October 31, 2008

What's Your 'Stume?

Change is in the air. I'm talking about some good new things happening at 5 Minutes For Parenting, as well as explaining why or why not my kids may or may not go trick-or-treating.

And in case you missed it, here's a sneak peek at my costume.


  1. Thanks for your post at 5minfor parenting! Same here just trying to figure the parenting thing out!

    Growing up my parent let us walk around our street ti pick some treat up but personally I never enjoyed it! I was the weird kid that didn't like candy I know I was and still am ode LOL plus some costumes give me the creeps!!!!

    My husband on the other and never when or celebrate Halloween he is from a Dutch reform family that think this is a death holiday and that the evil one is being worship this way!

    So I'm like you I do not know what to think about this To go or not to go!

  2. I totally have those same kitchen scissors. That's really fun costume; so smart!

  3. Hey! I read your post at 5M4P and thought you might enjoy this post of a friend's from last year...it's the BEST thing I've ever read on Halloween. Great perspective and beautifully written: http://tiny.cc/bCbCt

  4. Growing up I never went trick or treating.. EVER!! haha.. My mom and dad did do something festive though.. like a treasure hunt or haunted house. But we didnt' dress up either..

    When I first had my children I wasn't going to do trick or treating.. and we still don't in a way. But we do visit friends and family, and join in our church activities. Our kids still get candy, get to dress up and have a Halloween.. :)

    Happy Halloween!!

  5. Hi, Stephanie! Caught the post over at Scribbit about you, and thought I'd drop by and tell you how much I appreciate the work you do at "5 Minutes." I recently came across the "5 Minutes for Special Needs" and it's been a great resource for my readers at EMN. I had to laugh, though, when I read about the money issues -- I have yet to figure out how to get those PAYING gigs online! Ah, well. Find your bliss and the rest will follow, right?

    Halloween was a non-issue when I was growing up -- we made caramel apples at home instead of ToT. I post my recipe for "REAL Caramel Apples" (no wrappers!) at EMN. Hope you can stop by sometime!

  6. I love it - a great costume! :) Have a great weekend, Steph!

  7. I never got to go trick r treating as a child because my parents felt it shouldn't be celebrated, but now it is one of my favorite holidays. But I am at a loss this year on what to do with the candy-Little Dude is big enough to know what it is, so this year will be practice for us in how to keep the candy at a minimum!

  8. I'm the chef, Hubby is the cookie Monster and the kids are both cookies ;) A little cardboard and a lotta paint!

  9. My kids have never been trick or treating either. For that matter, neither have I. We are "that" house on our street as well. I never knew what to think either, and now the years have flown by and the girls are older.
    I think tonight we may go to the movies.

  10. girl! you are so cute! This is the first time I've seen one of your videos!

    Can't wait to see the glitter!

  11. ok, so i wasn't gonna dress up, but since i knew i had pipecleaners and a headband laying around the house, i made myself up a headband just like yours, and am now going as a cat as well....lol.

    hope you don't mind.

    now i just need to find a way to make a tail....hmmmmmm.


  12. What a fun costume! We're throwing my son a little halloween party in an hour.

    Ever since my hubby and son bought me a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings from www.idonowidont.com for my birthday recently, I wanted to treat my son to a halloween bash!

    My costume is Marge Simpson of course!

  13. i love the costume! you are so cute :)

  14. BTW - I saw you asking if people got the title of this post... yeppers ;) You were referring to costume, correct? When you said "stume" :)

  15. Isn't that the truth about figuring things out along the way as parents. Even with a couple of degrees in child and family development, I find myself confused and questioning my decisions at times.

    As a kid I grew up in a very conservative home and we never celebrated Halloween. While in college, I did a little research on Trick-or-Treating and discovered that it was actually founded by the Methodist church to encourage children to be good on Halloween and not cause trouble. The good little children who weren't out "tricking" people would go around to their neighbors and get "treats". The history is very fascinating.


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