January 15, 2009

16 Pound Energy Drink

I drink her up all day long.
She's so much better than the nap I don't get.

Ivy LaRue, 4 months old today.

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  1. she is cute cute cute! how could that smile not cheer up the grumpiest person!!

  2. Oh, Stephanie–she is so cute! I could just eat her up! :-)

  3. No way she's 4 months old already! That's crazy!
    What an adorable little chunk.
    I'm also laughing, because at 12 months my little man was 16 pounds! lol

  4. Happy 4 months, Ivy! So cute.

    Also, stop on by my blog, I have given you an award!

  5. It is really hard for me to believe that she is 4 months already. Time sure does fly!

  6. I do agree she's just cute in a bottle.. and the smile..

  7. Had to comment again, upon seeing it again. SNACKABLE. EDIBLE. YUM!

    I seriously hope I make it to one of the conferences, so we can trade kids (since I'll be bringing my not-so-newborn, too) and I can snack on her cheeks a while.

  8. She is precious, I love those big cheeks!

  9. isn't it more like a unenergized drink? Or is it just me?

    she is adorable!

  10. Happy 4 month and 1 day Birthday to that sweet little baby of yours! Can't wait til my youngest can give me those gorgeous smiles.


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