October 10, 2008


When Noah was just a baby and I would rock him in his nursery- right about the time that I was hit square in the head (and heart) with the realization of just what type of sacrifice was made for us when God sent His Son to die for us- (I still can't even fully fathom it, and am not sure I could do it), I would sing to him a song I made up.

Oh how I love Noah, he's my little boy

Oh how I love Noah, he is my pride and joy

Oh how I love Noah, what a good boy is he
Oh how I love Noah, he means so much to me

And for each child I would sing this song. In the womb, and then in my arms. And as they got older, they would sing with me.

Every single night of my pregnancy a chorus of three little boys would sing to their baby sister in my belly:

Oh how I love Ivy, she's my little girl

Oh how I love Ivy, she dances and she twirls

Oh how I love Ivy, what a good girl is she

Oh how I love Ivy, she means so much to me

And if you'd like to hear this tune, we are singing it for you here.


  1. That was the cutest thing _ever_

    P.S. I wish I could sing that high...

  2. I love how she waves her arms like she's conducting the song. That's really so sweet.
    My husband is much more the singer than I, so when our son was born, he created a lullaby to the tune of the Three Stooges song. It really got us through those sleepless nights!

  3. Oh you have a jewel there, Steph. All of you will cherish that little video for years and years to come and I, for one, am all emotional and drippy-eyed just watching it.

  4. This is so sweet.I am glad you sang it for us too, because I didn't quite get the tune until I hear you sing it. Precious.

  5. Oh she is precious and so are y'all! Again, this makes me want to be a mommy so bad!

  6. Loved the video! So precious!

  7. I'm so glad you posted that video, I was going batty trying to figure out the tune! Super cute!

  8. so cute especially when it was sang by the three brothers as well.


    my husband has a lullaby for the kids too.

    and he does exactly like you do, changing the names accordingly.

    btw, i ivy is such a pretty baby girl.

  9. That is adorable! I have a song that I made up for my babies, too! I love how your oldest is expressing himself, too!

  10. How lucky is she to be surrounded by her family who loves her -- and then serenaded by all of you! So sweet.

  11. We do the same thing - I tend to sing sweet songs to our Lil Sugar and my husband makes up silly songs - I really should let the tape recorder run a little more often and try to capture some of those, thanks for the inspiration!

  12. :) So very sweet. You inspired me to vlog- but when I went to make the video I couldn't stop laughing. So- I haven't actually vlogged yet. It would look more like a reel of bloopers.

  13. This was the medicine I needed this morning to feel better. I loved how you could hear Gray at the end. Noah was really giving his all with that head going back and forth. Loved it...

  14. That is way too adorable. I might have to tape some of our songs for Wiggle Man!

  15. That is so neat how you make up songs for your kids!

  16. this is so sweet! my little harper watched the video over and over :)


  17. That's so cute! We make up songs, but nothing quite so lullaby-ish lol what we create is made up words and such, calling the babies nicknames like 'Boogin Roo' and singing something like "Baby boo, Boogin' Roo, what are you doing?" while dancing and getting them calm. Yeah, we're huge dorks lol

  18. Just melt my heart why don't cha?

  19. That's just too cute! Ivy is such a lucky girl and your boys are so sweet :)


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