December 1, 2008

It's Gonna Get Ugly

I hope to finish this today so that Ivy can wear it with the dress before she gets too big!

And I just might be participating in the Ugly Sweater Contest. Totally gives me reason to curl and poof my bangs, too. I just might.

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  1. How sweet is that little sweater.
    Hard to believe she is even close to outgrowing "the dress"

    sweet ivy...

  2. This sweater is so cute and the dress is just adorable -- we have two older girls and three boys and as much joy all my children have brought me -- I am kind of hoping for another little girl (in Feb.) -- one more round of little dresses and such would be fun! But of course no matter I will be tickled!

  3. Beautiful. I wish I could knit. At least I can crochet. :)

  4. This is beautiful. That dress is fantastic, too. How much fun!

  5. Oh, what a precious sweater! Oh, yes that will be adorable with the princess dress. It will go perfectly. You know I want lots of pictures when she wears it!

  6. I think that is adorable and terrific that you are knitting for your little girl! I wish I could knit!

  7. I visited your blog because of a "babywearing blogger" image on another blog, and I am so glad that I did. I just read the story about your son and your faith is very inspiring and refreshing to see such a popular blogger professing faith (and not just in the background).


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