October 24, 2008

It's Time For A Change

Ivy and I just took the longest nap all snuggled up on my bed.

She has been smiling at the boys all day. SMILING!

I am getting all soap boxy over at 5 Minutes For Parenting today.
Probably something we know but don't want to hear.

And this is just about as political as you'll see me willing to get on the blog right about now:

But I encourage you to instead use code ABWdiapers for $10 off your first order so that I can get a little perk from your purchase!

You know how much in love I am with Ivy? One of my favorite things ever is to change her diaper. If only I could take a picture of her nakedness and the rolls on her thighs- oh my goodness I wish I could- but I just don't want to embarrass her permanently online forever someday.

And I am hoping I haven't already.


I love that Diapers.com sells cloth diapers as well as eco-friendly disposables... and they have super fast shipping. (I know this because I often order at the very last minute.) Remember to use my code-
ABWdiapers and I'll be forever grateful!

And if you are in the voting mood and want me to tell you who to vote for... how about me?


  1. Gas is $2.55 here today!~


  2. That video was hilarious! I was confused at first because I didn't watch it and thought it was really a political vid. ha.

  3. That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing some relief from the political circus. I'm getting so tired of it, and a cute little chubby cheeked baby sitting on a potty really helped me forget for a bit!

  4. Oh how funny! Thank God it wasn't another political ad. ;)

    And gas here is cheapo too. 2.13!

  5. Cute post - glad you've decided not to post Ivy's nakedness. She'll be thankful :)

  6. Okay.. I was so expecting something else.. that was too funny!!

  7. The video is really funny!! It really is a relief compared to all the other political ads and phone calls and mailings!

  8. cute video!

    No diaper wearers here anymore, but I will share it with others.

    I miss those baby napping days. ummm, So sweet.

  9. Speaking of diapers...Big Lots has 7th Generation Disposables for $8 a pack. A very good deal! Call before you drive to make sure your location has them. :-)

  10. That gave me a good little giggle. Funny!
    Don't you just love snuggly baby naps!!

  11. Do you know that I was just about to post about Diapers.com?! And I was going to give my little code out too!


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