August 23, 2009

A different kind of church

I spent this morning with my parents & grandparents. We had a big country breakfast and Grayson seriously ate his weight in pancakes and bacon I am not kidding. There were several witnesses.

We looked through old photographs and they watched the kids play and Ivy toddle all over the place.

We weren't in a church, but I wouldn't say there wasn't any church and fellowship going on.

Possibly nothing ministers to my grandparents more than seeing people eat. And just having people over. And watching the kids play with the toys they found for them at yard sales. And getting hugs and blow kisses and watching them eat some more.

There are so many people, important people, in our lives, in His kingdom, that go forgotten or skipped over or put off because we have others to show our service to...

or whatever.

I strongly felt called this morning to take care of my own. So I did.

So I will.

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  1. Amen and good for you!

    I agree with you here 100% Steph. Sometimes the really important ones get left behind when in fact they matter so very much.

    What a blessed Sunday you must have all had!

  2. My family has never gone to church together but my sister and I did attend parochial school. My dad worked insane overtime to pay for our schooling and my mom took on part time jobs whenever possible. Sunday, my family was at home, together, enjoying the very few hours that my family wasn't darting in different directions. I can't imagine that time ever being better spent.

  3. fellowship with friends and family IS church. glad you spent the day with people you love.

  4. Sounds like a day to make God smile...

  5. Thank you Steph for that beautiful post! I know that Mom & Dad were definitely in their 'glory'! God Bless you!
    Love & Misses,
    Aunt Diane

  6. Sunday has been traditionally seen as an important feast day, big meals & time together with family & friends to celebrate. In the *domestic Church* of daily life how treat each other is part of how we love God. Glad you had a wonderful time with your family.

  7. I agree. When we visit my ILs we do not attend church for a bunch of reasons but that fellowship is important too.

  8. I'm totally with you on this. Such a great post. Thank you.

  9. Some Sundays I do exactly the same thing. I love my time at church, but sometimes, you don't have to be in a church to feel God's presence.

  10. i love, love, love mornings like this at my parent's house. my dad ALWAYS makes biscuits and gravy and we eat and enjoy each other. i'm all about God's people assembling together in His name....and sometimes? that is just what that is.

  11. There are many ways to worship. I think this absolutely sings of meaningful worship saturated in love and connection. I know you were blessed, and you and your littles were a blessing to others. Doesn't get much better than that.

  12. I love this. You so perfectly put into words that you need not attend church to be Godly.

    Some people, who attend every single week, are less aware of what WORSHIPING is really about.

    It's so much more than those two hours once a week.

  13. I know that different kind of church. We attended there this morning too. It was a rare day off for hubs before he's unavailable again for a month, a rare low low tide paired with sun before the storm. It turned into the sweetest kind of togetherness, our whole family marveling at the shore, the sea and the Maker of it all.

  14. "If I REALLY wanted to talk to God, I would go out into an open field and just FEEL a prayer."
    --Lucy Maude Montgomery

    Church is wherever you are with God.

    And He never leaves us.

    Our lives are an act of worship--and spending time with the ones He gave you is the perfect song of praise.

    <3 sarasophia

  15. This post brought tears Steph. It was such a beautiful morning. I really did enjoy our kind of church. I still can't believe all the food that Gray consumed!

  16. Yes! This post spoke to me so strongly.

    We celebrate Him on Sundays at my parent's house where we all gather and eat. It's amazing and such a great time of fellowship. It's easy to see God around then.

  17. Isn't family always the best, most important fellowship? Even if it isn't church?

  18. Good for you!

    I really, really loved this post. It sounds like you most definitely made the right choice.

  19. This is my favorite type of fellowship. I love to sit with family and cherish it. There is is something very spiritual about hearing tales of where you came from and how we all got to where we are.

  20. Church is where two or more are gathered, right? I love this kind of church, like in ACTS where they ate and fellowshipped and shared LIFE. That's the kinda of church I wanna "go to", be part of and invite my neighbours too. That's life. (but not as we know it!)


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