August 9, 2008

the playlist

Here is the first of probably several playlists I'll have ready for the birth day. I usually find quiet and slow instrumental music to be most soothing, and these songs each have a happy but peaceful energy that I am excited to invite for the coming of my new baby. And coincidentally most of them reference birth and water and movement and flow.

far far- yael naim
proudest monkey- dave matthews
free/bliss/billy breathes/swept away- phish
sleeping- glen hansard & marketa irglova
five string serenade- mazzy star
song for mahila- yo la tengo
how my heart behaves- feist
walking after you- foo fighters
upward over the mountain- iron & wine
hallelujah- jeff buckley
i'm ready- tracy chapman
concerning the ufo sighting...- sufjan stevens
be here now- ray lamontagne


  1. Do you mind if I add a suggestion?

    Jon Foreman's "In My Arms" is gorgeous, tender, honest. It's my theme song for this pregnancy (am I the only one who has theme songs for events...?)

    Check it out at iTunes. I am familiar with most of the songs on your list, but I am going to go listen to snippets of the ones I haven't heard. Great choices.

  2. gretchen from lifenutAugust 09, 2008 6:18 AM

    The gretchen above is me. Pay no attention to the mascot blog...LOL. How did THAT get on there?

  3. I remember my first labor and telling hubby that he needed to change the music-the slow stuff (which was the majority of what I chose ahead of time)was making me crazy and I needed something much faster to calm me down. You'll have to let us know what kind of music speaks to you most when the big moment arrives. (P.S. The ladybug shoes were WAY cute!)

  4. I should think about birthing music too! What a great idea!

    Oh btw to bad you live so far I would have send some of the left over of the cauliflower soup to you!!!!


  5. Very nice!

    I'm just stopping by from blogging the recession.

  6. Good choices! Hallelujah,
    I'm Ready, and
    Concerning the UFO Sighting were all on my birth playlist (along with about five other Sufjan songs..).

  7. So Miss Stephanie, are you a singer?
    I ended up not doing this, my pain was never bad during his birth...but
    I thought that you might find this interesting...

  8. This doesn't fit the mood, but while I was in my pushing stage, "I like to Move It Move It" came on our stereo. It added a little bit of fun. :)

  9. Great list! Way yo get that birth plan ready! Soon.

  10. Hallelujah is probably the #1 song I remember from the two or three days preceding Suzi's birth. (I thought I should've had her by then, because she was a bit late.) I just love that song! Mine was the Rufus Wainwright version though. It sounds like your birth experience is going to be beautiful. I can't wait to read about how it goes, because I'm hoping to have a homebirth the next time I get pregnant.

    Oh, and have you heard Alison Krauss's "Baby Mine?" It's so beautiful it makes me cry a little.

  11. I'm loving 'i'm ready' and
    'be here now'!!!


  12. Sigh. Beautiful list. I hope they speak to your heart.

  13. I know not one of those songs. I remember toting our big cd player to the hospital (this was before
    the mp3 player) for my births. Am I really that old, or did I just have my girls young? A little of both I think!

  14. I'm new to your blog...are you planning on a water birth? Wondered since you talked about music with "birth and water". I've been to some births that have used water and it was amazing to watch!

  15. Great list! I SO wish my ipod was working so I could take it to the hospital. OY!


  16. What a great playlist. I love "Five Sting Serenade." It's so peaceful and beautiful!

  17. How cute is that picture? GAH.

    Ok, so I seriously need a cd of these, I don't have half of them!

  18. OK! if you have the playlist ready, you're ready to go!

  19. oh my a playlist for birth day what a great idea..i am of to look at my ipod..hmmm wondering if the wife will feel that she should have say on what makes it onto the playlist...grins..

  20. You know, Steph, you are turning me on to this natural birth stuff. I cannot wait to hear all about it after Ivy girl is here. I feel like I know you and your mom even though I don't, really.

  21. Great songs. PERFECT! And is that your cute belly with the ear phones on it? SO cute!

  22. How's your preggo going? I'm 35 weeks today!!!

  23. LOVE the playlist--it's just perfect.

  24. Oh, I haven't listen to Tracy Chapman in awhile...

    Great choices.

  25. Stephanie:

    I have birthed four babies to Bach by the Sea. I highly recommend it and it would go nicely with your waterbirth!

  26. My boys were both born with Enya playing in the background (first at hospital and second at home :). It was NICE!!!


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