July 24, 2008

On Broken Bones And Pigs

I'm pulling from the archives for my post at 5 Minutes For Parenting today. But it's one of my favorites.

Also, if you can believe it, this glamorous blogger happens to be the main writer for my county's Fair Blog. I've written a post about our little venture there last night.


  1. I loved your 5 Mins for Parenting post. Archives are a blessing to blogger and reader alike, I think. :)

  2. Sounded like a fun night at the Fair. I can't wait to get over there and have me some Fried Veggies! I enjoyed reading your Fair Blog about Alice.

  3. i love that post! brings tears every time.

  4. Whew, your county fair is a whole lot better than ours, down here in good old Hancock County. I mean, the Doodlebops? What fun! :)

    It's ok though, I live 10 minutes from Indianapolis so the Indiana State Fair should do! This year's fair food is banana foster's cheesecake on a stick...who would miss that?!?! LOL

  5. That was a great post at 5 minutes! I love that thought about a scar showing that healing has taken place. I'm dealing with some raw wounds right now, but know that soon they too will bear the signature of my Father's healing touch. Thanks for your encouragign comment!

  6. Hey "Steph" of all trades, I've left you an award. Come See! : )


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