August 12, 2009

A Beautiful Mess

Thank you so much for the well wishes. We are doing better. I'm not sure how I am functioning on such odd sleep, to be honest. The kids- they tag teamed me. Yesterday there was a bit of a reprieve as we all walked about in slow motion and rested, hardly ate, and slept what we didn't sleep the night before.

But then last night it started again- Gray was sick and so I was up all night with him. At 5 am it was him, me, & Ivy up and I did laundry and put out fresh blankets and was thankful for the amazing motheradrenaline that kicks in when you have nothing left to go on.

After a while I got them both back to sleep this morning, and myself, too. There was a moment where everything was quiet and the morning sunlight crept into my room. And I felt peace all around us. It was the most amazing feeling to fall asleep to.

What appears in the photo above is something I have looked at from my bed the past few days. For some reason, looking at it brought me comfort. It didn't remind me that I forgot to hang up Ivy's dress or put my necklace in my jewelry box. I thought it all hanging there was quite pretty. So, while sick, I took a picture.

You can even see me in the doorknob's reflection. And my unmade bed. My beautifully messy unmade bed, life, soul, and body.

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  1. Oh sister. I know it. You're so so loved, mess and beauty and all.

  2. I so love your peaceful, beautiful moments ... feeling I frequently have but just am not able to put into words as you are! I do love the positive beautiful moments you find even during a dark moment. If more people had this outlook, there would be more peace!

  3. Pretty necklace!

    And, I'm there with you today. One sick so far, we'll see. Did you give it to us through the internet?!

  4. The first thing I noticed was your beautiful reflection in the door knob.

  5. beautiful post. you always inspire me to find the moments of perfection among what feels like too much.

    you are good stuff.

  6. My mother used to say she didn't clean the house because she was spending time with her babies. Now that we're all grown up, her house is spic and span.

    Except for when the grandbaby visit. Then she's back to saying she doesn't make her bed or wash her dishes because she's got someone much more important to spend time with =)

    So who cares about the unmade bed. It's worth it =)

  7. I, too, love how you seem to hit the 'Pause' button at least once a day and see your life for its beauty rather than its imperfections. You inspire me to do the same!

  8. I'm so sorry to hear you were sick, and your babies were sick...all while still nursing! I imagine you're exhausted. I'm glad to hear that you're doing better and enjoying those little peaceful moments. Take care.

  9. I'm so SO sorry you have all been so ill. Hang in there!

  10. Bless your heart! Hope y'all continue to get better!

  11. Oh I'm sorry you guys have been sick. That picture is exceptionally cool.

    I hope things are better now!

  12. I love that photo!
    Hope you're all on the mend...

  13. Don't you love little girls, and all their stuff? Right now, Evie has a painted macaroni necklace hanging on her doorknob. I can't take it down, it's so incredibly cute!

    Glad you're feeling better - and that you had one of those beautiful moments in the midst of chaos!

  14. Steph,
    Glad to hear you guys are surviving the flu. It's making the rounds here too. Who'd a thought the flu would be around in summer???
    Maybe, since we had it now, we won't get it again this fall/winter. Wouldn't that be grand?!!!

  15. I am feeling like I have the messiest life ever right now, but reading this made me cry. I need to step back and find the peace and the beauty because I know it's there. Thank you.

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  17. i'm SO feeling you on the sleep front...sleep training our toddler now...good luck to us both. ;-)

  18. i loved the pic and i hope you are alllll doing much better :) well it seems so from the posts had a bit to catch on to :)


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