July 30, 2009

And the seasons, they go round and round

I am working on a post with all the great photos from BlogHer and it's just taking so long. I want to gush about the beautiful people I was finally able to hug and meet. There are over 8000 photos on Flickr plus Facebook, etc. I'll get there.

When you go away there is that much more catching up to do around the house. Today I washed dishes and peeled carrots while watching Mad Men. I scrubbed the bathtub until my arms hurt and it still doesn't look clean. I sorted laundry, did laundry, folded laundry, put away laundry. Stole a nap while nursing Ivy.

I've got all the windows open even though it's the end of July. It reminded me of fall when I stepped outside to put a letter in the mailbox. The kids will need school supplies. It will be a bit more quiet around here in a few weeks again. I admit, I'm looking forward to it.

Within the past week Ivy has begun saying
uh oh, tickle tickle (with motions!), and baby, as well as some words she was already saying: Mama, Dada, nigh nigh and perfecting the daintiest of finger pointing while saying no no. Plus a whole other cute babbley language that sounds strikingly like itsyourbirthday over and over.

She is thisclose to taking her first steps. I looked at her today and saw a big girl. And it surprised me how so very right and okay this is.

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  1. My son walked on Christmas eve in front of lots of family...you should have heard the roar! Words took awhile longer, unfortunately "mama" took some time and a few less endearing words came first.

    Looking forward to the pics!

  2. It is amazing how fast kids grow!!!!

  3. Oh my goodness the "itsyourbirthday" thing cracks me UP! My son Jack always sounded like he was saying "ladle" in his early jibberjabber. My husband and I still giggle every time we say "ladle" in real life, thinking of it fondly as Jack's first word. Tehe.

  4. Will Ivy teach Caide the art of sleeping? He is currently unable.

  5. I will never ever get over the astounding rate at which time passes. It blows me away.

  6. JR has perfected the art of pointing his fingers, but still only says mama and dada along with a decent amount of sign language. They just grow up too quickly for me, sigh.

  7. oh it goes by so fast & there are those days you wish you could just capture for a few minutes longer.

  8. I could have written this. We must have the same weather. Our windows are open, and it also reminded me of fall. I'm also looking forward to when things quiet down a little bit. Although I'm only sending one off to school, I'm sure it'll help.

    I can't believe how much Ivy is saying. My kids are always slow to speak. Dash isn't saying anything right now.

    I think it's so awesome that you're feeling it's right and okay that she is growing up. I am with you. I might miss it when he is 2 and throwing fits all of the time, but he's still so so so sweet.

    I'm glad I didn't call you today. Seeing as how much stuff you had to do today. I was thinking about you, and felt the urge to call... while I was cleaning no less. ;)


  9. Oh I love that song.

    I can relate to this post in so many ways. Things were quiet around here today with 2 of my 3 gone at school all day.

  10. Big Sister also has an array of words and is so close to walking. She has even taken a step here and there (when she doesn't realize she is doing it). My oldest goes to kindergarten in just a few weeks and I'm just not sure I am ready.

  11. :sigh:

    I've felt like this a million times, only I'm never quite right about the growing up part...

    Beautifully written, as usual!

  12. One of the cutest things ever was the couple times at BlogHer that I saw you with her in a sling, she was just looking up at you like, "That is my mama and she is AWESOME."

    (also, I was too shy to introduce myself)

  13. I just wanted to say that I only saw you two either from afar or for a couple of minutes by the elevator, but you are both completely adorable in person! :)

    Words already? And almost walking? Wow, does time fly...

    Oh, and I'm still catching up around the house from being gone too. :)

  14. Wow, well she really is a big girl, isn't she?

    And the time just keeps on going...

  15. I can't wait to see all the photos you're going to share.

    I know she must be close to walking, I saw her try to stand up at least 3 times while at BlogHer.

    She's such a doll. :-)

  16. Oh, you had me at "and saw a big girl." I was looking at photos of Audrey this morning that her little 13-month old Henry shook out of one of my photo albums, and I paused to think, "Where did all the moments and days and years and seasons go?" I was looking at a smiling toddler in the arms of her Papa... and I saw Henry's face, Henry's smile, Henry's eyes. Maybe Henry found these photos to remind me how precious each moment really, really is. I know you already know this, but sometimes those moments take our breath away... don't they!? Keep doing what you're doing... it's all perfection!

  17. I hear ya on being away! I can't believe she is almost walking!

  18. I have so much catching up to do and I haven't even been gone :) Just busy with work, putting up the vegetables from the garden and enjoying this nice weather!

    Why do they have to grow up so fast? My little guy is 6 weeks old and is already into 3-6 month clothes... I can't believe how fast they grow!


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