November 14, 2008


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So, how do you wear your baby when it is cold outside?

Amber from Our Love Story wrote in: We are in WI and
last winter I had a heck of a time figuring out how to get the sling or carrier and the baby in the store and then baby in the carrier w/o having to set her on the floor while taking off my snow gear! I felt bad un-bundle-ing (is that a word :-) her in the car in the freezing cold plus I really didn't like having my coat off either.... any tips would be great!

Check out this piece of outerwear that I am drooling over... the new M Coat that you can wear as a maternity coat or while wearing baby underneath, then transform it into a regular fitted coat when it's just you!

And I found out about the awesome Babywearing Down Coat thanks to Marvelous Kiddo.

Right now with the autumn chill, I can wear Ivy in the
Peekaru and keep all warm & toasty. And this one works for a back carry, too!

It's been a while since I've had a newborn in the winter. What I usually do if I have to wear them out of the car is to climb in the backseat if I can and put baby in the sling before opening the car doors and letting the cold in. Then we bundle up. I'll usually put my coat back on (but can't button up) and then bundle with blankets and the tail of my sling if I'm wearing the ring sling. The Secure2Me blanket is also a great way to keep a blanket on without having to hold it in place.

Sometimes you might just have to do the stroller thing until you get inside wherever you are going- so you can bundle up the stroller as well. We have the JJ Cole Urban BundleMe for the infant car seat. Other options are the Secure2Me blanket, Stroller Suspenders to help keep blankets on, or the Winter Stroller Coat (I actually have this and can't wait to use it!) Just don't forget to take your sling with you!

I'd love to hear more tips on wearing your baby in the cold- so chilly weather Moms, let us know how you do it!

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  1. That purple coat is fantastic! What a great idea!


  2. Great ideas. Thanks for the links.

  3. It is COLD here in Utah, that is for sure. I primarily wear my ring sling, so when it's cold out, I hop in the back seat and get Libby into the sling. Then, I will put on my coat and wrap it around both of us. My coat is a bit big, so it will fit around us, it's really nice!
    Now for the knitters out there, you could knit this - -
    it just attaches onto your coat. I need to make one of these, PRONTO! It's getting colder out here!
    You could also knit this great poncho -

    Lots of great options to keep our little ones (and ourselves) extra warm this winter!

  4. what a cool coat!! i like the peekaroo

  5. They make babywearing coats? Some people are pure genius, you know that? What an awesome awesome idea. I wish they had these when Missy was little.

  6. Last winter when Troy was a newborn, I would use the ring sling and just try to pull my coat around him. Boring. I would have killed for that coat!

  7. I actually posted about this yesterday too! :)
    I put the RS on and then my coat. I do try to put Caden in from the back seat or else I just pop him in quick and pull my coat around the both of us, using the tail to cover him.
    My other suggestion... BabyLegs. It works great to give their little legs an extra layer of warmth.
    Check out my post too for other ideas. I love that purple coat! I haven't seen that before!

    Babywearing in Cold Weather

  8. Well, I'm from Canada, so it gets super-cold here (I'm from Southern Ontario where it's not so bad, but it's definitely way below zero most of the winter!). I bought this coat: for the winter and so far I LOVE it!! You can use it as a regular coat, maternity coat, wear baby on the front AND on the back - it's phenomenal! Haven't quite taken pics of us in it yet, but it's great.

  9. that baby-wearing coat is fantastic!!

  10. oh my goodness, that photo of you and ivy is adorable :)

    i did some winter babywearing knitting last year.

    and i found this on raverly:
    in her last photos she took an oversized parka and made a pouch in the back to make a bw'ing coat~ so clever!

  11. Good to know. In MN it gets pretty chilly so I was wondering how you wear babys then!

  12. I bundle baby up, bundle mama up and wear baby over my coat. The ergo fits great. I tuck a blanket around baby and we are set to go. It gets pretty cold here in WY and I have a 15 degree rule so there are days we just don't go out, but on the days we do my method hasn't failed me yet!

  13. That M Coat has to be the coolest thing I have ever seen!! That would be great for NC ice storms, but I don't know if we will be back home for any of them. Right now it is still pretty hot in Mobile AL.

    I actually have a large coat that I used with AJ when we lived in TN- I would zip him up next to me and carry him around. It's a huge coat though...the M Coat is so flattering...

  14. Oh my - I feel so special! I called my hubby him to show him that I am on a "famous blog!" Thanks for making my day, Steph!

    Great ideas from you, Steph, and all the other mamas!

    I actually put Evelyn in her coat into the Ergo which was put on over my coat. I just loosened the buckles a bit and we fit great! It was a little toasty for both of us after a while, but I could have easily taken off her coat.

    I LOVE the M Coat and Peekaru the best! Maybe the nice people at those companies can give you one of each to review and one to give away...hint, hint just in case the nice mamas who make M Coats and Peekaru's are reading! :-)

    Thanks Steph for who you are and for writing such a wonderful blog!!!!


  15. Oh the peekaru looks just my thing, will look into that.

    Great post. Thanks!

  16. love the coat roundup! thanks for the link love :)

  17. I also use my PEEKARU quite often. I loved them so much, I started selling them to help get the product out there! See my blog to get more info on them. I have to check out the purple coat too!


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