September 28, 2009

The Sakura Bloom Triathlon Seven!

Lynne from Sakura Bloom and I have been reading and re-reading each and every entry for the first official Sakura Bloom Triathlon, and have made our final decision. Once we contact each contestant, I'll post an introduction and profile for each person chosen.

But without further ado, here are the seven!

In the occasion that any of the seven is unable to participate, we will choose a replacement from the original entries.

Our first challenge will start in the next couple weeks. I hope you will follow along and feel free to play along with your own slings and carriers! I have updated the code to the Sakura Bloom Triathlon buttons, if you want to post it or update yours.

Thank you again to everyone that commented and emailed. I love the passion and spirit in each and every one. You are all amazing and made this very hard for us to choose!

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  1. Congratulations to you all!

    Good luck!


    I am so super duper excited!!!


    I am beyond thrilled, oh joyous rapture---can't wait to participate in the babywearing event of the century<3 <3 <3

    --Sara Sophia

  3. YAY SARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and other 6, but I love me some Sara!!!)

  4. WOWWWEEEEEEE!!!!! I am beyond thrilled and honored to have been chosen for this amazing amazing event! Thank you Steph and Lynne, from the bottom of my babywearing heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Awesome! I'm so excited to follow along. Congrats to all the lucky ladies who were chosen!

  6. Congrats! I'm so excited to be following along.


  7. The two of you just made my babywearing day!!!

    I think I might just enjoy the housecleaning today (I am that excited)!

    I can't wait! All the other mom finalists look great and can't wait to check out their blogs!!!

    Thanks Steph! Thanks Lynne!

  8. i'm not gonna lie, cuz well, i'm a wear my heart on my sleeve kinda person. but i am pretty dissappointed. of course dissappointed b/c i wanted in on this one, but also b/c you didn't pick any what i call "smaller" bloggers. the ladies you picked are all "bigger" bloggers, ya know, have a zillion profile views, and a little more well known. just wish you would've given one of us little gals a chance :(
    congrats to all the ladies. have fun testing!

  9. Kim,

    Oh I am sorry you feel this way, but please take a look at them again! A couple hardly blog, and I had never even knew about several of them before they entered!

    Lynne and I chose the 7 that we felt had a great opportunity to represent the Sakura Bloom spirit of “the modern art of babywearing”.

    And believe me, we had lists way longer than 7. It was very difficult to narrow it down!


  10. Congrats to each who will participate!

  11. (I should correct myself for saying several... I am still thinking about our lists! I am thankful for the chance to find several new bloggers and babywearers that I hadn't known about before!)


  12. Thank you so much Lynne and Steph!
    What a great opportunity to start my babywearing, in style with my newborn daughter!

    What a wonderful surprise to get this morning. Thank you and I can't wait.

    Time to go meet all the other mommas!

  13. Omg thank you! I'm so excited!!! Yahoo!! I'm about to gush to my midwife as she should be here any second now!

  14. I just squealed a little bit for Donya!
    Also I completely disagree with Kim. I've only really heard of two or three of the bloggers on the list and wouldn't count them all as huge bloggers. I think you found a great balance between blogs that have a huge following and blogs that aren't updated as frequently. I cannot wait to follow this contest!

  15. This is such a wonderful idea, and I am super excited that you chose my beautiful daughter-in-law, Leigh, of Marvelous Kiddo, to be one of the lucky Seven. Can't wait to follow the action!!

  16. I knew Leigh would make it... just knew it. I can't wait to see her wearing all of these awesome slings.

    I am surprised by the comment about them being bigger bloggers as I had not heard of many of the final 7.

    {though I understand the disappointment. i'm sure we all are a little bit but I don't feel upset or slighted in any way.}

    I think Steph and Lynne picked a great bunch and I look forward to seeing this progress into a really cool babywearing experiment {if you will}. And who knows, maybe it'll be the first of many and I'll sneak in next time. ;)

    Congrats to all 7!


  17. Although just a teensy bit disappointed not to be chosen, I am SOOOOOO excited for Crooked Eyebrow. I am perfectly happy with my Ergo and will keep chugging along!!! Congrats to all.....Lisa

  18. Congrats to the super seven! Can't wait to watch along your journey!!!

  19. Congrats to all the lucky seven! I love sarasophia's excitement...

  20. congratulations to the 7! looking forward to following along and seeing more of these gorgeous slings in action!

  21. Congrats to the winners! It's going to be a lot of fun to follow the adventures of these 7 mommies. I'm sooo looking forward to wearing a newborn in a few months!!

  22. Oh yeah! Thank you so much Lynn & Steph for this awesome opportunity! This will be a bright spot in a rough patch!

    Can't wait!!!!


  23. i am so excited to follow the seven chosen mama's. of course, it is always a little disappointing to enter such an awesome contest and not be chosen but weren't there something like 150+ plus comments on the original post?! i have no idea how you could have chosen seven without the rest of us feeling a little sad. more importantly - i think this contest will be fun to watch and i can't wait to follow along!

  24. Congrats to the 7 gals and babes! I look forward to watching the adventures!

  25. Congrats, ladies! I lovelovelove Britt's photography, and I'll be checking out the other playas.

  26. Congratulations, chosen ones!

    I have to say that while I, too, would love to have been picked, I could not imagine trying to pick seven people from all the lovely folks that asked to be considered. I went through several of them myself, just to see who I would pick... and I don't know how you did it.

    Thank you for doing the hard work, and for offering this opportunity! I can't wait to follow the adventure!

  27. Congratulations to all the lucky ladies! I can't wait to read all these entries!!!

  28. Congratulations, mamas!! I cannot wait to read about your experiences. One of these days here, I'm going get my hands on a SB so I can try it out for myself, too, rather than just reading and living vicariously.
    I'm sure it was a hard decision!

  29. Lookin' forward to hearing how it goes!


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