February 7, 2009

When Mom's Away... She's Still Mom

The night before I left for Nashville I was up very late packing and getting everything ready for my early departure the next morning. As soon as I laid my head down to go to sleep, I heard The Cough coming from the boys' room.

You know, The Cough. That scary chills through my heart and out my toes barky croup cough.

And I thought Oh no. Or maybe it was more like Oh, dear God, no.

It was only a couple months earlier that I first heard that cough coming from Gray one night and I seriously almost called 911. Yes- in all my almost 8 years of being a Mom it was my first time hearing it and oh my goodness I think my heart just started beating again last week.

And so when, on the night before I am to leave for 4 days away from my family and I'm already thinking of reasons why I should just stay at home afterall, I hear The Cough and first I think it's a sign. Like I should stay home. And then I think maybe it's a test. Do I have faith that they are going to be ok? That hubby can take care of it?

I ended up staying up the whole night with each one as The Cough passed from top bunk to firetruck bed to bottom bunk. There were drinks of water, a steamy bathroom, a bubble bath, and snuggling and prayers. Lots of prayers.

And maybe a little piece of my heart breaking off.

But through the night they each were better. And sleeping soundly in the morning.

I left and trusted that all would be ok. And it was.

Of course I have Ivy with me and so I'm part Mom missing her family at home and Mom on duty with a baby and luggage and plane tickets and show your ID and diaper bag and stroller and car seat and did I mention baby?

And when we got to the hotel she started a little cold that really has been the most pitiful little thing ever but she's still so happy and sweet and maybe another little piece of my heart broke off.

I talked to Carter and Gray last night and it was just the sweetest thing to hear their voices and I wonder WHY do they sound so stinking adorable when they are on the phone- and they say the cutest and wittiest things ever but when we're at home, their voices just aren't the same, you know?

I've come away from this conference with more than I thought I would. I'm picking up the pieces and I'm going home to so much more.

And I should totally call my kids more often, like, from upstairs on a bad day.

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  1. They do sound so small and sweet on the phone.

    So glad you made it to Blissdom and had a great time. Wish I could have been there too!!

    Have safe travels home, my friend!

  2. I've always thought that SlowMo's voice sounds so much sweeter over the phone. She sounds so little and innocent and in person she's a rotten tween. haha.

  3. I hear ya!

    Glad you're enjoying yourself - have a safe trip home :)g

  4. They sound so little, it's true, on the phone. Even my 11yo. When I talk to her on the phone, I think, "My goodness. She's just a little kid!" But in person she seems, you know, like the eldest daughter and is given so much responsibility.

    Hope they all get better!

    Wish I could have seen more of you here at Blissdom. Hugs!

  5. Ooh, that's a good idea... I should call Roo sometimes. Today she showed me how she can dial our phone number for the first time, I didn't even know she could do that. Such a big girl but so little at the same time.

    Can't wait to hear more about the conference.

  6. Other than me not being out of town, you have just described the current state of my house with The Cough. Even little Violet caught it and lost her little voice for a day. It was so sad.

    And phone calls home to little ones are the best. I am sure to do it anytime I leave the house without them.

  7. All it takes to knock me back to reality sometimes is to hear a little voice on the phone. Yeah, I think they should "know better" by now, but they're still really just little kids.

  8. My favorite is when Big Brother gets to leave me a message. Not only does he have that really cute phone voice but I get tp listen to it over and over. I am sorry your kids haven't been feeling well.

  9. Glad you were able to go and have a great time. Little voices are the best.

  10. Oh no -- the cough. Boy, do I know the cough... And I have only been a mom for a year and half. but when you love a little man that has some lung stuff going on, you know the cough. I am so sorry you were up all night with the troop as I am sure the travel was so much more difficult with NO SLEEP. But glad you are taking so much away from the conference.

  11. I can totally relate. Glad you enjoyed yourself! Safe travels!

  12. That cough is the absolute worst. Luke had the croup for a month this summer, and I was ready to go out of my mind.
    I hope Ivy does well on the trip home!

  13. i love the idea of calling the kids from the other room :-)

  14. Yes, a brilliant idea, that, calling from another room.

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  16. I totally get this, Stephanie. Even when I'm going to do something fun and refreshing, it's hard to leave my babies.

    And yes, those little voices do sound so much sweeter and more innocent on the phone. Great idea for a bad day. "Baby, go call Mommy, OK?"

  17. Phone calls are definitely the best! I love the idea of calling from somewhere in the house...

  18. I hope they feel better soon! I hate croup! The only time I had to take a kid to the emergency room was with croup.

  19. We had the COUGH! And now the two kids are on the pink medicine stuff!

  20. I know, the kids' phone voices are SO cute! Hope everyone is feeling better and can't wait to hear about Blissdom. : )


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