November 8, 2008

What She's Wearing

Hey! Next week is International Babywearing Week and Monday morning I'll be hosting a Mr. Linky for you to link up to- I'd love to see your babywearing photos, or you can share a tip or just write a post about babywearing.

Link up and you could win a Nest Sling or Nest Hatchling sling from Nonny & Boo!

In the meantime, see what everyone was raving about at the baby shower we went to today...


  1. She looks so sweet in that outfit!

    I love how cool and relaxed she is on camera... ;)

  2. Super cute! Love all the ideas. Any of those shoe socks made for boys or only for super adorable baby girls?

    Nell :--)

    Gosh, she is just so adorable! I can see how much fun dressing a girl could be.

  3. I love those socks and stockings! Wish I had known about them earlier for myself!

  4. Thanks for the heads up! Will be participating on Monday!

  5. Those tights & socks really make me want a girl now! ;) Gotta love The Gap.

    I'm looking forward to your Monday Mr. Linky! I'll be looking for my babywearing pics.

  6. I still regret that I didn't find those Trumpette Mary Jane socks until Roo was too big for them... I think I might need to get her some of the rainboots, though. So cute!

    Ivy looks gorgeous, like a big rosy cupcake of love... I can't believe I just typed that, by the way.

  7. Oh my gosh, Steph, those are so super cute!!! I think someday I will have to adopt a girl just for all the outfit cuteness to splurge on....

    And those are great ideas for babyshowers! I there are some socks for boys with tennis shoes (like Nell asked) I got some at babies r us, but not as cute as those little dressy shoes...

  8. Taites fav. socks ewre the trumpette.. I squeezed him in those for months!! I think they were 0-6 mo.. he wore them well past a year old :-) great gift.

    Ivy is adorable... as usual

  9. oh my gosh - I would have LOVED the tights w/ shoes this time last year. We can still never keep shoes on AJ, but it was ESPECIALLY impossible when she was a wee one. Fantastic! She looks darling and you look awesome, mama.


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