August 25, 2008

Don't Touch That Dial

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) I'll be a guest on Behind The Blog at Blog Talk Radio with hosts Melanie from Don't Try This At Home and Karen of Simply Amusing. Tune in at 12 pm CST if you'd like, and phone in with some questions! I've already promised Melanie that even if I'm in labor, I'll still be on the show! (A nice option when you're having a homebirth... ) You can listen to the archives later on, and also at iTunes (search Behind The Blog) if you aren't available when we're live, too!

Also, if you haven't voted for some other Hot Blogger yet, feel free to vote for me- scroll down to Steph (Adv In Babywearing).

Later tomorrow I'll also be answering my next installment of Your Babywearing Questions!


  1. Nicky will be in school and the baby will likely be sleeping so I'll be there tomorrow.

    And I best go vote for you since I was one (of the many I'm sure) of those who nominated your pretty little self.

  2. Congrats! I'll make sure I try to listen in!

    Also, I've tagged you for a meme:

  3. I tried to vote for you but the link didn't work for me for some reason.

  4. You get to do some way fun things huh? Very nice.

    I tried to vote and the link wasn't working.

  5. I will try to tune in live. But it's rough now that we have started back to school. If I can't listen live, I will listen at night after kids are in bed.

  6. Good luck tomorrow and in the contest (I'm up too but man, there are some VERY popular bloggers blowing us away, aren't there? lol)

    The site is down but people can still vote here: (males) & here: (females)

  7. I will tune in on my lunch hour. I did give you a vote.

  8. Hope you have fun at your interview!

  9. voted!~
    I love the birth stories you've been sharing.

  10. Amy and I just listened to your radio show...we had 1 little speaker betweeen the two of us cause all the office speakers are broke in the office. You did a fabulous job...You are a star! Can we have your autograph?


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