September 27, 2009

How Do I Choose?


How do I choose which sling to wear on any given day? Most often I decide by what matches my outfit and then what suits the situation the best.


If we will be walking a lot and I know a good nap or two will be taken, I'll usually grab the mei tai or Ergo. (Or both and then decide when I get there.)

If I'm going to be using the stroller for some of the time, I almost always bring a ring sling. It's so easy for in and out, up and down. (And Ivy always wants up and down and back up again!)

Going to a fancy party? I most often choose a ring sling because it seems dressier.

For newborns, I love a ring sling and sometimes a pouch. When they are about 3 months old and up, my must haves are a mei tai and a ring sling. My shop babywearing page lists my favorite sellers (I put those ads up by choice, they did not pay me to post there!)


The Seven Sakura Bloom Triathlon contestants
have been announced!

I hope you've had a fabulous International Babywearing Week! Let me know what your very favorite carrier is in the comments below!

Photo: wearing Ivy in a luxe silk Sakura Bloom

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  1. My favorite carrier would have to be a wrap sling.

    Or maybe a ring sling.

    Any of the types I can snuggly tie a wiggly bum into and thereby save my back from being tortured:P

    We love being a baby-wearing household.

    <3 Sara Sophia

  2. Hmmm... Honestly to pick one favorite is really hard. I suppose I might have to say that my wrap is my favorite. Mostly because it is the first one I owned. It saved me and changed my relationship with my baby. At the moment thpugh we are reaching for our Ergo mosr because she really likes being on my back.

  3. I LOVE my wrap, but my hotsling comes in a close second :)

  4. the blue silk looks SO good on you guys. my favorite carrier type is a favorite wrap is probably my didymos pfau but maybe the casis waves. no, pfau. i think.

  5. No way I could pick just one. I love my ring slings with tiny babies and busy toddlers that want up and down constantly.
    Mei Tais are wonderful for those long trips or nap time.

    I also have a soft place on my heart for Onbuhimos just because I can put one on one handed if a child falls asleep while I'm holding him.

  6. Well Greg doesnt like being worn anymore now that he is crawling and wants to be mobile. I loved the ring sling but if being worn he prefers the ergo so his legs swing free

  7. My favorie carrier definitly depends on the situation and where we'll be. I'd love to hear from anyone who has taken a one year old to Disney World for week. I'm trying to decide what carriers to bring.

  8. I wish I could say Ergo, it was until recently. Other than the Ergo I love my woven wrap from Ellaroo. My son loves to snuggle close and nap in it. If he is just too cranky I will put him in and do housework while he naps.

  9. I LOVE my mei tai and my Ergo.

    Does your back hurt after carrying Ivy in the ring sling?

    Henry weighs almost 30 lbs. and I'm too scared to carry him in it. I'm afraid he's going to break my back!

  10. First thing I wanted to do this morning is get on here and see if the "chosen" were revealed! I am anxiously awaiting- ahhh! :) My favorite carrier is the Ergo. I don't own a ring sling (hint hint), but would love to try one out!

  11. Ringslings (pslings specifically, love the shoulder!) followed by mei tais. We use them both pretty much every day.

    By the way, I love your top! Where did you get it?

  12. That 1st photo of you and Ivy... you need to let me make a header for u using that... its just beautiful!!!

    I also love ring slings for newborns.
    I just bought a 16 yr old on our church who is due any day (ill be photographing the birth) a kimzkreation sling.. she loves it but has no clue how to use it :) so ill be giving her lessons soon. I think especially with all the flus floating around its just safe to wear a baby rather than sit them in the car seat carriers for everyone to touch..

    Plus its so fun and special.

  13. It really depends on what baby and what we are doing ... My Ergo Carrier is great for my Sammy who loves to ride on my back. My New Native is wonderful for quick easy with baby Willy! Our Moby Wrap has become really nice for long walks and sleepy babies!

  14. I love my ergo!!! I thought that I would be a mei tai person forever but now that kiddo is so big the ergo is super comfy!

  15. That silk sling you have on is just stunning!

    I like ring slings alot, with Ergo coming in at a close second. :-)

  16. Right now, I'm really loving the pouch for Tommy because it just seems so easy. Ring slings are great for when you need the tail to cover up a head if you're out walking in the sun or at the park, but when I want something fancy, I love our wrap.

  17. Oh that first shot is simply stunning, Steph! You both could be models.


  18. My favorite carriers are my linen ring slings (one bought, one made myself). One goes everywhere I do - it's so darn easy to use. I used a LittleStar pouch when my son was a newborn, but the ring sling is great for this up/down stage he's in.
    I've never tried a silk sling, but would love to try one out - I'm in love with the ones you keep using for Ivy - they're so beautiful!
    What would you say are the differences in wear and comfort between a linen and silk sling? Any pros or cons to either?

  19. Pick a favorite, eh? Hmmmm ... well, I can't pick an absolute favorite because it really depends on the situation. Ring sling for quick errands, SSC for long hikes, mei tai for grocery shopping/medium length carries. Oh, and then there's the pouch that lives in my diaper bag "just in case."

    If I MUST pick a favorite, it's the mei tai, though. You just can't beat them for versatility/adjustibility/style. Actually, I tried to go into business making them because I love them so much and wanted to share the mei tai love! Sadly, the baby carrier business is just really tough to break into. ( Good thing I can make a good mei tai, though, or this habit could get expensive really fast! :-)

  20. I have too many favorites - I love my wrap for when I'm home and feelin' snuggly. I love my Beco while I'm out and about, because it's easy, but I love my solarweave mei tai because it's light & airy, although it's hot pink so it looks a little strange with a boy {grin}. I need a pouch or a ring sling with the heat here, though. Something super light weight.

  21. I love the color!!!!

    You're giving me babywearing envy. :)

  22. Oh I know, it is hard to choose isn't it?
    My favorite is my ring sling hands down. Next up is the Ergo. These are the two I use the most. I wear my Ergo everyday when I walk the boy to school, it's the only guaranteed nap I can get Libby to take ;)

    I am so glad that you pointed out that the sling you choose depends on what you're wearing. When I make my slings, so often Moms say that they want a sling that is pink or blue because of the gender of their child. We need to think of slings as an accessory for US and wear them to fit what we are wearing and our personalities.

    Anyway...great post, love those shots of you and Miss Ivy.

  23. beautiful pictures. great light.

    My favorite carrier depends on the kid.... With kid.the.first I used my moby wrap A LOT. But the Gremlin prefers a ring sling.

  24. I love my Moby wrap for my 8 week old but I also love the Onbuhimo when I need us to be a bit cooler. (he likes to look around while in that). why on earth are they not more popular? it's so easy!!

    my 17 month old digs a side carry in the moby. I'm trying to learn the back carry. she's squirmy.

    what do you think of the beco carriers? anyone know how they differ from the ergo? I want one or the other for my husband and toddler (ok, and me too).

    that blue is LOVELY. doesn't hurt that miss ivy is stinkin adorable :)

  25. I need to look for an Ergo on Craigslist. Moosers can't sleep in a ring sling and he's way too heavy for a wrap. HOW CAN I GO TO IKEA?? haha.

  26. I too am anxiously awaiting to hear the who the fortunate "chosen" are:P

    I shall lurk until you announce.....wishing and praying and hoping!

    <3 Sara Sophia

  27. I lovelovelove my podegi.
    But I might have to reassess that relationship if you pick me and I fall in love with Sakura Bloom!!!

  28. This is such a pretty post, that first pic is just so sweet.
    We use the mei tai (BabyHawk) full time, altho I still have trouble getting her on my back without there a trick to it?

  29. I love my mei tai, but lately I've been using my ring sling a lot more. I like the convenience of my mei tai, but I love the prettiness of my sling!

  30. Those pictures are beautiful.

    I think my favorite carrier is now my Ergo. Of course, I only have a few (Moby, Ergo, and Zolo ring sling) but my Ergo seems to be the most comfortable and functional for me and my Forrest.


    Here is my post which your picture is featured.

    My favorite is my pouch sling at the moment for the everyday.

  32. My favorite carrier is my SlingEZee ring sling. But it is my only carrier so I don't have anything else to compare with. I'd love to get a Mei Tai, but am not sure of the fit..and it's a lot of money to spend if it didn't work out!! :)

  33. RING SLING for me baby.... all the way!~

    As my baby turns into a toddler I'm finding myself using the ERGO a lot too!!!

  34. I love my "inka" coloured storch wrap. Or a mai-tai. Written my own post on babywearing today!

  35. WOW that first photo is gorgeous!!!!

  36. I loved my wrap when Boo was tiny, and my BabyHawk was my favorite as he got bigger (up until I couldn't wear any more b/c of baby #3 on the way). I got a Nest sling when he was about a year old, so I'm looking forward to trying a good ring sling with a newborn.

  37. Not sure if Bloo Kangaroo is on your radar yet but I just got a Kanga XT for Gabriel for an upcoming Disney World trip and WOW! I am impressed. I have never managed very well with an Ergo, I am too narrow through my shoulders to get the straps to fit well, but this carrier is designed for heavier toddlers and young children and it is comfortable, even for me at 5.5 months pregnant.

    As Ivy grows bigger you may want to check them out. They are a nice compromise between a MT and a structured soft carrier. And I believe the Hybrid comes with MT straps if you prefer those.

    Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out because I have been so pleased. Worth every penny, IMO, and the long-term use (up to 60lbs.) makes it really affordable.

  38. I think it depends on the situation.
    Long haul=Ergo.
    In and Out=Maya wrap.
    Newborn or sleepy=New Native or Didymos.

    But my go-to carrier has to be my Ergo. I have 2 (cranberry and black), so I can better match my outfits! :)

  39. I like this post. My 6 yo looked at one of the pics and thought it was me. :) Brown haired mamas with a babe in a sling all look alike, huh? :)

    Newborns - my first lived in the ring sling, second in a stretchy wrap, third in a fleece pouch. I used the ring sling all the time for ups and downs until my 3rd when I finally had a pouch, and I tended to grab that more.

    But my mei tai and Ergo are the go-to's for both me and my husband. We love them. I never wrap anymore, for some reason. (I went through a phase with wraps, but it passed rather quickly.) As the weather has turned to fall here, I just dug out my fleece pouch again for snuggles with my 10 month old. :)


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