January 6, 2009

Much Ado About Nothing

This morning I put on makeup and a sweater over my pajamas so that I could make a quick video for Newbaby.com. And the video won't load onto my ancient computer. It keeps freezing up and makes me all angry at the world.

And I get frustrated that I am letting myself get upset over something so trivial. And I think maybe I'll just take a photo of Ivy and that will suffice for a day's post and then I think about how horrible my camera is at taking pictures and there's that.

And I am left to post all about the pitifulness of nothing going right. And explain that this was not the intended post for today.

This was not my intended attitude for today either.

Someone cheer me up, quick.

Oh, my birthday is in two days, too.

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  1. I admit to having done the "ready for the waist up" trick for meetings. Haha.

  2. Oh Steph I am sending hugs, full open arm hugs!

    What's on your birthday wish list? Tell us all about one of your best birthdays ever.

  3. Get in bed cuddle in with Ivy take a little nap. Wake up and try again. I promise great results :)

  4. I'm no good at jokes. So a virtual hug will have to do.

  5. Let's see...to cheer you up...yeah, I don't know. I am having one of those days too. I'll just smile as I change the 50 millionth poopy diaper of the morning ;)
    Give that sweet Ivy kisses on her chubby cute cheeks, and belly, and thighs...

    Happy almost birthday. I love my birthdays. Even if I still have to be Mom, I love that there is a day that is just for me ;)

  6. some days everything goes wrong :-(

    and birthday coming soon!!!! hope you have a good one

  7. I so know how you're feeling. I wish I could fax or email a cup of tea to you *hugs*

  8. psssst, forgot to mention I gave you an award (silly me in need of more coffee today)


  9. At least you have some makeup on!

  10. HUGS! And not side ones, either.
    Although your day sounds rough, I had to read a book on bullying to my students today, using the phrase YOUS UCK B*TCH. And though that's a word I have no problem saying outside of class, it was 12,000 shades of uncomfortable saying it in front of my students. I also had to read a passage about french kissing, which was SO NOT FUN.

    Oh, and I had a total pregnancy meltdown on one of my colleagues. Oops. So maybe today is just not meant to be anything less than frustrating for any of us?

  11. Don't worry, I understand computer failings. My job is editing code, writing copy and general work on websites and blogs for real estate agents. SO when my old computer died, that was BAD. I hurried and bought a new one, which was great, EXCEPT I bought a new new one, meaning NONE of the parts, ie monitor, keyboard, WIRELESS CARD worked in it because it was a new style body. So for 3 days I was messing around with tryign to get stuff fixed, only to find one more thing that wouldn't work.

    Now that everything is working, it is funny to think back on, and I'm embaressed I was so stressed about it,but at the time, it was VERY stressful.

    ANYWHO, a huge hug to you that the day will turn out better after nap time :)

  12. I will validate now. I get all upset when videos won't upload and pictures turn out funky when I'm over-tired too. I hope you're giving yourself a break for being a crank. It simply means you're human. You are human? Right? Just checking...

    Happy Birthday soonly! I hope you have fun plans. Like sleeping.

  13. Well, it must be telling you that you need to step away and take a breather. It will be ok...but I think you already know that...Happy Pre Birthday!

  14. awwww, (((HUGS))) my ancient computer SuCkS when it comes to uploading videos too!! :P and, i get really frustrated too! i love that you got all camera ready over your PJs... that made me smile!

    ooooh, a birthday, YAY! i am a january baby too!! woot!


  15. And by now, with an overdose of Ivy and good wishes from many, let me guess that you're feeling mighty good again. Good. I hate when little disappointments pile up and conspire to mess with our heads. Happy early birthday.

  16. Sorry you're having a blah kind of day. My year has started off the same way, and I'm having the darndest time shaking it. We'll get through it.
    Happy Early Birthday!

  17. when I seem to have days that start out like this they end up being the best in the end. Hope that helps and how exciting to be celebrating your birthday!!!

  18. Sounds like you need some cuddle time with that sweet baby girl.

    Sunday was the day that went like that for me this week, so hopefully that's the only one like it.

  19. I'm having one of those days myself. Which is why I'm online taking a bloggy breather. I hope your day gets better. :)

  20. I have a January birthday too (the 18th). :)

  21. I'm so guilty of something trivial being able to just ruin my entire day. And then that bugs me which doesn't help.

  22. Well, the promise of cake in a couple of days would certainly cheer me up!

    Hope you day gets better and Happy (early) Birthday girl!

    Hugs! {and not a side one either! ; )}

  23. I have days like that! I hope it gets better!

  24. i hate days like that...but the good news is it will end soon and tomorrow will be a fresh start. hugs!

  25. Maybe you will get a new camera for your birthday....and a new computer!!! :)

  26. you know what ALWAYS cheers me up

    a cup of tea snuggling up on my comfy chair


    baking cookies

    hope your day gets brighter!

  27. Hi.
    You're the best.
    You are on my very short "must read" blog list.
    I heart you and your blog.
    We are expecting our first baby June 3rd, and I expect to wear my baby like crazy thanks to all the great stuff I learn from you.
    Steph rocks.
    Cheered up yet?
    Hugs and smiles from chilly Michigan...prolly not much better where you are...

  28. I just KNEW you were a fellow Capricorn (mine's 1/17)! Sending you better day wishes, a little late in the day.

  29. Happy birthday. I tried to open the link but it isn't pulling anything up for me.

    And I've sooo had days like yours before. When everything seems to be going wrong. Tomorrow is a new day :--)


  30. i can't stand that i get more frustrated that i'm frustrated. i didn't intend to be & that makes it worse!

    hope the evening turned around!

  31. Cool - You and Ali share a birthday!! She'll be Two on Thursday, and is quite pumped about it (she is telling everyone, "I'll be two in Janu-wawy".
    Happy Early Birthday! Just in case I'm too crazy-busy celebrating a birthday and preparing for a party to tell you on Thursday. . .

  32. I see from the post above that you found your *cheer*! :)

    Everyone has these days, Steph- I struggle so with the guilt that comes with them... I am so blessed; why should I be cranky?

    That Light you speak of- I'm going to look for it more in those moments. When it shines in through my streaked windows and casts its glow on my nine-year-old, sprawled on the floor reading library books. Or when it catches my three-year-olds blonde ringlets as she dances to the music from Emma. I'll catch that Light in my hands and hold on for dear life.

    Thank you for sharing yourself, and inspiring me. Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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