September 5, 2008

So Just What Day Will It Be?

You want to play a little guessing game about when my baby will arrive? Head on over to 5 Minutes For Mom and enter the When Will Steph's Baby Arrive? contest!

I have been asked a lot lately if I plan to live blog the birth. Um, notsomuch. But I might be more likely to Twitter here and there, so you can follow me (I'm babysteph) and you might be ahead of the rest on knowing what is going on!

Also, be sure to check out the great links over at 5 Minutes For Parenting today.


  1. I guessed September 10th @ 10PM. So take it easy, your little one will be arriving any day now...

  2. I've never been good at this. I was completely off on my daughter's birthday thinking I would go a few days past my due date. She came 1 1/2 weeks early instead.

    But I entered a guess anyway. It's still fun to try to predict these things.

  3. I put my guess in!! Have a happy labor my friend...and enjoy that little darling when she arrives. I can't wait to hear about her!

  4. Wait a mean you aren't going to live blog your birth? LOL What a hoot.

    I wanted a play by play on your blog complete with where you happened to be that moment while you were trying to manage the pain of childbirth. hee

  5. I enjoyed your interview over at
    5MFM! Good luck with your new addition. I had my youngest daughter in Sept, and I loved it. I love her birthday being in Sept. too!

    Very cute blog!

  6. I'm so excited for you!!! Heading over to make my guess. My prayers are with you for a safe and easy delivery! *hugs*

  7. live blog your birth LOL *giggle*snort* uh, riiiiiiiight

  8. I put my guess in earlier today - I think that Mamma knows!

  9. I am looking forward to those birthing tweets sister! ;-)




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