February 9, 2009


I went away for several days to a blogging conference and I come back and don't know what to blog about.

I'm glad to be back.

It was fun.

I met awesome people.

We did stuff.

What do you want to know?

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  1. Do airlines let you wear your baby onto the plane and in your seat?

    What was the biggest challenge traveling with Ivy?

    (Can you tell I've never traveled with an infant?)

  2. Is Ivy feeling better? Did the awful cough leave your home?

    Who is your very most favorite blogger from the conference? (Kidding, that wouldn't be a fair question, it's a joke...)

  3. I want to know what you thought of Jenny and Emily from Mommin'It Up. Were they everything you HOPED they'd be?? :) Srsly, your writing with passion panel was my FAVORITE one and I gave you girls a shout-out on Mommin' It Up today. Thanks so much, it was awesome to meet you!

  4. I think what stood out to me the most was the value of relationships - true ones.

  5. It sounded like you guys were having so much fun. I am really sorry I missed it. DO you and Ivy feel better? I was thinking of you all day yesterday having to travel while you were sick.

  6. Glad you girls had fun! Hope you two are both feeling better after your nasty colds!

    Did you enjoy TN?

  7. Did any speakers share something that really sticks out in your mind as a reason to attend an event like this?

  8. I want to know how it was to travel with your baby. How was it on the plane? Did you have to bring a car seat for the cab or do they provide one?

    Oh and if you have pictures and fun stories I'd love to know that kind of stuff ;)


  9. OHHHHHHH - And HOW did it go for your first speaking gig? I assume this was your first?

  10. Did you cloth diaper Ivy while you were at the conference? If so, how did it go?

  11. Are these conference for ANYONE? or just "professional" bloggers?

  12. Did you laugh a lot?

    Did you borrow anyone's really cute, really adorable shoes?

    Did you eat ice cream?

  13. who did you meet, what did you do? did you enjoy yourself? bought anything?

  14. How did your panel go? Were Beth's shoes even more gorgeous in person than in photos? Because I was drooling.

  15. what types of things do you learn at a blogging conference?

  16. OH, I want to know everything! Just run down your days and all the best parts!!!

  17. Welcome back momma!

    How did Ivy's first plane ride go?

    You were a speaker at Blissdom,how did it go?

    Can't wait to hear all about it.

  18. This post made me laugh.

    I'm glad to hear they let you wear Ivy on the plane. I'm not sure exactly why Northwest wouldn't let me wear Baby Buddy during take-off, but I followed the rules as they were given to me. :-)

    As a Nashville native I'm curious what you thought of the city.

  19. Glad you had a great time! I hope this week goes well for you. I always had more trouble with the fallout after I got home than with the actual time being gone.

  20. Yeah, I just want to know everything since I wasn't there and feel like I totally missed out.

    Spare no detail, girl!!

  21. Guess who's sling should be here in just a couple days :) Thanks for your help!! Jennifer

  22. Did you have fun despite being ill?

    Did you have fun despite being out of sorts and knocking things over all the time?

    Did you get enough Little Debbie snacks?

  23. Sounds like fun. Seems like you summed it up nicely.

  24. Hi there!

    I just wanted to let you know that I left you an award!


  25. It was great chatting with ya on Saturday night - hope you're resting up after all the excitement! :)

  26. What did you learn that you'll be applying to your blog?

  27. Did you learn the secret blogger handshake?

  28. Oh, I want to hear all about it! And did you take lots of photos? Please do share.

    More specifically, I'd love to know:

    1. Who were the top 3-5 bloggers that you really "connected" with and/or enjoyed meeting?

    2. How did Blissdom compare to BlogHer? Which conference would you recommend to a mom blogger?

    3. I know Walmart was one of the sponsors. Did you learn anything new/interesting about the company? How are they hoping to work with bloggers in the future?

    4. Were there any panels about "monetization" and, if so, what were the best "take-away" tips?

    I hope you and Ivy had a wonderful time!


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