January 15, 2009

Simple Tips For Getting Sponsorships

I'm super excited that I've been fully sponsored for this year's BlogHer conference- BIG BIG thanks to TinyPrints.com- a fabulous site to get beautiful photo birth announcements, personalized cards, stationery, and more. I'll have a TinyPrints.com contest for you to enter soon, too!

And I'm happy to share some simple tips on how to go about seeking a sponsor for your own blog.

1. Be Available: Make sure you have a contact page or email address easily available on your blog. (Mine's in the "Who Is She?" button to the left and I have been meaning to make it more obvious actually.)

2. Be Prepared: Have a break down of just what you will need. For example- $250 conference fee, $300 airfare, $600 hotel, etc.

It Never Hurts To Ask: Your inbox might be holding the key. If you do reviews or contests or are emailed press releases to blog about, turn that into a request for sponsorship. Even if you can't do or don't want to do what has initially been requested, the company might be interested in sponsoring you for an event or even advertising in your side bar.

4. Don't Wait: Don't wait to be approached- you might have to do the reaching out. Often companies wouldn't even know where to begin if wanting to sponsor a blogger, so they might be waiting for you to come to them!

5. Who? Consider anyone and everyone you've enjoyed working with in the past. If you haven't established a relationship with other companies and contacts yet, then start reaching out. Start with the products and services you love and would want to work with! Even better if you have a personal story behind their product. Most websites have a contact page. That's a great place to start.

4. Don't Hesitate: Even though BlogHer 09 isn't until July, it's good to start asking now. (Or whatever event you're wanting to attend.)

5. Give & Take: Think about what you are willing to do in return for sponsorship. It could be links in your BlogHer posts, a button in your sidebar, passing out business cards at the conference, wearing a t-shirt... get creative! The possibilities are endless!

6. Be Yourself: Partner up with someone that makes sense for you and your blog. It should be someone you like and/or a product you are proud to have sponsor you. Sure, I could take $1000 to represent baby formula, but that's not me. And your readers know when you're not being you.

Additional tips...

Be original. If you see that another blogger has partnered up with a company, I think it's respectful to seek out some place different to work with.

Share the love.
At the same time, if you are sponsored and know that there are more sponsorship opportunities available for other bloggers, put in a good word for your friends!

Twitter. Be in the know and follow the movers and shakers on Twitter! (I'm babysteph by the way).

Win. Keep an eye out for contests offering sponsorships to BlogHer. Last year HP gave away several $250 scholarships and even this year some bloggers have been in the giving mood.

Volunteer. BlogHer offers BlogHerships and other opportunities in exchange for your time and talent. See if there is something available for you!

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  1. Great post Steph!! CrookedEyebrow and I were JUST discussing this very subject last night! Thanks for the tips on getting myself to BlogHer '09! ;o)

  2. You rock my socks. I will take every ounce of advice you have, thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!

  3. Okay, so I think I am slow. But how do you even go about approaching a company? Same with the ads on the blog - how do you get started?

  4. That is great! I wouldn't have thought to ask some of the people I have done reviews for. I'm going to break down the cost and figure out what I can afford and what I will need. I might even ask my boss-I hadn't thought about it, but you gave me a great idea...:) Maybe I can go after all!

  5. Great post!!!

    Upstatemomof3 - When I've contacted companies in the past, I've attached my "press release" that I created myself. Give them information on what I'm looking for from them, my stats, contact information, etc.

  6. I'd like to go this year but will need to be sponsored for that to happen. I'm going to get to working on that! Dash wants to meet Ivy. ;)


  7. This was such a great post for you to share with everyone.

    You are cute like that!

    I am so very happy that you are fully sponsored already.Way to rock it girl.

  8. Excellent post! I have BlissDom sponsored, and I am SO PSYCHED!

  9. Great post! Thanks for the tips, and congratulations on your sponsorship!

  10. thanks for sharing your experience in this area :)

  11. OK, dumb question time. What exactly is BlogHer?
    Why the interest?

  12. Upstatemomof3,

    I recommend signing up at Mom Select if you are interested in getting started with product reviews and ads.

    ALSO- be seen and heard. Go to conferences, blog frequently, comment on other blogs, Twitter, and most of all, be real! And if you want to approach a company, do just that. Send them an email (usually can be found on a contact page) and just go from there! : )


    Not a dumb question! BlogHer is a big community founded to bring together women bloggers. They have conferences that are the largest blogger conferences in the world. This year's is in Chicago and many bloggers connect and network and meet and learn and party and have the best time at BlogHer! I can't wait!


  13. I'm right in the middle of starting to figure all of this out - I am determined to make it to BlogHer this year and would love to find a way to get to BlissDom as well, although that one would be a stretch by now, I think. Congrats on your opportunity with Tiny Prints - they're an awesome company! :)

  14. Great tips Steph. I'm looking forward to July too.

  15. fantastic post, I'll be trying some of these tips out. Every little bit will help me!

    See you at Blissdom - I'll be the un-sponsored one driving myself down south...ha!

  16. Great ideas! I too am looking for sponsorship, so I'll use your ideas!~
    Lauren @ instinctparenting.com

  17. That is awesome...congrats!!!

    Also I love how you add your RSS and Twitter info at the end of each post. I may copy you on that. :)

  18. Wowie-zowie! What a fabulous idea.

    Hm....maybe McCann's Irish Steel Cut Oats will sponsor me, as I've somehow become the go-to girl for steel-cut oatmeal cooking and add-in tips?

  19. Awesome Steph!! Thank you so much for this. I am working on trying to find someone, anyone to help me out here. I have never done a giveaway (other than my own goods) or been able to do a review for anyone. What advice do you have for those of us with no contacts at all?

  20. These ideas are great. When do you reach the point where your blog is big enough to this kind of thing? How do I know if I'm worthy or not, so to speak? Is there a magic number I should be trying to achieve? I don't know if I'm at that level. But I want to be. :o)

  21. Great tips. I never thought about this. Thanks so much!

  22. Great tips. I really need to get my butt in gear if I want to get any funding for BH.

    Congrats on your sponsorship!! :)

  23. How exciting for you. And such great tips for you to share.

    After being given a giant dose of reality concerning Parker's state of health, I'll be an at home only blogger for a looong time.

    So, make sure and have some fun for me too!

  24. I need to try a little harder, I guess! Thanks for the suggestions. I hope I'll be seeing you in July...

  25. Thank you for the information! I really want to go but we just can't cover all the costs. I'll be looking into your suggestions.

  26. With your help I may get there after all. Thanks for this post, Steph, it's really informative!

  27. I am hoping to attend BlogHer this summer, but not sure that my funds are going to cover it. I was thinking about the idea of sponsors and this article was very helpful on what I need to do and how to get started. Thanks for sharing! I'm linking it up in my Sunday Linkage post too.

  28. Hey Steph, great roundup and congrats! I'm also grateful to have recently gotten informal confirmation on BlogHer sponsorship (yay!) but I haven't announced it yet since I'm waiting to sort out the final details. Can't wait to see you!

    Meanwhile, I agree on one of your points in particular. The thing that was holding me back was just making the freaking ask. I procrastinated on this for weeks, mulling different potential sponsors or just putting off the emails. I ultimately started with just the one that made the most sense instinct-wise, and they said yes right away!

    Anyhow, I'm going to link up your excellent post soon. xoxo

  29. Thanks so much for this post! I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately, and it's so wonderful to have a seasoned blogger speak so candidly about sponsorships!

    And congrats on your full sponsorship! :)

  30. What a great post! I am so excited to be able to go to BlogHer this year and to be sponsored, even partially, would be wonderful. Although it probably isn't feasible this year, as my blog is still quite small, maybe in the future. Great tips either way.

  31. How wonderful of you to actually share this with your fellow bloggers.

    I hope we have luck in that area, either way Blogher is too important to miss.

    Thank you.

    Mommy Niri

  32. Thanks for the excellent post. I loved the bolded, bulleted points. So organized. So concise. So useful.

  33. Absolutely awesome advice, the best tips I've seen yet. Thanks for sharing them.


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