July 13, 2009

My Shiny Fridge Baby

So I haven't filled you in on how I am loving my new fridge. It's been living with us almost a month already now! The last time I blogged about it, I was most concerned with what we would find underneath our old one. Well, to my surprise, it was just lots and lots of dust. That's it! Oh, and a bunch of LeapFrog letter magnets.

The delivery men were so nice and accommodating. They allowed us to vacuum up the dust and clean the area before installing the new fridge (The Frigidaire Gallery.) They even let me take their picture in front of it. I'll return their kindness and not post it here.

I was able to immediately start stocking it with cold items and was encouraged to do so as it would help the fridge cool down faster. It's lovely. Really, it is. I'm still re-arranging the inside of the fridge part here and there to get just the right fit. I am SO thankful to have two refrigerators (we put our old one in the garage) especially with the party yesterday. I do think a larger family can benefit greatly from having an extra fridge and/or freezer.

Aside from a screechy top drawer and the fact that my other appliances pale in comparison to the Gallery's beauty, I see no flaws yet. Only fluffy fridgy goodness.

We do distill our water, but the special "best in class ice & water filtration" system is a nice back up when I just sat down and the kids ask for a glass of water. They can reach their cups
and now they can easily get their own ice and water straight from the fridge door. Frigidaire's main focus with giving it to me in the first place was to showcase the time saving features and I will say just that alone has been a nice time (and sanity!) saver.

[Now, if only it had a built-in diswasher. And personal chef.]

And something I just realized, while admiring this now almost one-month old baby fridge... I hardly ever have to wipe away fingerprints. The outside has been incredibly easy to keep clean, which I am quite surprised about. There was also one time that Gray got a little too excited with the ice dispenser and then overflowed his glass of water straight down the door onto the floor. And even then it didn't streak.

And my floor needed the wash anyway.

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  1. so jealous!!! looks awesome!!!

  2. new appliances make me giddy. glad you like yours!

  3. oh my, that's shiny and lovely.

  4. Sweet fridge!

    At least your kids use a glass. Troy just presses the water thingy down and it sprays him his face, which he thinks is delightful!

  5. ooooo I am jealous! Super congrats; tt looks so awesome! We are saving up now for a new washer/dryer set I'm in love with,(yes, I might go to the store just to visit them) so I understand the attachement :)

  6. Fingerprint free I could really fall for. We don't really need a new one but that's mighty tempting!

  7. Beautimous piece of metal, that is!

    By the way, if you want your water filtered moreso on the fridge, go to Lowes or Home Depot and get the water filtery thing that attaches to the water line in the back of the fridge. Seemingly easy install. We had purchased it for $15 and wanted to install it here, so our ice and water was even moreso filtered, but Army housing said no. So we had to return it. So now it's a Culligan-substitute for us (and an expensive one at that!!! Oy!)

  8. I have always wanted a fridge with a water and ice dispenser... someday!

  9. Very nice! We are planning to move our other fridge out to the garage when it is time for an upgrade. I agree, it would be so wonderful for stock-up opportunities and for parties. Just to have drinks somewhere would be great!!

  10. Wow, that looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I can't believe it, but I'm drooling over your fridge! :)

  12. I love this story! So cute, and you're such a nice mom not to get frustrated that the water spilled!


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