June 12, 2009

The Babywearing Stash

To some, this will look like a whole lot of baby carriers. I will be the first to tell you that you don't need this many slings. Just like you don't need that many shoes.

This isn't even all of them- I've got a few more out on loan (another wrap, some structured carriers, ring slings) & I love being able to spread the babywearing love. (Check in with woowoo mama about a wrap loan plan she has in the works- I might have to do something similar with some of my stock of carriers...)

I'll start off with the ones that I use most often on any given day:

Top: Gypsy Mama BaliBaby stretch. This one was sent to me for review from MamaKanga a couple years ago. I just got it out again because I have been bit by the wrap bug and I also think it's great for summer. I will probably mostly wear Ivy on my front in it but want to learn a wrap back carry, too.

Underneath that is my old-school Freehand Baby mei tai that I bought for like $25 from a Mom barter group online a few years ago when we were going to San Diego. It is definitely tied for my very favorite sling of all- for use and sentimental reasons. It's also my hubby's favorite. I wear it almost every day mostly in a back carry while I do dishes or things around the house.

Below that is another FreeHand Baby mei tai, but the new style now owned by TogetherBe. I won this one from An Ordinary Life. I wear it often as a back carry when I don't wear the other mei tai.

And on the bottom is the beautiful organic embroidered Ergo that I received as a review item- it pretty much lives in my car and is used every where I go (mostly in the front carry).

To the right are some carriers that I don't really use but they are nice to have on hand.

Top: brown UpMama ring sling- I do wear this one when it matches my clothes and I like that it has a zipper pouch in the tail- handy. I think I reviewed this one at Mama Speaks.

Below that is a violet hemp silk ring sling from Kimz Kreations. Sent to me as a gift from Kim. I wear this one for more dressier occasions. It's so soft and beautiful.

Next is a green floral ModMum pouch that was in the swag bag at last year's Silicon Valley Moms BlogHer party.

Bottom: organic cotton poppy trim New Native pouch- sent to me as a gift from New Native after I posted about the whole Motrin babywearing thing.

Pictured above is another stack of sometimes used carriers...

Top: black silk Bronwen Handcrafted mei tai that I bought before going to BlissDom. I wear this one when I'm more nicely dressed like for church or going out. I love this one.

Nest Sling in "Ivy" print... named after Ivy. Gift from Ashlee (Nest) at my baby shower. This was what I wore most when Ivy was a newborn.

Serena & Lily Market Sling. So very pretty. I just put Ivy in it again today and she cried when I took her out. She thinks it's pretty, too. This one was a review item from Mama Speaks and I use the sweet box it came in to house all of Ivy's BabyLegs.

Bottom: Black Sleepy Wrap. This one was sent for review a while back when Gray was a baby. I didn't wear it as often as I thought I would have with Ivy.

Oh, and in the first group photo, on the very top, is my first sling ever- a black ring sling from KimzKreations that I bought for $15 when her store was just on eBay almost 4 years ago.

I realized that it didn't make it in the other photos because Ivy was crawling around with it. I had a slight fit of panic last night when I couldn't find it. But it was hanging dry in the laundry room- I do wash my carriers often so they have a fresh smell. (Ring sling tip: put a sock over the rings to protect your washer/dryer).

And so, if I HAD to pare down to just one or two? I'd of course never part with my black ring sling and a mei tai although long outings and shopping trips are so much better in the Ergo. And there's just a really nice feel to a wrap...

Share your stash and link up here! Since the Mister Linky can be fickle, please be sure to leave your link in the comments as well.

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  1. That is great collection Steph!

    I'd love to try an Ergo because of all the great reviews I've read (yours included) and I think a ring sling would complete my collection.

    Here's my stash

  2. That's quite a collection, Steph! All beautiful fabrics. One of my best friends is due with her first in 6 weeks. I was thinking of getting her a sling or wrap. What do you recommend? I have NO idea.

  3. You have such a lovely collection of carriers! Lots of pretty options...I would have a hard time choosing every day! :)

  4. It's true that you don't need multiple baby carriers, but they sure can come in handy. My faves right now are my Maya Wrap (always, for sentimental reasons) and my Freehand. But I'm really looking forward to wearing the Beco I have on order. :)

    And here's my link: http://www.strocel.com/babywearing-stash/

  5. Lisa,

    I'd say a ring sling- the best for newborns and easiest to "get the hang of" in my opinion!


  6. i put my stash up today and also tried to lay out the idea of the woowoo woven wrap loan! i hope to let people enter to be loaned to tomorrow!

    your stash is BEAUTIFUL. yay for babywearing.

  7. oops sorry, i just read about putting link in comments too. sorry to comment twice. here is my link:


  8. Wow I'm in awe. And on my way to purchase a few more wraps! :-) Thanks so much for this - as a beginner I had no idea there were so many!


  9. Beautiful stash!! I agree with Hannah, I wouldn't know which one to pick!

    I am currently loving my Moby (he is asleep in it as I type this) and I am thinking that another wrap would be a good addition, as well as a Mei Tei

  10. I love my Ergo. But this sling has my heart for the "cozy factor."

  11. I definitely can't compete with that stash! So I won't post. But it all looks great. I hope to add to my collection with this baby.

  12. I might have to try to get this up today.... I love seeing what you have! :)


  13. Yup, just as I suspected your stash is awesome!! I wish I had a few pretty slings or something. Neither of mine are very nice for going anywhere or being dressed up. But they are useful and comfy and that's all that matters. Of course this morning I was thinking that I wish someone would come up with a way to hold your baby and get dressed at the same time - if they do I will need that one too. :)

  14. Added mine, some of which are on their way out soon...


  15. What a great collection. I am trying not to be jealous of your fabulous stash. My one and only carrier is a ring sling. I loved it and wore it all the time when Gibson was just little, but we are having a bit of trouble getting comfy with it now that he is an 18lb. 7 month old. I'd love suggestions if you have any. Maybe your suggestion will be that I just have to buy a mei tai or some other fabulous carrier. Then I'll have to convince my husband that "the professional baby wearer says..." (smiles!)

  16. I'm pretty new to this, so my stash is very very small, but my favorite is this madras print wrap from loveyduds:
    It feels so summery and fun every time I tie it on!

  17. You have a great collection Steph! I'll have to do a post like this, sometime today

  18. Love seeing all the collections!!! :)

    Here's mine: http://storyoffynn.blogspot.com/

  19. All the Ergo lovers out there need to try a Beco. The fabric choices are sooo much prettier.

  20. I wish I had that many carriers!! They all have beautiful prints!! I also entered my link is http://mybellabee.blogspot.com/2009/06/baby-wearing-stash.html

  21. I love your stash! I especially love the look of your older mei tai. Looks funky and awesome! :)

    I really appreciate you doing this post, and all of your posts on specific carriers - as a fairly inexperienced babywearer, I need all the advice and encouragement I can get.

    You can find my post here: http://mamarissa.com/2009/06/12/my-stash-if-you-can-call-it-that/

    Thanks, Steph!

  22. I'm jealous of your stash! I'll have to see if I have pics of all of mine on photobucket.

  23. yaaay!!!! thanks, this is really helpful post!!! I can´t wait to get my first sling...awww I really can´t wait...or maybe I should...at least few years :P and I should get some baby first - shouldn´t I? :D :D ...oh but I really can´t wait... :) :) love your collection :)

  24. Ahhh - I forgot to bring my Patapum home from work - may have to link up tomorrow instead! :(

  25. Not as grand as some. But here ya go

  26. I make ring slings, so I have a sling to match every outfit! But I've also made pouches and mei tais and recently got an Ergo as a review item....I love them all!!!! Very cute post idea!

  27. I love the colors in your carriers! Beautiful! Thanks for this, I love to see babywearing momma's.

    Visit mine:


  28. Wow! That is a great collection! There are so many beautiful fabrics. I feel kind of silly just posting about the one that I own. Oh well.
    I feel inpired to get a few more that are pretty instead of just focusing on functionality :)
    Here's my link: http://theklassens.blogspot.com

  29. I don't really talk about babywearing on my blog, but I wanted to show off my stash, so I did kind of an intense post explaining how I got here. http://alwaysalli.com/2009/06/12/my-babywearing-journey/

  30. wow, you have quite the collection! i really enjoy reading your blog. i'm new to babywearing, but really enjoying!

  31. Dang. That's a lot of carriers. I have two. The ole baby bjorn and a sling. I need an Ergo though. Bad.

  32. so, so pretty! total stash envy right now!! =)

    i finally got mine up!

  33. wow so many hehe if i could however I would have as much myself :P still the mei tai and ergo would complete my collection. if you know anyone who wants to sell or something let me know :)

  34. Took me whole extra day to post, but I finally got around to it!

    What I have is hardly a stash: ditto previous poster about stash envy!

  35. Wow! You should totally do a giveaway or swap or something. That is a whole lot of carriers!

    My favorite is the backpack type since I have back issues and need the weight distributed for my chunky monkey! :)

  36. I guess that's why you called your blog Adventures in Babywearing lol!

  37. I don't have much of a stash anymore. I gave some away after Zane outgrew them. Had no idea I was going to have another baby or I would have held onto them all!

    Love your stash.


  38. I wanted to add that I forgot to link back to you in my post. No worries, I fixed it!

  39. I really had my first real babywearing experience this weekend. I tried a snugli when my 2 1/2 year old was born, but neither of us were comfortable. I didn't want to invest in something else without knowing whether we'd like it and so I never did...until yesterday. Yesterday we were at a street fair in a crunchy town and one of the vendors was "Wears the Baby." The fair was crowded and my girl had grown tired of her stroller. The vendor had Moby wraps on clearance for $25. I bought one, and the seller tied B up on my back. I walked 2 miles 31 pounds heavier, but she and I were both happier for it.

  40. That's a great stash :) but (I'm sure you'll be weeping) you need one more (at least!). The GypsyMama is a great wrap, but probably too stretchy for a safe back carry, especially with the lovely chunk of an older baby you have there, yes? You need a woven, and ohmygoodness are they awesome. I'm currently borrowing an Ellaroo in the Christiane colorway (http://www.supermommyssuperstore.com/catalog.php?item=154, it's way prettier in person) and it's wonderful--light, easy to tie, supportive like I couldn't have imagined when I was only using my stretchy wrap. Or, if you want to give yourself something to drool over, there's always the Didymos patterns...http://www.birdiesroom.com/Departments/DIDYMOS-Baby-Slings/DIDYMOS-Baby-Carriers/The-Complete-Collection.aspx

  41. I had four different ones that I got when my son and daughter were small - I HATED all of them!! I just could not for the life of me figure out how to wear a baby!! I didn't even try for my third - I just carried her EVERYWHERE in my arms(my biceps look awesome thank you very much) - but I see all these great products - and I should have tired!!

  42. I'm very late joining this parade of babywearing, but better late than never right? ;)

    I'm so excited to be wearing the new little addition to our family. I wish I'd had carriers with my eldest. :)



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