November 16, 2008

Don't Mess With The Babywearers!

You know it's International Babywearing Week, right?

I was out last night and missed the hullabaloo. But Amy from Crunchy Domestic Goddess has a great recap if you haven't already heard about Motrin vs. Babywearers of 2008...

(As of this morning the little commercial about babywearing was still up at or you can see it here if not.)

And Katja has even put together a video of it all going down!

The only thing I'll say about the ad that is a very good tip for everyone- if wearing your baby hurts your back, you are probably not wearing them correctly! You should not have to "put up with the pain" and need to take any medication when babywearing.

I've also posted a video response at here.


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  1. I missed it also. WOW! I agree with you, if it hurts, YOU are doing it wrong! :)

  2. How totally offensive! Not only misrepresents babywearing (it doesn't hurt) but it was totally condescending!

  3. Not that they only didn't do their research (that babywearing doesn't hurt when done right) but they also offended babywearing moms by saying we might do it to be fashionable.

  4. How disappointing! I just wrote to Motrin to let them know how misinformed they are.

  5. I missed it last night too, but tweeted about it today - of all weeks to run this ad, how ironic! Crazy ad - there must not be any moms at the ad agency that created that little misfire!

  6. hey steph - that's exactly what i said to motrin in my email to them - if it hurts, you're probably doing it wrong!

    i loved the way the twitterverse got right on this. i always think of our blogs as "first line" for this stuff but it was interesting to see it unfold on twitter last night.

  7. Wow, I just watched the commercial and it REALLY is offensive.

    Someone did not do their homework, obviously.

  8. Thank you both Steph and Amy for this information...

    I have been digging through my photo albums for photos of me carrying my Janie 28 years ago in my "state-of-the-art" Snuggly brand baby pouch. The concept was so simple, so beautiful and so already-invented-by-cultures-and-cultures of women so more "advanced" than ours! Carrying Jane made all the difference in my life. We had 2 boys, 9 and 6, and Audrey, 2 1/2... so keeping Jane close to my chest, so to speak, made it easier and safer for our entire family.

    It's funny... I never thought of it as "a pain in the back" or neck or anywhere else for that matter. Carrying Jane HELPED my back, my neck, my sanity... and everything else! I do have a quick little story: Jane was born in November, I was nursing her, so Christmas shopping involved bringing Janie along. One shopping excursion had us out on a freezing cold evening. I had Janie in her Snuggly, attached in front. I had wrapped my coat around her for extra warmth. An older woman was watching us with a twinkle in her eye. She asked if it was our first baby. We explained that Janie was our 4th. We chatted a bit and then Janie began to wiggle and cry a bit. The woman almost fainted. She thought I was PREGNANT... and when she heard the little cry, she was, as you can imagine, SHOCKED! That is my favorite baby-wearing story of all!!

    I will continue my search of photos... and I will continue to advocate for baby-wearing! I just cannot imagine who, what, when, where, why, how the Motrin ad execs were thinking...

  9. Wow! I totally Baby Bjorn totally saved my sanity with both kids. I loved having them all cuddled up next to me, but freeing up my hands to do my stuff. And my back never hurt! Thanks for sharing!

    BTW...this totally explained to me what the #motrinmoms meant on all the twitter posts...I was so confused until I read this!

  10. Yeah, I blogged about it and sent them a note of disapproval. That ad was just idiotic. It made babywearers sound like airheads who just, like, TOTALLY want to look like official moms--even if it requires them to take pain meds daily. I wonder who came up with the idea: a really, really lost mom, or just someone who thinks he/she knows what moms go through.

    Anyone know how long the ad has been up? I just found out about it this morning.

  11. I missed it last night but boy oh boy am I ever mad reading about it this morning! I created my own post about it. Geeeeeez what were they thinking????

  12. What kind of commercial is that? Just wrong! Wearing a baby to make yourself look like a mom? What the heck kind of thing is that to say? Not good!

  13. What a horrible, condescending ad- and what a bunch of misinformed execs at Motrin- doh!

    I used a Baby Bjorn with the first tow and now am using it again with my 7 week old. I wanted to try using a sling this time around but could never find the time to properly learn how to use (IMAGINE). Regardless, the Bjorn has been a lifesaver for us and my husband himself loves "wearing" the baby. In fact, I just might have to go post pics on my blog. Does the Bjorn fall into the "wearing" category?

  14. I just watched the video finally, too, and wow. They don't tread lightly, do they? I can't figure out why they'd attack babywearing, and I also can't make sense of the commercial. If you don't wear your baby, you still need to carry your child, correct? It's not as if you're going to nudge them across the floor with your foot!

  15. I had to blog about this today too. Last night we blew twitter up talking about this topic. And the conversation is still going on.

    It is offensive to me because I do not wear my baby as a fashion statement. Women have been wearing babies for centuries. In my community, heck wherever I go I am truly in the minority when I carry my son and wonder how I am going to be received but do it anyway.

    Shame on Motrin for not doing more research.

  16. As of 12pm Mountain time, it's still up. I just saw it for the first time and I was absolutely shocked at how condescending it is.

    I never wore my first 2 very much -I never could get the fit just right. I am now in LOVE with wearing number 3! And it doesn't hurt a bit!

  17. I'm working on my post now, but already e-mailed them to voice my disgust. I had to pick my jaw up off the ground after I was done watching.

  18. Yes, hooray for the twitter moms who jumped on this and got us all involved. I've posted my comments to Motrin, blogged about it, and emailed my babywearing friends about it. Maybe we can turn this around into some GOOD babywearing publicity!

  19. Thanks for the linky love, Steph. I loved your video. Motrin will soon learn not to mess with the babywearing mamas.
    Just wanted to point out that Johnson & Johnson owns both Motrin and Tylenol, so if you want to boycott, buy Generic! It will save you money too. :)

  20. Loved your VLOG. I can't believe a company would try to market to women and mothers. Oh my goodness. Very bad representation of babywearing mothers. I will definitely not be buying motrin any time soon. Also, if you babywearing correctly...causes NO pain! :) My 2 cents!

  21. yea thats crazy.
    I even showed my chiropractor my slings to see what he thought.. He said to wear them in what I had would be better than toting them on one hip all day.. I agree it will only hurt your back if something is physically wrong with your back to begin with.. or you wear them wrongly.

    I have MAJOR back issues. I have to go for another Mri soon because of it.. but its not because of wearing my kids. Its from LIFTING them incorrectly and straining my neck, etc..

    Im off to watch ur video!

  22. I noticed the twitters last night. Great vlog and post.

    That commercial is ridiculous! Not only is it insulting and demeaning (as if we wear our babies for FASHION or to be "in the club!") but it is a completely ineffective ad for the product.

    "We feel your pain" - I don't think you are this time Motrin. A little more research into moms who wear their babies was definitely in order!

    Note to companies - if you are going to say that "you feel our pain" make sure you know what "our pain" is. Babies ARE heavy. And they do want to be carried. They want to be close to us and in contact with our bodies.

    It is BECAUSE of that stress on our bodies that we "wear" them. Wearing eases the pain because the baby's weight is being properly distributed and supported.

  23. Okay, just watched the commercial and Wow. My husband watched it too and commented that apparently, they've never worn a baby correctly.

    Is it weird that when I see a mom using a sling incorrectly I have to hold back the urge to fix it for her? Maybe next time, I should just offer her Motrin!

  24. Yep, that is one *bad* ad. (And I say that as someone who was never super successful as a babywearer and--yes ma'am--had backaches.) Really tired of advertisers who are jumping on the whole bandwagon of let's-be-hip-and-complain-about-motherhood bandwagon.

  25. I've loved watching this unfold across the momosphere.
    I don't have kids but I've worn all the kids I've nannied/babysat because it was so much more comfortable than holding them in my arms for long periods of time (becasue I never want to put babies down!).

    I'd say if your back hurts from wearing a baby you should be asking for advice, adjusting your sling or finding a carrier that is more suitable for you and your baby - NOT just taking another painkiller.

  26. I really appreciate your video response, I think that it was very honest and NOT negative! I liked that! I posted your response on my post about this ... thank you!

  27. I read about everything- thanks for giving the moms the scoop on it. Definitely was a controversial ad and people were all over it! Beware- mommy bloggers are a strong force!

    PS- That picture is too cute and yes I want to get together. Where is a good meeting spot? Send me an email!!

  28. I, as a 21 year old male am PERSONALLY offended by this baby wearing commercial. How DARE they suggest Motrin is only used by irresponsible moms (i mean, come on... they are totally wearing their baby wrong) God I got a headache and now I have to take Mot....Advil. Its like suggesting some moms are hypocrites in that commercial as well. Babies, as fashion statements? Screw that.

    I don't understand the outrage. It is a commercial, not a government mandate. Take a step back and try to look at the bigger picture. Offensive? maybe. CAPS LOCK OFFENSIVE??>G DSNBKGANBCFA.


  29. I hadn't seen the ad, and just viewed it on You Tube. Wow! I'm not a baby wearer, because my Baby Bjorn was not comfortable (although my new Ergo--received in the mail today--will hopefully convert me)! Perhaps those making the commercial only had a Baby Bjorn like me (thus the back pain)? Even so, I was offended by the tone. the "official" mom comment was crazy--I agree with what many have said--that this was obviously not focus group tested on Moms!

  30. so will I still use motrin after my next c-section, yes - why? because it works. was I offended, more put off a little. do I think they knew it would create a buzz, even negative one - yes. do I think they underestimated - twitter - maybe. But companies are on to social media and I think something smells funny with this one... VP Kathy is either getting a raise or slap on the hand... I guess we will see...

    Great video on utube... you are the sweetest and Ivy is adorable as usual...



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