March 3, 2009

I'm Breathing

I am standing on the edge again, unsure of really anything lately,
of big and small things, in a good way. Like life is speeding by and I don't know when to jump in. Or if I even should.

The sense that I could fly whichever way the wind carries me and I'd be ok with it. Or maybe I'm completely content to stay still and watch it all go by. Is this how it truly feels to let go and let God? It's adventurous. A bit unsettling. And I feel so alive.

Originally posted July 6, 2008


  1. nice post... life is flying by!! i meet high schoolers now and its hard to imagine being there again.. yet it seems so close yet so far.
    what makes me sad tho is realizing my baby birthing days and days w/ young kids is getting nearer to an end each passing year.
    they grow up way to fast!

  2. Maybe that is exactly what it is like. Good for you for being still and figuring it out.

  3. Sometimes standing still is the most difficult and rewarding thing to do.

  4. Stephanie, your posts are inspiring. Thank you.

  5. I love what Pamela said.

    And I GET this post. Lovely.

    I'm so glad you're feeling this way.

  6. at the risk of being banned from your wonderful blog, I'd like to encourage you to make sure the child in the photo is buckled in his carseat properly.

  7. Thank you! That is very important. This was an old photo but he did have a habit of taking his arms out of his straps but I always went back there and made him put his arms in!

    But yet, car seat safety is extremely important!



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