July 19, 2009

Softly, Mother

Eyes in the back of my head, fingers in my toes, food in my breast.

I'm prescribing stillness to a fast forwarding life. Not a pause, not idling. But being still. Lying in the grass, with no camera. Watching, and not recording. Nursing without an iPhone in hand.

Twittering to the world about how I'm living in the moment is not really living in the moment.

I've found it's just not possible to write it all down, even though I am doomed to continue to try.

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  1. Very pretty. I love the photo.

  2. Why is it you always have a knack of putting into words what I am feeling myself?

    Loved this so much and yes we do have to start really living without all these dang electronics for once!

  3. Yes!! Such wisdom in these beautifully put words.

  4. Great post and I definitely agree with it.

  5. very true, slowing down & being in the moment is very powerful.

  6. I always try to leave my camera sometimes, just so I'm not worried about getting a picture always. So true, so true...

  7. I have been feeling this way lately. Luckily I usually tweet when I'm bored and forget to when I'm having fun.

  8. Absolutely! I am guilty of trying to capture everything and record it. I'm just so afraid that if I don't, eventually I'll forget. The draw-back, of course, is what you've put so beautifully . . . you're not truly taking in the moment if you're too busy trying to capture it.

  9. Well said. I love what you said about Twittering. I feel like you've summed up why i can't bring myself to sign up. And I've started to try and just turn off the blackberry a whole lot more lately. Balance.

  10. I've faced those moments...although never put them into words quite like you - you have a skill that I can only dream about..

    But I will be sitting in the moment, faced with the dilemma of grabbing the camera or just soaking it in...and I have chosen to soak it in instead.

    There is a pause, and a peace in these moments....

  11. LOVE THIS:

    "Twittering to the world about how I'm living in the moment is not really living in the moment."

    I'm going to tweet it! (giving you credit, of course)

    VERY touching post. Beautiful picture.

  12. I have read your site for a very long time, Stephanie, but this is the first time that I am actually commenting. Your words have a profound impact on your readers. I truly believe that you have a gift when it comes to expressing your thoughts.

    Your writing is reminiscent of Heather from The Extraordinary Ordinary to me. I believe that the two of you know one another? Another site that I adore, similar to yours, is Good, But Hard.

    In my humble opinion, there are very few mom bloggers out there that can do what you do so very well. :)


  13. love and balance....the 2 biggest themes in my life.

    not that you need it from me, but you're doing a great job.

  14. I was just discussing this topic with my husband...

    We were out on Friday for a fun day of the 3 of us...before we become the 4 of us. I had to remind myself to put down the camera and soak up the moment.

    My son does not need a picture of evey event to know he is loved.


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