August 3, 2009

This Is The Day

Today. I wanted to lie around reading The Time Traveler's Wife.

I wished that everyone would sleep until noon, or maybe all day long.

Today was one of those quick! pile the kids in the car in a hurry to drive to Starbucks kinda day.

This morning was a flurry of tearing the house apart looking for the iron to press my husband's dress shirt. I don't do ironing. That's why we have the Dry Cleaners. Last time I used it was for a craft project. I found it in the closet under a stack of beach towels.

The kids wanted to play outside and taking my book out there wasn't working, couldn't keep enough eye balls on the baby, so I decided to grab the gardening gloves I bought last week (or two weeks ago?) I had hoped the act of buying these gloves would be just the nudge I needed to actually weed the flower bed, or the big pile of hot mess outside my window or whatever you'd call it. Right now it's a bunch of prickly weeds and sticks and I swear there is an evergreen growing in there now.

About ten minutes in I finger-swept a rock out of Ivy's mouth and I had Noah fetch the Yellow Pages. I am now waiting on a call from the professionals.

I'm so bummed about my camera. I hate that it's like all I have on my mind. So stupid. I'm antsy about which one to buy next and I keep daydreaming that someone wants to upgrade and will sell me theirs. (Anyone?) And Ivy has a new dress to wear but I can't photograph her in it and do you know how this tortures my soul?

Today I panicked thinking Gray had finally done gone and run away (today I was "not the best Mom ever" because the fair ended.) He wasn't outside, not in the playroom or down in the basement. He was in his bed napping, of course, where I put him.

I swept the kitchen after they were all in bed tonight and I sighed, thankful for our home no matter how disarrayed. It's a shelter. For us.

Who am I to lament the day I did not create? I only live in it. I am so blessed to live in it.

In a couple moments I will grab that book and read what I can until I can't keep my eyes open anymore and then it will be tomorrow. Another day.

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  1. Always so beautiful. Always so poetic. Thank you for putting it all into perspective.


    PS- If it's any consolation, my yard is so overgrown, we can hardly find the steps and it just eats at me.

  2. Have you every seen my garden? Proof that I do have a green thumb... And I'd love to help you out...

    Your day... is like an echo of mine....

  3. Quiet down cobwebs.
    Dust (weeds!) go to sleep.
    I'm rocking my baby.
    And babies don't keep.

    Oh, how I've repeated this to myself today as I took fun breaks from packing. I felt good about the breaks, but I have a houseguest who didn't. I wouldn't trade blowing bubbles for one more box unpacked anyday.

    I need to re-read that to gear up for the movie!

  4. I can't tell you how many times I've freaked out when it's been silent too long--thinking Jayce has made it halfway to Phoenix. And then, of course, I realize that he's napping. Oh yeah.

    And, you're totally the best mom ever. Fair or no fair. :)

  5. There's always the camera on the iPhone, right? But I know it's not the same...

    I hope Nikon or Sony or Canon or Olympus reads this post and offers you a free camera. It would be totally worth it for them. You take the best pictures of your family - and then you post the most poetic musings to accompany them.

    P.S. I second what Darcie said. You are a wonderful mom.

  6. a-a-a-amen.

    thanks for the reminder.

  7. "Who am I to lament the day I did not create? I only live in it. I am so blessed to live in it."

    Beautiful, Stephanie, absolutely beautiful.

    And I feel for you not being able to eat up The Time Traveler's Wife in one greedy sitting.

  8. I will read that book too.
    Until my eyes can't stay open wide any longer.

    Your flowers will be lovely--I just know.

    <3 sarasophia

  9. You might try putting Ivy in the pack and play while you weed? That must have been so scary for you not remembering where Gray was. Hope today is a good day!

  10. I have many days where I wish I could just do whatever I wanted - read on the front porch, go for a morning walk - but it never seems to happen when I want it to happen. Then, all of a sudden, it does - there IS time - and I get so excited about having quiet time to myself that I waste it running around wondering how to spend the time...or I feel guilty for taking quiet time. It's hard being a mom, isn't it?

  11. Wow...beautiful. I can relate.

  12. You say the prettiest things! I love it!

    The Time Travelers Wife is a great book, I read it and then heard it on audiobooks... you might be interested in listening it on your iphone.. you can do housework while you do.

    I love the dry cleaners for my hubby's shirts too.. they do such a better job than I ever will. I don't remember the last time I turned the iron on ( :

  13. I've been trying to see our home in the same light, as a blessing more than as a burden. That's defniitely hard to do when we've been trying to sell it for about 3 years now. And the walls of our two tiny bedroom definitely seem to be closing in around the 5 of us with another baby due in a few months.
    But it is our home, and it is shelter and I do love every tiny nook and cranny that make it what it is.

  14. I loved that book.

    I feel you on not getting to do the things I want/need to do. But I figure my kids are only young once and will I care in 20 years that my house was cluttered? No. Will I care that I missed out on my kids when they were young because I was too busy? Yes.

    I would be insane without my camera too. FWIW, I love my Canon Rebel, but I also did just fine with my $150 (at the time, I think they're less expensive even than that now) Kodak Easyshare.

  15. After much consideration, I am mkaing my blog private. Leave me a comment with your email addy if you want to keep reading! :)

  16. What a beautiful reminder to embrace our days as moms. Things rarely go as planned, but some days are just better that way.

    But I do hope you can get some reading in today! :)

  17. "Who am I to lament the day I did not create? I only live in it. I am so blessed to live in it."

    You have no idea how badly my heart and mind needed to hear those words.
    That comment has me sending quite a few bloggy friends your way! Amen, sister!!!

  18. Pure poetry again today Steph!

    Just so you know, all the flowers in my garden have died b/c of the insane 100 degree heat we've had for 3 months now.

    I'm so so sorry about your camera.

    I feel your pain. :-(

  19. I heart you Steph... xoxo Christine

  20. Hey, not sure if you've tried this, but I posted a want ad on craigslist for my current DSLR camera. I couldn't swing the 700+ pricetag! Ended up buying a practically new camera (with bag, chargers, memory cards, attachable flash) for $200! Might be worth a shot! Over a $800 value new...

  21. "Who am I to lament the day I did not create? I only live in it." I love that statement! You are so eloquent Steph.

    P.S. I DO NOT iron either and I giggled because I only use if for craft projects too! HA!

  22. Who am I to lament the day I did not create? I only live in it. I am so blessed to live in it.

    Beautiful line. And so true. I'm going to think about it all day.

  23. Another day is always a good thing isn't it?

    I had a breakdown on Sunday morning and Seth told me I needed to learn to be a nicer Mom and not so mean. Yeah, they know how to make us feel amazing huh?

    Oh the Time Traveler's all time favorite book. Seriously, all time favorite. I am going to make my darling husband take me on a date next weekend to see it.

    Garden shmarden. You'll weed when you can. Show your boys what the weeds are and offer a penny for each weed. Works great over here ;)

    Oh and naps?? A glorious thing, something that never happens over here, but a great thing. Amelia disappears and I don't know where she is, but I can always find her reading books.

    These kids, they sure know how to test us don't they???

  24. Dont we all have those days where are plans and our kids plans seem to collide! Hope you get some time to read and breathe!

    I totally get the broke camera. My zoom is broke on my digi and so i have to take shots from what ever distance and just crop. Which works sometimes but other times destroys a beautiful picture.

  25. sounds like a hectic day! Happy it ended well and that you were able to get in some "down" time! Hope your camera issue is resolved very soon!

  26. This is a fantastic camera option and It's the one I want -

    This lovely photographer couple uses it (

  27. oh those days... I can so relate! :)

    I thought we lost Vance? once... he was wrapped up in his feather down comforter on the floor- asleep. I almost called the police, I am so glad we found him. IT was scary.


  28. What a great post!! I hope all is well with the rock eating. Big Sister ate God knows what today - all I know is I turned my back for a second and then there was green film coming out of her mouth. YUCK!!! I think it was a blade of grass but still YUCK!!!

  29. Check Craigslist for a camera.

    I hope you get a moment to read. I stayed up way too late last night watching TV because I could. just. be. still.

  30. ooooh, you're going to need to read that all in one setting. I was so confused when I started reading it in portions that I started over when I had plenty of time to read it!

  31. The other day I went into a neighbor's house that has THE most perfect yard. When I got inside, I was surprised to see that the inside of their house was messier than the inside of mine. Even tho both the inside & the outside of my house are often scary, the inside is where my family dwell, and is the most important to me when time is short. Let the weeds be, if they must.

  32. oh I have so been there! I could lay around and read The Time Traveler's Wife over and over and over....and have done more finger sweeps on the boy in the past week than I have in MAM's four years of exsistence.

    May the week shake out to be a little less hectic for you!!

  33. Sorry you had ONE OF THOSE days!!! Hoping today was better!

  34. Beautiful post! I love to lie around all day and read too. Ah, summer, lol!

  35. The Time Traveler's Wife= Best.Book.Ever.

  36. Today I had to weed my garden, too. So I plopped baby dude in the sprinklers, along with the kids dressed in their bathing suit-best, and I weeded and carried on, while they got soaked, and covered in grass, and had a blast.

    More towels and bathing suits to wash, many crevices to clean to free them of errant grass, but all-in-all, we all had fun. Heck, I even got wet a bit (a lot) too. :)


    So sorry to hear about your camera, honey.

  37. The Time Traveler's Wife is a great read - so is your blog. It's beautiful.

  38. the 12 hours my husband spent caring for our children is 2x as hard as my stressful 12 hour day at my job.

    Sounds like the same is true for you.

    I daydream about finding my camera with pictures of my daughter's 1st birthday. The only pictures that there taken.

  39. A magical book that one is. I am reading it again at the moment, this time to my husband. I told him it was a must read before watching the movie ;).

    Bless you and your wonderful family!

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