February 10, 2009

She Answers

This is Part 1 of however many it takes to answer your questions about my Blissperience '09.

Mommy Melee asks Do airlines let you wear your baby onto the plane and in your seat? What was the biggest challenge traveling with Ivy?

We flew American Airlines and they did let me wear Ivy onto the plane and in my seat. I was even able to go through security while wearing her but it was probably because my sling didn't have any metal parts. I kept her in the mei tai most of the time until she needed to get out and move around. Then I'd put her right back in and this helped so much getting through the airplane & airport.

I am very thankful to have my awesome flymates with me- Sarah, Beth, & Arianne. I am not sure I'd ever want to fly alone with a baby. My biggest challenge was proba
bly just making it through the airport with all our stuff- and there was lots of extra stuff because I was not only packing for ME but also a baby and had a car seat/stroller and a ton of extra changes of clothes that still wasn't enough and toys and, yeah.

Heather of the EO asked Is Ivy feeling better? Did the awful cough leave your home? Who is your very most favorite blogger from the conference?

I think Ivy is feeling better but the awful cough has not completely left our house yet. I probably have it the worst.

And I know Heather was kidding about that last question but I will say that there were certain people I was really looking forward to meeting for the first time and I did, certain people that I was looking forward to visiting with again and I did, and then there were some nice surprises- probably my favorite thing was meeting people that I hadn't really known before online or in person.

Shannon introduced me to her friend Amber from The Run-A-Muck and we hit it off right away. I had just recently learned about her blog and there was something about her that just made me fall in love instantly. I was up late in the night with Ivy and decided to read through her blog. Trust me- it's one you will want to read all the posts in one sitting. She's so amazingly beautiful from the inside out.

Amber, Ivy, & Me

It wasn't until the next night after we met that I realized that... wait for it... Amber is THE Mom that the Mother Letter Project was for!!

Have more questions? I've probably got more answers. Ask away.

See Part 2 questions here.

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  1. Good idea, Steph! I don't know how I'll ever recap everything I want to!

    Poor poor little Ivy!


  2. So sorry Ivy is still under the weather. Baby Sister has a nasty cold right now too.
    That is so cool tat AA let you wear Ivy. I had Big Brother is a snugli (awful contraption - so glad I found better options for Baby Sister)a few years ago and they made me take it off once I was sitting down. They said it would make things more difficult if there was a crash.I remember thinking how much easier exiting the plane would be if I was hands free but I did not want to argue. Sigh.

  3. I'm SO glad to hear you had help. It makes me feel a lot better about chickening out about going. I would have been by myself with an 11-week-old. HA.

    Thank you for answering!!! I hope babygirl feels better soon.

  4. Boy, I don't know. I might end up leaving Dash home if I make it to blogher. I would be flying alone AND can you believe there are NO direct flights to Chicago??

    I'm going to go chech out "run a muck" now :)


  5. #1: Your baby is ABSOLUTLEY adorable! I'm sorry she's not feeling well! I hope she feels better soon : )

    #2: I came across your blog from The Mother Letters Project blog. I know this is silly...but my daughter is in the Leelou Blogs cute baby photo contest and I am trying to spread the word for people to vote for her!! I need HUNDREDS of votes for her to even come close to catching up to the front-runners. I have been trying to figure out where to find hundreds of people, and I didn't think it was approriate to ask Seth to post something so silly on The Mother Letters Blog (obviously), but I figured maybe all the people who helped with the project would be willing to go give my little Makenzie from AZ a vote : ) If not, that's ok too. I am just trying to get creative and reach more people! If you'd like to help me by voting for Makenzie, please go to http://www.leeloublogs.blogspot.com/ and spread the word for others to vote as well : )

    EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY THOUGH...I am also recruiting prayer warriors for a tiny little miracle baby named Kayleigh Freeman, maybe you've heard of her and are already praying for her. It was through her blog that I heard about the contest in the first place. Even if you don't take the time to vote for Makenzie, please take a minute to visit HER website: http://www.kayleighannefreeman.blogspot.com/ and say a prayer for this sweet girl!


    Daniele Brown

    PS- THE MOTHER LETTERS PROJECT is in NO WAY associated with this request other than the fact that I found your blog there!!

  6. The first time I flew with the jack-o-saur was when he was about Ivy's age.... and it just so happened to involve the two WORST airports in the country... Atlanta and Newark. I was flying by myself with luggage, stroller, carseat (with base), carry on, and baby! I even drove there myself, but I definitely can't say enough good things about the park-n-ride people. I never would have made it without them. I'd have Jack in the moby on my front, push the stroller with car seat in it, drag the wheeled luggage behind me, and a bag on my shoulder. People stopped to stare! But I made it... every single time I made that flight!

    And don't you just love those looks you get breezing through security while all everyone else is having to unstroller/xray/restroller their tots... I always check the thing!

    Glad your trip went well!

  7. How funny, I randomly read Amber's blog last night and was instantly in love too!

    So sorry you all are sick. We all had a bad cold/flu two weeks ago and it was H-A-R-D.

  8. I just have to say that you are rare and genuine. A connection was easy with you, and I adore you. Thanks for encouraging me. It just makes me want to write my heart out.

  9. I am so excited about possibly going to BlogHer! I know that the best part is going to be connecting with other bloggers and meeting the bloggers I've grown to love over the last couple of years.
    What a treat to be able to bring the baby, and to get no hassles from wearing her. I am sure that wearing her helped her be much more secure and happy during the whole flight process.

  10. Oy. My heart hurts just a little with that picture, how badly I want to meet you two, along with Heather (of the EO), Amber's other half Seth, and a few others who are near and dear to me. Soon, I hope!

    Question: how are YOU feeling, momma? You mentioned not feeling so good yourself while at Blissdom.

  11. Okay I do have a question - did you take Ivy with you to everything or did you have to find childcare for her at some points? And will you do the same for BlogHer?

  12. So glad that it all went well! And how cool to that you got to hang with THE Mother Letter Mom!!! Awesome!

    Hope that cough exits the house soon! And thanks for letting me 'tag' along through your posts to Blissdom! I had hoped to go--but soccer season has raised its head again....I'm starting to think it's always soccer season...


  13. I'm glad to know you had help. I saw the photos of the mamas with their babies, and I was impressed and a little scared. I don't like to drive the 45 minutes to the airport alone with my little guy, let alone fly somewhere. I remain impressed, but somewhat relieved to know I'm not the only one afraid of traveling alone with an infant.

  14. That picture is so beautiful of the three of you. You ladies really make motherhood look good. :)

  15. the picture is beautiful. hope the cough goes away ASAP.

    keep the blissdom posts coming with all your experiences... enjoying them!

  16. Thank you for the answers (: I love Amber too!


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