April 4, 2009

Wear We Are

I never can figure out the trick to blogging STILL.

So many times I write something just to write it and it ends up having the best response. (For example, I totally thought the post about Gray and his shirts would have like no comments and it had the most all week aside from my contest!)

I was encouraged after writing the post about when and where I wear Ivy- another one that I almost didn't publish- and thought it would be fun to hear about all of your babywearing adventures, and maybe do a little sling showing off.

On Friday April 10 I'll host a Mr. Linky here at 8 AM (CST) and you can link up your posts. Can be anything you want to post- a picture, story, tip, question, etc.- about babywearing.

I gotta get back to packing for our trip to the Hallmark Headquarters. It's already here! I can't wait!

Pictured: Ivy wearing the Nest Sling named after her.

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  1. Ohhhhh Ivy is so cute! Those cheeks, I can't get enough :)

    And that "Shirty" post ... it was one of my favs . . . it's just real. I love real :)

  2. So cute, I would love to join on Friday!

  3. I think the trick is to be real... and you've got that down.
    I can't wait to hear about your trip! The one thing I remember about Hallmark headquarters is the bow making machine, which was so amusing to me in 8th grade. And let's be honest, I'd probably still find it pretty amusing now.

  4. Being real is what captures us. And you are excellent at that.

  5. Hi, I was searching on babywearing and came across your blog. I just decided that I want to do this and would love advice from other mamas!


  6. fun! that is my son's bday and one of my favorite things to do. i'll have to try to decide what to post -- pics?

  7. Your being real is what keeps me coming back. Don't change that. I loved the shirty post. Have a great time at Hallmark. Your mom told me you were going.

  8. I totally get what you're saying. I swear, I don't get what makes people comment on my blog and not. Most of the time I write posts and think, "they'll love this" and hardly anyone comments and then sometimes I ramble something off half halfhearted and it's a hit! Don't get it lol

  9. Since I'm hoping to learn some tips and get advice. I'll be sure to add my questions.

  10. Ooh, I'm excited - I have vacation stories to share about wearing my ring sling in Gatlinburg! :)

  11. What a fun idea! I am going to try and participate.

    It's funny that you get the most comments on the posts you never expect to. I think it does come down to being real. When you are real people can relate...it makes you seem more human.

  12. Sigh ... I just stare at that gorgeous picture of you and Ivy cuddled in so close together and I yearn for those days with my kids. My daughter, I can still get away with on my back in the Ergo every now and then but she is too enthralled with keeping up with her big brother that she would much rather walk/run.

    I think that it is your honesty that captures all of our attention and compells us to keep on coming back. You are real, down to earth and you don't judge. That is a true haven to many given the way society can be today as a whole.

    Have fun on your trip!! And shoes? Gosh, I think that I am probably the only girl in the world who owns perhaps 4 pairs of shoes ... that is it! And ... sadly they are super old - retro like. :)

  13. Hey, that's a cool picture (who took it?)! I love Ivy's expression.

    Have fun at the Hallmark event! I can't wait to hear all about it.


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