December 8, 2008

Phil Connors, I Thought That Was You!

My Mom took the boys for the day yesterday. I got some good rest and woke today quite optimistic.

That's not unusual, actually, and I thought about this. It's why I felt like today was just another Groundhog Day. The few hours before noon I have goals that I think I might actually meet and by 1 PM I am reminded that it is just like any other day and again I've gotten nothing done.

But it comes in waves and just a bit ago I had one of those rare moments of I-can-do-this-ness. I did finish the last of my Christmas shopping- so what if it was from my desk chair. Kids are fed dinner already even if it did involve the microwave. And most of this post and other work I've done today has been typed from my iPhone.

But I have an even better feeling about tomorrow...


  1. Steph,
    first, big hugs.
    Second.. go take a nice hot bath.
    Let yourself off the hook. We moms hold ourselves to such high standards.
    You are doing great.. let yourself off the hook.
    Nothing is perfect.
    be gentle with yourself.

  2. Keep resting and getting better.

  3. just went strolling through your blog, soaking in the beauty and fun! Your family and daughter are beautiful...getting my hair cut this week..yippee and hoping to get some of my to-do list done..or not.
    have a happy Tuesday!!

  4. you have four kids and two hands!
    give yourself a break!
    I am sure a day off is just what you needed.
    hope is on the way!

  5. As long as we can remain optimistic, we can do it all over again another day. I like your gumption, lady!

  6. I'm impressed that you can get so much work done on your iPhone. I have one, but I still haven't gotten quite used to typing there - especially full posts and longer e-mails.

  7. I LOVE that movie. Love it. And I think I feel the same way most days, and I have 2 less kiddos ;)

    Dinner is dinner, even if it involves a microwave!

    Love ya!

  8. Finishing my Christmas shopping was an awesome feeling too... then my Dad called and my Aunt called and it sounds like I have to go out and do a bit more Christmas shopping now... at least it's with their money and for something they specifically asked me to pick up instead of with my money and me trying to figure out what to get!

  9. Steph,

    Four kids, two hands, one mom... give yourself a break! You accomplish so much every day! Take it one day at a time. You get done what you can and the rest will be there when you have a free minute. I know it is easier to say that, than do it. I use to get so frustrated when I had three under four and my house would be upside down. Friends would give me advice much like the comments on your blog, but I still felt like I needed to keep up. Now that my baby is 5, I wish I would have been a little less harsh on myself. Enjoy this season in life.

  10. Sometimes all you need is some sleep. It is amazing what a difference it makes.
    And yes. You can do this. :)

  11. I feel that same way myself, every day. There's always so much to do. But I try to go easy and realize it'll get done when I can get it done. I remind the kids constantly that mommy's only one person. I need to remind myself as well. You, too! One person can't do everything.

  12. you are kind of like me! I also have finished Christmas shopping online! I really don't bother going to market, I am a bit lazy for all that stuff!

  13. I am very impressed at your iPhone typing skills! I can't imagine writing from mine, I get hung up all the time...

  14. I have yet to Christmas shop, online or in person!
    You have four times as many kids as me!
    You totally rock, mamacita. Take care of yourself.


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