October 23, 2008

Those Hannah Montana Wigs Are Just Freaky

We have never really participated in Halloween with the kids before, but do love a good costume party.

Yesterday the boys came home begging to go to Halloween Night at school and since it was going to be just me & them at home by ourselves anyway, and because I've been feeling convicted about saying no to them for far too much and yes to everyone else,
I thought why not?

I can dress the kids up, take all four into a crowded school by myself- I've got it covered.

What was I thinking?

Do you know how many little boys exactly Carter's size came as Obi Wan Kenobi, too? And don't get me started about the Hannah Montanas. Those wigs are freaky. I'm just saying.

It went pretty well. Thank goodness for the sling. Ivy slept the entire time. Gray's dino costume lasted much longer than I expected. Long enough even for a quick picture with all their friends. It was right before that Kodak moment that I had to turn my head to hide the tears.

Tears on Halloween Night.

I've just se
en Noah come so far, and to see friends run up to him excited that he was there... putting their arms around him. If you could have just seen his eyes and smile light up the entire place.

There wasn't one bit of darkness to be found.

And to watch Carter... the second he entered the school his arms went up and he was saying hey! to every child and adult there. He knew everyone. He would compliment their costume and make sure they knew he was glad to see them. And I could just see Carter, my little class president- pointing his shooter finger and giving a wink as he walked through the halls.

Grayson has no fear, and his Tyrannosaurus Rex impersonation even made a little girl jump, to his delight. He would find every single child there that was his size or smaller and go right up to their face and growl.

I said sorry a lot.

We learned about static electricity...

Carter: This robe is giving me the shocks.

We learned that the brain and the intestines look alike according to Noah's body drawing. (Don't you just love the glasses?). And they do. Quite an interesting gut-brain connection, I say.

I learned that saying yes more to the kids for the right things is quite fulfilling.

Awesome, actually.


  1. I love it, what a great night for all of you!!


  2. Good for you for saying YES!! Looks like you had a great time!

  3. Cute costumes! Hannah Montana ticks me off. I like some of the clothes, but hate the fact that its all her. Can it not have all those logos and cost that much? *sigh*

    BTW I gave you an award :)


  4. Oh how fun! Good job getting the 4 out to a costume party! I went to the library with 2 today and it was crazy. (long story, post up tomorrow about it)

    And yes, Hannah Montana wigs are scary, but the show is super cute and wholesome; my little neighbors back in NC love it.

  5. Oh my goodness, they're adorable. Sounds like such a fun night.

  6. Awesome!! You did it! 4 kids at a crowded party all by yourself. You ARE getting the hang of it, hon.

  7. glad it was a success. I was nervous the first time I took all four somewhere by myself but quickly learned it can be done! And with out being sent to a nut farm :)

  8. Isn't it intriguing that something like Halloween can bring all that magic!? I guess it's just kinda kid theater... at its best!

  9. It is great to see kids in their own enviroment. Sometimes they choose not to share their whole life with us and it is both a proud and ittersweet moment when we see how they act in a different enviroment. It makes us realize that we are teaching them right and it isnt just going in one ear and out the other when we tell them to say pls and thanks.

  10. Horraaaaay! You are super mom! And yes I agree those wigs are just freaky!

  11. You go Super Mom. You are more brave than I thats for sure...

  12. You amaze me.
    Just sayin'

    I'm glad everyone had a great time. Wigs and all.

  13. What a great night for them and you! They are very cute in their costumes too. What fun, what fun!

  14. How fun! I agree. Saying "Yes" is ALOT more fun than saying "No."

  15. You are very brave, but what a great payoff to see your kids interacting so wonderfully with others.
    And I agree that Hannah Montana wigs are scary.

  16. I've felt like a horrible mom this year because it's as if I've reached my limit with Halloween. I'm so tired of trying to coming up with the costumes that this year I wanted to throw up my hands. They all want to be these complex things--not just a robot they want to be Iron Man. Not just a pirate, Jack Sparrow.

    Grumble. Do I sound completely grumpy? :)

  17. Sounds like a GREAT night :)

  18. I was once told: the fewer the 'nos' the better the day goes. Most of the time it's true.

  19. It is so fun to say yes to our kids for the right stuff. The best part is that it encourages it for the future. And that, looks like one fun night!

  20. What a fabulous evening! Glad it went so well.

  21. I''m so glad you went and were able to handle all the kids. The pic is great. I love how you posted about their personalities at school. Isn't it fun to just sit back and watch your child's personality come out?! I love it! What a privilege we have to be their mommas?!

  22. Glad the night wasn't scary! Those are the best Parenting Moments, thought they are bittersweet.

    You have an award at my place. Come get it.

    Get Your Award Here!


  23. I am so glad you took them. Noah looks like you in last picture.

  24. These pictures are HILARIOUS. I kind of wish kids could dress like this all the time. Little ninjas and star wars guys... you're right about those wigs, though. Ick.

  25. You are such a good mom, Steph!

  26. Isn't it the best watching your kids happy in their element? Loved the growling dino bit.

    And 'yes' is too often overlooked as a choice. ;)

  27. Sometimes, it just works.

    And I couldn't agree more about the Hannah Montana wigs. There are some costumes that just freak me out.


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