September 11, 2008

Better Full Than Empty

I'm talking about that crazy wonderful thing that comes with having a big family over at 5 Minutes For Parenting today.


  1. Sorry your link seams to not be working it says error 404?

  2. I was able to get through...

    I was curious to know if you always knew you wanted a bigger family. And have you just felt right when you are supposed to start trying again or do you just chose not to prevent? We have one and will start trying again soon I'm sure. It's been a question of mine, though, since I've had the first. I'm very sure it's different for everybody :).

  3. I think I have been guilty of gawking at church at the family who has 8 kids. But they so obviously get along and work together. I think kids who grow up in big families have a much easier time getting along with people because they are used to it! We'd like 4 ourselves...but right now I'm concentrating on getting #1 into the world without going insane!

  4. Everyone I know with larger families handles it with more grace than I do my "average" one. Hmmm . . . On to something perhaps?

  5. OMG! I just read your post. I actually had a mom at William's preschool see me with William alone yesterday... we were running and playing, something I haven't gotten to do much of until NOW, and she goes, "William must crave the attention alone with all the kids at home." I have 4 kids. Now 50. And WIlliam embraces his brothers. I embrace the fact that we have been blessed enough to give him 3 brothers! It kills me how some people just can say the most opinionated things about such sacred things as family.
    - AUdrey


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