August 20, 2008

Babywearing In Style

A class I was sure to attend at the Babywearing Conference was Babywearing In Style, led by Hotslings creator Kristen DeRocha.

Kristen began by explaining that whenever we are dressing "in style", we should be considering our age, body type, and stage of life we are in. And of course this can be carried over to the styles of baby carriers we choose.

As most of us are busy Moms, a simple, easy-to-care-for styles is best. These days there are a vast array of choices when shopping for baby carriers. Be sure to consider comfort and fit as well as something you'll want to wear in public. Very important: your image is on display!

Now, I know not all of you, dear readers, are that concerned about your sling matching your outfit (and somedays we are just happy to have matching tops and bottoms period. Or just to be out of our pajamas.)

But, for those of us that do get into the whole stylish babywearing thing, here are some really great tips, according to Kristen:

  • Your shirt should match your sling. Your sling does not have to be according to your baby's gender. So, it is perfectly OK to wear a pink sling if you have a boy (and if it matches your outfit!)
  • Fitted shirts are worn best under slings. They look less bulky and more flattering. Avoid baggy or baby doll shirts if you can while babywearing.

  • Adjust frequently. If you want to look your best, be sure to check in with a mirror once in a while to make sure that your shirt underneath isn't riding up, baring your bra strap, or showing too much skin.

  • Wear your carrier neatly & correctly. Your sling should always be properly worn- not only for safety but also for style. Be sure it's not folded up or bunched in the back, and if you are wearing a mei tai or other carrier with straps, make sure they aren't accentuating unsightly bulges.

  • Stay clean. Spot check that sling for lint and other stains before going out!
If you can, it is recommended to have in your wardrobe at least one solid sling and two or more print, funky, or dressy styles.

If you'll be nursing in your sling, nursing shirts are a great option for staying in style and keeping it together without baring all. Wearing layers such as a tank underneath your top that you can easily lower the neckline to nurse is helpful as well as wearing a belly band to cover your stomach while nursing but still stay looking neat.

For plus-size babywearers, carriers with wide straps like the Baby Ball Overall mei tai and wider wrap slings are a good choice. If you can, wear a shirt over buckled carriers. And if you choose a printed or patterned sling, larger prints are better for larger bodies. Smaller prints tend to make the body look larger.

No matter what your style is, it's most important that you and baby are comfortable and content with your baby carrier. Wear your baby with confidence and ease, and anything will look good on you!

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  1. i reckon i totally agree with you about the fitted tee while babywearing...better still, the longer fitted tee to avoid baring the yummytummy mummy have...hahhaa!

  2. Another great blog I'll probably link to over at BabySlingBlog! Congrats on the new blog dig!

  3. And remember there are morthan just slings out ther -- if one carrier doesn't work for you - there will be another that does.

    Think I'll be ok? I only have 5 (6 once the last one I have have in the works is done - my brocade and silk dress up sling) ring slings, 3 wraps, 2 Mie Ties, and one Sling Tie.....


  4. I wish I could have you style Steph!!!!

    My husband like strange combo of colors and flowers pattern! And his modesty limitation are different then some people (ankle length dress or skirt no shorter are what he prefer)

    I got into the habit of dressing myself to please him and Him so sometimes I do look kinda funny! Thankfully I have a sense of humor!

  5. Great information! Thanks!

  6. I canuse my hot pink/mint green adorable ring sling even though I have a boy?!
    Wow that is great news, really!

  7. Oh what a total riot. I dunno. I think it's fun to have a cute sling but I don't put that much thought behind it. It's there to snuggle my baby. But then again, I don't put that much thought into my outfits period LOL

  8. Oh i just love this post thank you!

  9. Here's a question for you: Do you know any exercises that can strengthen a mama (or a dad) to carry that little one around? I'm five months along with my first and I love the idea of babywearing (tried it briefly with my little cousin and his mom was so surprised at how much he liked it!), but I'm not terribly fit and I'm wondering whether I'll have the stamina, or the strength in my back, to keep on with it. Know anything that would help?

  10. What a fun conference! You are really getting around and having fun at the end of this pregnancy.

    FYI - I'm officially completely sponsored! Thanks for all your help and making me believe it could happen.

  11. Steph, I don't want you to think I am ignoring your blog or becoming a lurker. I just don't know what to say most of the time. I never wore my babies, and the opportunity has passed me by.
    So, if I just leave a lame remark like "cool" or "you rock", it's cause I think you are, and I don't know what else to say.

  12. Love your great info! Anyone heard if/when the 2009 babywearing conference will be held? I'd love to make it to one some day.


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