November 25, 2008

Where I Been

Hangin with the girlz. Find out more & win here!

Pictured: Donya from Crooked Eyebrow, Arianne from To Think Is To Create, Me, & Maria Bailey.


  1. With 7 grandsons (count 'em... 7!), I think Ridemakerz has to be the coolest and most awesome thing to come along since gummy worms. Your videos tell it all... especially your proud little guys with their cars!

    OK. I know my 2 granddaughters would come along for the "RIDE" too!

  2. Great picture and videos! I love seeing the excitement in the boys eyes. Ivy looked like she was having a ball too...

  3. FUN! We got our Ridemakerz in the mail, and it's already up and running. I need to work up a post. So neat seeing you and Maria together. Just a twinge of jealousy. :-) Happy Thanksgiving, friend!


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