June 15, 2009

Like China In My Bull Shop

There's been a slight delay in the delivery of my new fridge (the Gallery that I get to test drive and keep from Frigidaire.)

I can't say I mind the late arrival, as I've been dreading the removal of our current refrigerator that has been here since we built this house ten years ago. I don't want to imagine what might lie beneath, or behind it. And then comes the task of cleaning off the top and finding a new home for all the random important stuff junk up there.

I'm also nervous about what my other appliances might feel about this new fancy schmancy thing coming to live in our very small and modest kitchen. Will it stick out like a sore thumb? Will they all get along? Will it weep its best-in-class ice & water filtration all over the floor for being sentenced to live in such an unworthy peasant house?

And I have been wondering, since we are keeping our old fridge and putting it in the garage to use as overflow (family of six eats like that family of 19 and counting or whatever their name is this month) : Have you ever gotten a new fridge when your old one still works? How do you transfer over all the food? Do you just do it when it is delivered and the people who install it just wait for you? How long does it take the new fridge to get cold enough?

Tell me, what am I going to find underneath my fridge? And did you ever get a nicer appliance than your others? Did they revolt?

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  1. Well, I have never gotten a new fridge when mine worked but I did replace my stove simply because I wanted a new fancier one. My other appliances seem to be dealing with it just fine. :)

  2. When we moved we got a new fridge to match everything (black.) Our old one (white) went into the basement. I unpacked the old one into coolers since we were moving local. Then once the new one was hooked up and cooling everything went in. I'd have your old one empty before the new one gets there. They delivery guys might not be nice about waiting for you to empty it.

  3. We borrowed a couple coolers and moved all of our food into those. But our fridge was, admittedly, almost dead, or certainly dying, when we bought our new one.

  4. I can't answer your question, but I just hope for your sake the ice and water dispensers have a lock button! Ours does, but I often forget to use it and believe me, my 3 y.o. takes full advantage!

  5. Can't you wheel it to the garage, food and all and just plug it back in? I think our old fridge was dying but not completely dead. My husband did the delivery and install himself though. The food will stay cold for a while in the old fridge as long as you don't open the doors.

  6. I got a new stove when we bought the new house In December. Mostly because our old stove was gas, and the new house is all electric -- so it was a MUST have. Thankfully, the fridge and dishwasher seem to approve of the new stove.

    When we moved to the new house, We moved the food first, then the fridge (different vehicles) We stored all the food in ice chests and they sat in the house for a few hours before the fridge arrived. I would not move much out of the old fridge if you are moving it out of hte kitchen days before the new arrives.

  7. To clarify -- I would use the ice chests -- but you will likely need to put back some of the food in the old fridge until the new fridge arrives IF you will have it moved out days in advance.

  8. Well, I actually did this on Friday! We had a new Kenmore fridge delivered while I had an old fridge full of food. They were scheduled to deliver it between 3-5pm, so I waited until 3:00 to unload the old fridge. I put the condiment-type stuff in my reuseable cold grocery bags. I put the freezer stuff in my best ice chest. And I put the regular fridge stuff in another cooler.

    I didn't get the fridge loaded back until after 5pm. Only my popsicles melted a bit! And our new fridge cooled off incredibly fast. SUPER fast. I was very impressed.

    Good luck! Have Fun!

  9. LOL. You're so cute. Never thought of the moving the old one issue. When we got a new fridge and moved the old one to the basement, we also moved to a new house. So of course we had both hooked up for a while and could transfer stuff that way.

    And having a new appliance amidst the old just makes you want to replace them all. Sorry to break it to you. ;-)

  10. If you have a hairy pet, you are in for a real treat. If you don't, it's just dirt and random food and small toys. I moved my old fridge to the garage and put the food in there till the new one came. I didn't want the delivery people to see all the crap under there.

  11. You could always move your old fridge to the garage with all of your food. Then once your new one gets delivered just have them leave your old one with you still. Then after your new one gets cold enough, put all your food in it and list your old fridge on craigslist for free. Some family in need that would love to have an old working fridge will probably come and pick it up within a day! Even non-working fridges will get picked up very quickly from someone on craigslist!

  12. Thanks- we're keeping our old one because we could use the extra storage space- I can't imagine what it will be like when the boys are TEENAGERS!


  13. when we gutted our kitchen, we found a bunch of stuff left behind by previous owners. We found mardi gras beads, cat toys, pens, you name it...

    afraid of a revolt, I convinced my husband to buy all new appliances when we redesigned the kitchen :)

  14. Now I have new fridge envy....

    Hugs and Mocha,

  15. We've never gotten new appliances, other than the microwave that we got for our wedding ;)
    However, one time when we moved we found a squashed mouse under the fridge. Yeah, made me want to puke. I was SO glad Emma wasn't crawling yet!

  16. Just set back and enjoy the thought of getting a new fridge and when the moment gets here and figure it out then.

  17. I did get my new fridge while the old one was still working and is still working in our basement. Before they came. We put some things in coolers and freezer (we have a separate freezer.) We also got our new fridge in March so it was cooler outside than it is now and the coolers could be on the deck. They installed the new fridge very quickly and moved our old one downstairs for us.

    I would imagine that cooking for teenagers with your 3 boys will be like preparing Thanksgiving dinner for every meal - just hope they all like the same thing.

  18. We recently got a new range. It's shiney and stainless and oh-so-pretty. I could make out with it all day long! And yes, there was all kinds of scary stuff under it. The worst was the broken glass. Think of everytime you've ever dropped a dish or glass and all those shards go flying. Yep, they're all under the appliances!

    I keep hoping my 18 year old fridge will kick the bucket. It's a hand-me-down and I'm tired of not having enough room in the tiny, almost non-existent freezer!

    I hope your new baby comes home soon. I can't wait to hear all about it and see pictures!!

    I miss you!

  19. Having a fridge break down and live out of coolers, I couldn't wait to get my new one plugged in and go! My kids were upset because they had just cleaned the old one...

    But the new one.... Within an hour of it being plugged in, it was pretty cold actually! As long as you keep the doors closed, you should be good.

    And not to sound neurotic, I do clean under my appliances very regularly, but when we pulled the old one out, I found lots and lots of doggie treats! LOL

    Having an extra fridge rocks, with having 5 in my house & 2 of them being teens, we need the room!

  20. Oh Enjoy!!!! I admit I am a bit jealous though - I have always bought new appliances second hand. (toasters and coffee makers don't count....right? right?) Actually, just bought a new range, via Craig's List, less than 3 weeks ago - the oven went - nothing else, just the oven. No oven doesn't bode well with a toddler wandering the house chanting 'muf-fins, muf-fins, muf-fins - MAMA B-NANA MUF-FINS! lol.

  21. I loved having an extra frig at our old house. Sadly when we moved it was in the basement and I husband refused to move it. It used it to store all the extra bulky stuff that I bought and I came in handy when we had parties for holding the fruit salad and big platters of food.

    As for transferring food...I just got out our camping cooler and put all the food in there the morning they came to install the frig. It worked just fine and the new frig got cold pretty fast.

    I'm sure your other appliances will get along. Maybe with a nice scrub down they'll all feel happy and new and want to shine so they can keep up with the new guy. Can't wait to see pictures!

  22. If you're very concerned about the food spoiling, I'd take it all out, move the old fridge, and put it all back in there until the new one cools down.

    When we moved into our house we got a hand-me-down fridge that died on us. The next hand-me-down and, yes, the next hand-me-down died as well, and the last one leaked AND brought a nest of ants in. We bought a new fridge after that one. The last (ant) fridge ruined the floor underneath it. I was a bit upset, but I kind of figured that there's ALWAYS going to be a fridge there, and no one, including myself is EVER going to see that (except for the delivery guys, of course...).

    Oh, and when the delivery guys took out our old fridge they kindly asked if I'd like a few minutes to clean up the mess where it had been.


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