November 20, 2008

Cradle Re-Cap

I haven't done a tag in a while and one of my favorite bloggers- Leigh from Marvelous Kiddo (you should subscribe to her because seriously, she's great) tagged me for one of those random things memes which I've done many times before but I am usually good with random so here goes.

1. I don't really like chocolate chip cookies much

2. or ice cream.

3. Thanks to the Motrin thing I was sent this organic pouch & footed blanket (which is absolutely awesome) from New Native Baby Carrier to compliment to my video response. How nice is that?

4. It was kinda fun getting emails and calls from people that saw me on the news.

5. Twitter is quite helpful if you have a question (see below.)

6. I think Ivy needs the Sno Flugan Hoodie by tea.

7. Speaking of tea, I have a new post up at the tea collection blog here.

I think Ivy might be getting some cradle cap, so I went straight to Twitter to find out what really works. Here's the responses!

Adriennevh @babysteph steel wool. I kid!

MeaganFrancis @babysteph ugh, for me nothing but patience! And sometimes a little olive oil and a soft brush. :)

elainea @babysteph I used to put baby oil in their hair. It's a little well, "oily" ; ) but it works!

mamarussell @babysteph Selsun Blue (sp?)

Adriennevh @babysteph Oh yeah, nevermind that's my cure for diaper rash.

thelemons @babysteph I have to say that Arbonne baby oil worked for Z. I put it on his head after every bath, after washing his hair w/ a brush.

dizzyparenting @babysteph We used to gently massage olive oil into our babys' heads when they had it. Morning and night. It takes a few days, but works.

thelemons @babysteph Did that make any sense? 140 char not a lot of blabbing room.

FriedOkra @babysteph Baby oil will get it off that sweet little head, but there's nothing I know of that "cures" it. Matthew's is still bad, too.

laurathemum @babysteph olive oil & a fine tooth comb. good luck. cradle cap always grossed me out!

MelissaKellas @babysteph I have used vaseline and comb through - seemed to do it for us

naturalmommy @babysteph let olive oil sit on head (maybe inside a cap) for a while. brush out flakes.

summerinfl @babysteph doctor told us to use baby oil. However, my daughter is almost 2 and still has some

Selkie1970 @babysteph olive oil. massage oil into scalp. nice warm bath, get all steamy. scrape out crusts w/ fingernails or brush. wash hair.

prairiemama1 @babysteph you and me both! Rub some olive oil on her head and let it sit for a while. Then, comb through, it will get most of it off.

prairiemama1 @babysteph oh yeah, then wash it ;)

mom2kchmw2001 @babysteph baby oil. rub it in and let it soak. next time you shampoo hair it should go.

caseyplusthree @babysteph I dealt with cradle cap with every kid, zach just got some, I used a brush when washing his hair and it's gone already

thebkwyrm @babysteph Rub olive oil on the little noggin, and use a very soft old toothbrush to loosen and slough off the dead skin. Worked for me!

togetherbe @babysteph not sure you still need cradle cap suggestions, but we like olive oil. Leave in a couple minutes, comb with little comb, shampoo

ParentopiaDevra @babysteph Just saw your tweet, so u might have this one. But in case not. Olive oil works awesome.

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  1. so, did you try any of them yet? did any work?

  2. @babysteph rub baby oil or olive oil into scalp before bath and gently rub with soft baby toothbrush. Repeat until it is gone.

  3. What did we do before Twitter? I meant to mention, do the olive oil twice a day (once after the bath). While they're in the bath gently try to wash scales off with a soft cloth. Our kids had hardly any hair, which made it easier. Hope you have som luck.

  4. I'm so glad you asked, because my baby has a terrible case of it too. We've been using Neutrogena T-gel per doctor's suggestion, but with little success. I'm going to try olive oil now. At least it will smell better.

  5. My little princess has had it almost since birth. It's much less now than it was, but yuck.

    I used mineral oil, left it on 10-15 minutes then combed it out with her baby comb. Gross. Then washed it. I did it every 2 days. If you wash it too often it actually makes it worse.

  6. I wish I didn't like chocolate chip cookies or ice cream, but unfortunately, I love them so much that I'd happily bathe in them.

  7. I'm so glad you posted this-- Alice has cradle cap too. Fortunately she has a lot of hair and it's pretty much totally covered up, but it is really gross!

  8. Your new sling and blanket are so nice! My dr once suggested a small amount of hydro-cortisone on the scalp 1-2x a week, with bathtime. I would let it set for 5 minutes and then shampoo - probably try this if the olive oil isn't working. . . we had a pretty extreme case :)

  9. i shaved my DD's head when she had cradle cap around one month ago and then apply olive oil for few times and now, it's gone forever.

  10. I'm going to use some of these suggestions... Henry was HORRIBLE cradle cap. I feel like I have tried everything... apparently, I was wrong! I love TWITTER! I tossed out what age people started feeding their babies.. the answers were endless. Seriously... wat did we do before Twitter? xo, Audrey

  11. My son had CC SOOOO BAD! His ped. told us to use a tiny drop of head and sholders. I would do that and then brush his head while he had it on in the bath. it worked SO WELL.

  12. The hoodie pic on the site didn't come up for me but I've been obsessing over the fair isle sweater one piece for my baby . I finally went to order it today and it was sold out in her size. Looks like I'm visiting every Baby Gap in NJ tomorrow. As for cradle cap Madison had it pretty bad. Our Dr. suggested mineral oil massages and Neutrogena T Gel. Both messy and neither helped for us because her cradle cap was linked to a milk allergy. Might work for regular cradle cap though. Good luck!

  13. mmkay, just tried the olive oil and it worked really well! i even used the expensive stuff my sis-in-law brought me from italy, lol.

  14. My Henry also had cradle cap badly - it was in his eyebrows and even behind his ears.

    Doc told me to use head and shoulders 2x a week in addition to my regular baby shampoo - she said it would help speed up the process, but not by THAT much. Henry will be 8 months old on December 1st and he still has a bit of it.

  15. I prefer a more natural approach - just remember that anything applied can be absorbed!!!

    If breastfeeding and cradle cap persists or gets bad it may be a food allergy. Supplements of zinc, magnesium, biotin and essential fatty acids to baby or mother can be helpful!

    Cradle Cap Scalp Rinse Astringent such as witch hazel, white oak bark and burdock root are used as washes to slow down glandular production.

    Infusion of 2 parts red clover
    2 parts viola tricolor leaves
    1 part burdock seeds

    Let the herbs steep for 10 to 15 minutes before straining. Use to rinse the scalp several times a week. Leave on scalp.

    Scalp Oil
    2 ounces olive oil and 5 drops lavender, rosemary, or basil essential oil may be used. Apply before gong to bed wash off in the morning with calendula shampoo with wash cloth and rub gently.

    Good luck!

  16. California Baby makes a shampoo/bodywash with Tea Tree in it. It works for both my kids and myself. We use it as our only shampoo on the kids.

  17. These cradle cap responses are good to see- my boy will be one in 2 weeks, and he still has some...he has such thick hair, you can hardly see it, but the flakies drive me nuts! I'll have to do olive oil & then wash it out.

  18. Random things are such fun - :) And not a lover of icecream, though right now it's too cold for such things!

  19. Cute hoodie!

    And I continue to be amazed at your taste (in food, that is). Celery over chocolate chip?? Wow.

  20. I think Sugar needs one of those hoodies too...

    And chocolate chip cookies - only if they are freshly baked and still warm from the oven, and then only a couple - after that, the rest of the family gets to eat them :)

  21. I know you got alot of response but we dealt with this too and nothing worked until I started using my Norwex products (cleaning without chemicals) they have a lovely thing called Shea Butter which really worked. I am not one for using harsh things and this seemed to do the trick...

  22. I will have to try the olive oil. Sweetpea has a bit of cradle cap for the first time now that she's 20 months...thanks!

  23. Wow! You got lots of response didn't you? I've never used olive oil before but I may now!

    That's cool about the goodies 'cause of the motrin thing! : )

  24. I had to get a prescription for Kolby because it came down on his face. It wasn't too cute.

    That top is adorable. And I found sweaters that I want for the boys. I love matching clothes! But, for $69 each, I think I better pass.

  25. That footed blanket is the neatest invention. I would suggest using baby oil and a fine tooth baby comb. Using the comb will loosen it up.

  26. Are you still looking for remedies?! My pedi told me selsun blue - the medicated kind (there are several flavors, who knew?!) and it works, though smells VERY minty. All three of my kids had cc and I used it every time.

  27. My understanding was that cradle cap was caused by a yeasty kind of fungus. So the oil might help temporarily, but it will come back.

    Apple cider vinegar, diluted in water and used as a rinse, should kill the yeast. It's also a great hair conditioner. For us adults. :)

    Ivy might smell like a pickle jar but I'm sure you'll not mind.


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