November 17, 2008

Try It On

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I often hear from readers wishing there was a way to try out all the baby carriers before committing to buy- especially when you're spending $50-$100 or more. I wouldn't buy a pair of jeans online unless I'd tried them on before, and a good baby carrier is worth just as much as a good pair of jeans. You also have to consider if your baby will even like it, too!

Here's some suggestions:

1. Seek out babywearers near you- check online at places like and they have forums for finding local babywearers. You might have to register to view the forums, but it's worth it! Most babywearers own more than one (sometimes several!) slings. Meet up somewhere and try 'em on!

2. Find your local La Leche League and/or Natural Parenting group in your area- most often they will at least sell ring slings and are more likely to have babywearing Mamas with slings you can ask to try out.

3. Call around to local baby and maternity boutiques to see if they sell baby carriers you can try on. You might be surprised where slings are sold (ahem, I think even Target is selling some good ones now!)- and if you don't find any close to you, maybe you can suggest they start selling them!

4. Check out helpful resources like the Tummy 2 Tummy DVD, a babywearing instructional video, or the awesome Sling Comparison Chart at Mom4Life.

5. Know the return policies for the online sites you are interested in purchasing from. Many sites are flexible with returns if it's not what you had expected.

Have a sling just collecting dust? I wanted to tell you about SlingCycle, an awesome program that recycles and repairs used slings and
distributes them to orphanages, NICU’s and adoptive parents.

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Pictured- one of my very favorite mei tai moments with Gray taken summer '07.

Portions of this post originally published October 19, 2007.


  1. Oh thanks Steph!! These are great resources; I'm excited to find someone near me to I can try a Mei Tai style carrier!

  2. thanks so much for these ideas. Target offers a HUGE selection! I never knew..and they're cheap.

  3. i just love that FSOT forum at The BabyWearer!! :) i think i have tried one of everything... and if it doesn't work for us i offer it back up there and move on to the next carrier!!

    btw, i love that carrier that you have on in the pic in this post~ i have an onbu made with that starry night fabric!


  4. awesome finds, thanks!

    I want to find a cute baby carrier that I can wear and still be chic with my outfit. I like to wear cute dresses and the gorgeous diamond necklace from that my hubby bought me.

    So I like a baby carrier that is cute yet practical,thanks for the tips!

  5. Thanks Steph! By the way what type of wrap do you have Ivy in, the black one in the picture? I am having a baby in April (my first) and am planning on wearing him/her and am interested in that type of wrap. Thanks!

  6. Yay, this is exactly what I needed! I've been wondering where to begin.

  7. I'd love to find a local Beco & woven wrap to try. There are so few babywearers in this area. I need to go on a hunt before my "little" guy gets much bigger.

    Love the picture. :)

  8. Hey, I have a question....

    I want to start wearing Lily as soon as possible after birth (like even in the hospital, if possible). What style sling and position to you recommend for the newest of newborn babies and when is the soonest you should start wearing them?



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