November 30, 2008

Sometimes When I Can't Sleep

Sometimes when I am having trouble falling asleep I find myself replaying Ivy's birth over and over in my mind.

I was recently interviewed by Giving Birth Naturally about my choice to have a homebirth after three hospital births. You can hear the podcast or read the transcript here.

When many women speak of their labor stories you don't often hear them in a positive light. But I continue to recall those moments, so happy that I chose to have her here at home- right at the foot of my bed- and all the amazing things that took place from start to finish. It is one of the best decisions I've ever made. It's such a peaceful, pleasant place to drift off to when I need to drift off somewhere, sometimes.

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  1. Having had three, planned in water homebirths, I wholeheartedly agree... they were three of the very best decisions I have ever made. I would not change a single thing about any of it.


  2. Yeah, I think no matter what if the decisions and choices are following our hearts desire then the birth story is positive. I'd give birth again many more the 9 months before, that's a whole other ball game!


  3. You have an amazing birth story and am so happy to hear you share it! Now off to listen...

  4. I delivered my first three at the hospital and my fourth delivery (as a Surrogate) was at a hospital/birthing center ... four and five were at home and I am planning six at home. Having a home birth is amazing and great for my family!!!

    I too often think about my births and how wonderful they all were. Thanks for sharing your story!

  5. I'm so glad you had a wonderful birth experience, Stephanie! How fantastic.

    Personally, I try NOT to think of my birth experience while I'm falling asleep. It took a long time to stop breaking out in a sweat with the awfulness of it all. My insurance wouldn't cover the midwife in Sandpoint, so I had to have it at the hospital with the OB. There wasn't anywhere to walk, and the room was so small it was hard to walk...and I was hooked up to the IV and the monitor the whole time with artificially enhanced contractions every 3 minutes (for the convenience of the doctor, I suspect...shame on me for starting labor on a Friday!).

    It was awful.awful.awful.

    I want the next one with a midwife, and would love to have it at home, but we live an hour away from a hospital, and hubby (and I) are worried about the distance if there were any problems.

    Next time I'm going to fight with the insurance company to get the birth-center covered. Otherwise I'll drive the two hours to one that will be...

    It has taken several months, but even through the badness of it all, it was worth it...I just wish it hadn't cost so much. :-)

  6. What a beautiful experience to remember and day dream about. I can't wait to listen to your interview!

    I've found myself drifting off into day dream land this morning thinking about the first moment I'll lay my eyes on Dash, hold him and nurse him.

    Motherhood can be such a rush.


  7. That was a great interview! Thanks for sharing Steph.

  8. How amazingly fortunate you are that your labor is actually your "happy" place. Wow! :)

  9. Love the interview. You make me want a home birth!

    Can you elaborate more on birthing your own placenta? I thought I did, but I remember being told to push.

  10. I'm so glad you have fond memories of that special day. I, too, had a pretty positive experience with my daughter's birth...and am hoping to have an even better experience with baby #2 since I am using a midwife/birth center this time.

  11. your story is truly amazing. and as crazy as mine is... I find myself daydreaming about doing it all again, soon - YIKES!


  12. Great interview, Steph. Sounds like a dream come true labor and delivery.

  13. I know just what you mean! I too had three hospital births and my last 7 months ago was a home/water birth. It was one of the most magical moments in my life EVER and I replay it over and over again in my mind. I find myself just walking into the room where she was born and remembering that special day. It gives me such peace, joy and happiness to think about it. If I am blessed with anymore I will most definetly be at home!!

  14. YES, YES my homebirth was the same way!!!!!

  15. I'm very behind on commenting, but I wanted to say a quick thank you for sharing your positive feelings about your home birth.

    I feel so sad when people talk negatively about being pregnant or the births of their children. I went through two very difficult pregnancies and one baby born early, who spent two weeks in the NICU. And I am just so thankful to have been able to giving birth to my babies.

    I hope that one day, when I am no longer a high risk pregnancy (hopefully the next time around) I can actually consider having a home birth or at the very least not being induced.

    Thank you!


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