February 12, 2009

Toe Touch In The Sky

This is Part 3 of however many it takes to answer your questions about my Blissperience '09.

Renee asks who did you meet, what did you do? did you enjoy yourself? bought anything?

Oh, let me think. I met a lot of people. Check out the Blissdom blo
groll (which also has a link to everyone's photos from the weekend) and I probably met them or sat by them or ate with them or rode the elevator with them because there was a lot of meeting going on!

The first thing we did when we got there was meet up with Melanie at the airport shuttle and then we went to check in to our hotel rooms. Then Beth found Anissa and Janet a few rooms down and we all gathered in our room to eat room service- which confused Big Jim of Hotel Preston because I wanted no ham on my croissant sandwich but definitely wanted ba
con. And the awesome Caffeinatrix held Ivy while I ate. I'm forever grateful.

It was also during that little room service meet and greet that I met Lori (A Cowboy's Wife) and Shash and possibly others... this is where it all starts running together. See blogroll.

That first night we all had dinner in the hotel restaurant and it was really fun watching everyone come in and meet for the first time or reconnect with old bloggy friends.

The next day we didn't have to register until after 10 a.m. so Ivy and I chilled in our room and had room service and took our time until heading down for the day. There was plenty to do and see with sessions and hanging out with friends and eating and yapping away. This was about the time I lost my voice.

That night we had the cocktail party and the pajama party and then bed. Then Saturday morning was an earlier start- I had breakfast downstairs with everyone and had my panel at 10:30. The rest of that day was sessions and hanging out with Sarah & Asher and another cocktail party that night and then I actually hit the hay early because we were beat!

Sunday we woke up and packed up and headed out to Nashville until it was time to fly home!

Oh, and I think the only thing I bought was souvenirs for the boys! And guess where I got them? At a Dollar General in downtown Nashville! I think I spent $8.

CrookedEyebrow How did Ivy's first plane ride go?

Ivy's first plane ride went better than I expected! On the way there we sat with Arianne and she slept a little, ate a little, and then smiled at the lady behind us the rest of the time. Ivy did great, too. (Just kidding, I was totally talking about Ivy.)

On the way home we all had rows to ourselves so there was a little more room to move around. Arianne kept her entertained with her iPhone and Ivy mastered texting and turning pages with her toes. She's a prodigy, I tell you.

Have more questions? I've probably got more answers. Ask away.

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  1. I so want to go next year! I so realize I sound like a highschool girl wanting to go to prom :) did i mention that Ivy is getting cuter all the time!

  2. It was great meeting you Steph and I really enjoyed your panel. Love reading these recaps - it makes me wish I was back there.

  3. 7 of 8 has that same little outfit that Ivy has on as she is demonstrating her iPhone skills! Our girls are so fashion forward!


  4. SO FUN!!! What did you get in the swag bags? What was the best part of Blissdom?

  5. Little baby toes. Yum!

    I have another one if you want to answer it.

    I'm hoping to attend BlogHer09. This will be my first blogging event should I go. What advice do you have for a newbie?


  6. Oh how cute!!!! That Ivy is just adorable. I wish we lived near you guys. I think Ivy and Baby Sister would really enjoy playing together. Who knows maybe one day they will attend a conference and get together then. :)

  7. That picture is hilarious! She looks like she's having fun.

  8. I love that picture; texting with her toes! So cute!

    I was wondering if you could share one of your favorite topics you discussed or heard from someone else about blogging-you had mentioned you found where you didn't want your blog to go-where there some points you could share that us bloggers should think about when searching for our "voice"?

  9. Another one:

    What do you think the fashion essentials are when going to a blogging event?


  10. Oh boy oh boy that girl is cute. She reminds me so much of Alice. I think they are exactly the same size.

    I actually had to think about the title really hard. Then stare at the picture. Then read the title. Then it clicked. Yes, I am tired.

  11. So did you get one of these bags?
    What was in it?

    Prairie Lady


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