very fun, Steph!!

    Miche @

  131. Honestly I don't feel as if I deserve to be a contestant but I want to be. I love babywearing and fully support it. And I can see how awesome an opportunity this is.

    I will say that I live in area with so many people it's crazy. I'm surrounded by every type of military base there can be. This part of Virginia is amazing. But even with all of that, Those of us who support this lifestyle are few and far between. I would love to get this chance to show VA what babywearing is all about. Especially the fact that my lil girl is just about to turn 1 so she's out of the so-call "normal" range of babywearing most people think of anyways.

    And for that reason I do think I would be a good candidate. To help spread the word. Thanks,

    I blog at Also my lil one turns 1 in 2 weeks so I've very much enjoyed your blog and seeing lil Ivy grow!

  132. I am a full time employed mother of 3 beautiful children! Our youngest is 4 weeks old so I'm on maternity leave right now. I found babywearing with my oldest son but didn't truly understand and appreciate it until #2 came along. When I found out I was pregnant with #3 the first thing I did was buy a new sling. ( even before I told my husband we were expecting. LOL)
    I have always been a huge advocate of babywearing and love spreading the joy around. I've participated in many babywearing demonstrations and my favorite part is when I put a carrier on a new mom and they realize how perfect it is. There's a moment when it just clicks and their face lights up. That is so much fun!

    I'm hoping to be one of the lucky 7 to complete this triathlon. It sounds like a wonderful way to help share the babywearing love and those slings look like a lot of fun to play with!

    My family blog is and my email address is cvcraven @

  133. goes nothing...

    I am a babywearing fanatic! I love to try out new slings, and my daughter is always up for a new way to snuggle and observe. My little koala-girl loves to be worn.

    I always have at least five babywearing contraptions in the car when I go somewhere, and am always looking for a new sling to try out. I love babywearing and constantly encourage mothers to wear their babies, whether it's their first or their sixth. This is one of the reasons I always have extra slings with me--you never know when someone is going to need to borrow one, or when the one you're using is going to get unwearably dirty.

    Ohhh, yes, I love babywearing and I love telling people about it!

  134. My email is in my profile, and you can get to my blog that way, too. I'm sorry I forgot to include those.

  135. Oh, you have so many wonderful replies to this contest! If it's not too late, I'd like to throw my hat in, so to speak.

    I have been babywearing since before I had a baby, or even knew there was a term for it. I have not had the opportunity to play with many different types of slings, but I do use my wrap and sling on a daily basis. My son just turned a year, and he's also a big fan of the babywearing.

    I am new to the blogging thing, but you can find me at One of the topics I hope to incorporate on a consistent basis is babywrapping, and this would be a perfect start! I also meet the other critera.

    My kid is also very cute, which I think is a big bonus. :)

  136. Here's the deal about me, the babywearing mama wannabe.

    I've always thought babywearing was a fabulous idea, so convenient and wonderful for bonding with baby.

    But all I've ever used is a Baby Bjorn front pack (which our dog chewed up a few months ago) and a pouch sling made for me by my sis-in-law (which my 2nd baby outgrew by 3 months).

    So I would LOVE the opportunity to participate in this triathlon! My little boy is now 9 months and my arm falls asleep when holding him on my hip, he's just so chunky. Being able to wear him--especially in something as AMAZING as Sakura Bloom--is a happy thought.

    My blog is mainly centered around my kiddos, and I would gladly post about the babywearing fun.

    I can't wait to follow the results of the triathlon, whether I'm participating or not! :)


  137. What a great idea and how much fun! I have been dying to try out a Sakura Bloom sling. I have my own webstore selling baby wearing products, but haven't gotten around to trying out the Sakura yet. I have an 19 month old boy that is warn every single day still in some sort of baby carrier. I can surely wear him in a ring sling.


  138. Do I dare to dream that I could be chosen? Do I dare to imagine the delight of wearing my little ones in such luxury? Do I dare picture my youngest not-so-little-anymore 11-month-old snuggled into the depths of a new sling, close to my chest as we navigate the aisles of Target? And do I dare to think that my 3-year-old could find solace wrapped in bliss, his chubby fingers rubbing sleepy eyes while I stir the soup?

    As I gather my little ones in my lap-- the little two, along two other dear ones who have left babywearing behind for bikes and balls and I gather them together to read a fairytale, a corner of my mind is occupied with fantasies of my own as I dare to dream.

  139. Oops... my e-mail address is two_pogs @ verizon. net and my blog address is

  140. forgot to supply my email yesterday

  141. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out what to say as to why I should be considered for this and well, about all I can come up with is because I'm a mom about to have a new baby (one week left!) and I would LOVE to try these slings. Simple enough right?

    Plus, my other one still never came... Boo Hoo... ;-)

    Seriously, I think this is perfect timing since my baby girl will be here very shortly and I will need to wear her quite a bit while doing stuff with my older boys and nursing, etc.

    Just reading this post, I got all excited, thinking of the possibilities!

    You know me, but here's the important info anyway... : )

    ealguire at sbcglobal dot net

    This is a wonderful opportunity, Thank You Steph!

  142. Awesome contest! I would love to be chosen because I really enjoy providing product reviews! I have a 7 week old daughter. We have two baby carriers, and neither one is all that great, so far. We have a hotsling that just doesn't seem to work at all (the baby looks really uncomfortable in it and doesn't seem comfortable, either). We also have a baby bjorn. When we are in motion, she is totally cool with it. If we stop, even for a moment, she gets fussy. She has a hard time sleeping in it, also. So I'd really love to try a different kind of sling because I know baby wearing is so good for both the parent and the baby and I don't want to give up on it!

  143. As I lugged my baby around Target today, trying to push my cart with my forearm, while my 3 year old sat in the back of my cart, I told myself that I had to apply for this contest. My back and husband will attest to the fact that I need a better way to wear my baby. The $15 piece of gauze I bought from JoAnn Fabrics is just not cutting it. My 6 month old is so needy right now, and all I do is carry him. I would love to enjoy this time more, by having my hands free, and being able to interact with my 3 year old at the same time.

    I love the beauty of the Sakura Bloom slings. I would be honored to take these for a test run. My back will thank you.

    P.S. I've always wanted to be in a triathlon, but I'm not much of a swimmer, so here's my chance.

  144. I blogged about babywearing and the triathlon. I've entered already but here's the link to the post:

  145. Ah, babywearing. On a cold winter afternoon, a bit under 4 years ago, my newborn daughter and I were left alone in the house to fend for ourselves. The dinner hour loomed. My daughter lay snuggled up in my arms, little coos escaping from her lips. I sighed as I placed her gently in her bassinet and tip-toed into the kitchen to start dinner. I hated putting her down, but alas, duty called.

    “WAHHH!” She apparently hated being put down as well.

    I rushed in to pick her up. And the cycle repeated twice more before I blearily shuffled through her closet for the worn, borrowed Bjorn. After wrangling with the straps for 15 minutes while trying to soothe a fussy baby in my lap, I managed to get her into the carrier. Within seconds, she was calm.

    Alas, a babywearer was born.

    My Bean traveled well in the Bjorn before she outgrew it. We walked the neighborhood, ventured into the grocery store, ambled through the mall.

    When she was a toddler, we acquired a Moby wrap. She rode on my hip through the majestic Sequoia trees. She napped against my chest through Yellowstone. We navigated the sprawling insanity of the airport without disturbing her sleep. She loved being close to me. I loved having her there.
    At 2 and a half, she became a big sister.

    From birth, baby C wanted nothing more than to be carried. All. Of. The. Time. Of course, Bean wanted nothing more than my attention. I put puzzles together with a sweet newborn’s breath coming from beneath the cloth of my wrap. I made lunch while little C napped contentedly in the Peanut Shell. Bean and I traveled to playgrounds and parks, unencumbered by her small sister’s naptime schedule because C napped easily while on the go.

    When sweet C was only 15 months old, she was thrust into big sisterhood as well. Baby Sayer is 8 weeks old and is rarely out of the slings or wraps. It’s the fastest way to get him to nap and the easiest way to get him to stay that way. (And in a house with a 3.5 year old chatterbox and a 17 month old squealer, naps are tough to come by). From when he was about 2 weeks old, we’ve been out and about… the grocery store, neighborhood festivals, the library. I wear him while I make dinner. I wear him while I play “house” or “princess.” I wear him when he’s fussy. I wear him when I’m a little fussy. It’s where he’s most at home. And when she needs to be close to me, I wear my 17 month old, too.

    When we’re out or whenever someone sees pictures on my blog, without fail, someone will comment on whatever wrap, sling, or carrier I’m using and then take note of my other two kids and say, “Wow, your hands are full!”

    But it’s funny… the beauty of babywearing? While my life is certainly full, my hands never are.

    twitter: monsterchew
    email: jennifer.smithson (@)

  146. As I write, I'm nursing my two week old in my sling. I didn't discover baby wearing until my son was almost one and thirty pounds, but I loved wearing him on my hip and being able to cuddle him and still accomplish other things.

    Now that I have a newborn, I'm enjoying wearing her so close. She loves the closeness and it's comfortable, convenient, and sweet to snuggle her so close.

    I'd love to participate in this contest and get to try some beautiful slings. While most of my friends think wearing your baby is a little unorthodox, I love it and look forward to wearing my sweet newborn for a long time to come. We only get a little time with our babies before they're up and running, in school, and growing up- I want to keep my little girl close and a happy while I can (and still chase down my toddler- thank goodness slings give me an extra pair of hands!)

  147. I would love to be considered for this contest with Sakura Bloom! Earlier this summer I ventured into babywearing with my baby girl Charlotte- first with a SleepyWrap. Then we were chosen to compete in a month long Sling & Swaddle Journey with Hotslings. We had so much fun tweeting and blogging our adventures with newborns and the Hotslings! I also then had the opportunity to review the Ergobaby Carrier on my blog! So exciting and have loved using all three of these carriers. I have never tried a ring sling but would love the opportunity to try it out and share with my friends,family,coworkers, and followers! Charlotte is now 6 months and still loves to be worn and we are also still nursing. Here's my contact info!

  148. What a fun triathlon! I'm sure that I could endure this triathlon and push my way through my sweat and weariness to baby wear my sweet 10 month old, Levi.

    We'd use it at the park, at the store, at the post office, at church, Target and of course at home.

    I'm excited to see who you pick and how they like them in real life!

  149. Do you ever wish you could add something to a comment? Here's my addition.

    I mentioned sweat because I live in Houston. The high is 92 tomorrow and 80's the rest of the week. So, when I think about wearing my baby, I need something that is breathable. Sakura looks like it answers that problem!

  150. Oh my word what a blessing it would be t share babywearing love with the blogging world. I guess I do that anyway at:

    But we would be ever so thrilled to be one of your seven moms!!!! I have worn all 5 of my kiddos. But the only one I still wear now is our one year old. And recently she has developed some extreeem clingyness ... so babywearing is the only way I get anything done and with 5 kids there is always so much to be done!!!

    Can't wait to hear who the lucky 7 are!

  151. Oh how I would love this opportunity! I discovered babywearing with my second child and was an instant convert as she loved it! My newest love, 8 months old on Monday, loves to be close to mama and my 2yr old still does too! I would love to expand my current babywearing options, which are a pouch sling and Beco. I love blogging too and trying to convert people to my babywearing ways. In fact I just got my sister-in-law to try my pouch sling with her newborn 4th baby--and of course the baby slept in peace for a long time while my SIL had 2 hands free to deal with her 20 month old.

  152. Oh!!! I just thought of another really good reason I should be one of your lucky 7 moms ... Oct 12th I'm taking our 5 kids and flying to FL, spending a week in Orland and Disney ... I'll NEED to be comfortable while wearing my one year old to survive that week :-) And while we are there I will celebrate turning 36 years old!

  153. Wow, what an exciting opportunity!

    My son is six months old & we both LOVE babywearing. I have been wearing him in both a woven & a stretch wrap since he was born & as he gets older he enjoys it more & more. My husband even wears him in our woven wrap & in a structured Ergo carrier. Recently I was introduced to a ring sling & I fell in love. Though I love my wraps, a ring sling is definitely a lot easier sometimes.

    I love the time my son & I get to spend together when I wear him. He's such an independent boy so much of the time, so it's nice when we get some cuddle time! He loves to be worn when we're out & about & definitely relishes in the attention he receives! I love to use those moments to tell others about babywearing. It's so awesome when I can get another mom out there to start wearing her baby more. I get so excited! Babywearing also helps us out at home, my son loves to be on my back while we're doing stuff throughout the house.

    I am so excited about this & can't wait to see how the chosen mom's (hopefully me!) do.

    My blog:


    I usually carry him in a Hip Hammock, but this night he crawled into my shirt to be close to me....



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