July 20, 2008

Goodbye, San Francisco

It's time to pack and head for home. This morning we plan to do some sightseeing and shopping before making our way back to Chicago. This trip has been more amazing than I could have imagined.

I've been a bad blogger and haven't taken any pictures. But I have plenty of great friends here with better cameras, so this week I'll have to post some good ones. I'm sure there are many. Last night at dinner alone is sure to have some good pics including the sharing of a very large and very yummy hot fudge sundae. I went to a 50's diner with Mary, Arianne, Shannon, Melanie, Janice & Susan, Stephanie, Christine, Nicole, & Heather.

I'm so thankful for the opportunity and grateful for the sweetness of my hubby the entire time I've been gone- sending me emails like this:

"OK Boys, I'm going to work out now.
Don't bother Daddy or talk to me about
anything unless you're bleeding, barfing
or someone is choking. Leave me alone
until 3:40. Understand?"

Noah: "Yes"
Carter: "YES!"
Gray: "yes"

later... during the workout:

Noah: "Daddy, can we go outside"
Daddy: "Are you bleeding?"
Noah: "No"
Daddy: "Are you barfing?"
Noah: "No"
Daddy: "Is someone choking?"
Noah: "No"
Daddy: "Then ask me when it's 3:40"

then later...

Noah: "Daddy, Gray hit me with a transformer!"
Daddy/Noah question answer sequence repeated.

then later...

Noah: "Can we stop up the sink?"
Daddy/Noah question answer sequence repeated.

then later...

Carter: "Why can't we stop up the sink?"
Daddy/Carter question answer sequence repeated.

then later...

Noah: "Daddy?"
Daddy/Noah question answer sequence repeated.

Well, I made it to 3:40 with only a few instances.
Man, these kids really need to work on self control.

We're having fun though.

Love you!


I tried to do my yoga today with the boys. The first two got kicked out while
the third left out of boredom.
Carter's last straw was when he decided to sit
down, watch the screen
compared to me and point out all the flaws in my form.
"Your knee isn't
bent enough Daddy!"

Glad you're getting rested and having fun. That's what times like this

is for.

Love you very much.

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  1. Have a safe trip home! I can't wait to see photos.

    Your husband's emails are great, and I'm wondering why the boys wanted to stop up the sink? I can only imagine!

  2. Our husbands sound like THE SAME GUY!
    Travel safely!

  3. hilarious. roo's new catchphrase is "just once, I promise" and she repeats it ad infinitum, too...

  4. I am laughing my socks off. Have a safe trip back home...Leaving now to meet your fabulous, fit hubby and boys for lunch...

  5. Found you via Scribbit and am loving your posts. Hopefully next year I'll be at Blogher - sounds like everyone had a great time. I'll be back - love the blog

  6. Glad you had a great time.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful husband and father for your children. I'm happy to be blessed with one too.

  7. Hey our husbands are brothers.

    When M & T are stuck (by stuck I mean the only other option besides locking them in the closet b/c Mommy just CANNOT take them) with Daddy, he quarantines them for a minimum of the first 1/2 hour....just to wear off whatever effects of me are left on them.

    That didn't make sense ...let me try again....

    okay you know what I mean. I should've just put a simple. ...LOL.

    NAP? for meeee??
    maybe HA!

  8. Have a great trip home. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm sure all the boys of yours are so excited. I love the updates from your husband, particularly the yoga attempt:)

  9. LOL.. that email was tooo funny. How awesome about meeting all those great ladies :). I have enjoyed your picts and your "twits". I hope to go next year if its on the East Coast and maybe we could meet then :)

  10. What a funny email from your husband. I would be lucky to get more than a "we're fine. love you. come home NOW." :)

    Oh I so wish I was there with everyone at BlogHer. I am so sorry that I missed it but I'm looking forward to the ReachOut Tour when it comes here to Nawlins in October. :)

  11. LOL have a safe trip home - and your hubby is TOO FUNNY!!!

  12. Great emails!

    I know you cannot wait to get home and see all of your boys!

  13. Hum....sounds like my workouts during the summer with both boys home. HA! Can't wait to talk to you about your trip. =) YAY!


  14. Your hubby is so sweet! And I love the "Can we stop up the sink?"...that is just priceless. I see what my future will be now that I'll be having a house full of boys.

  15. Well, your husband's ordeal is ALL too familiar in our parts and we only have ONE CHILD TALKING! What will I do when we have more and they all can talk?! Goodness! Its so hard to teach children to be patient and wait! Anyway... I hope you have a great time sightseeing and a safe trip back! I know you're missing your family!

  16. It's nice that he keeps you updated on the happenings at home.

  17. You have such a darling hubby! And he even does yoga...impressive!

  18. This is one of those e-mail that I was talking about over dinner! Too freaking cute :) You are one lucky and blessed mama!

  19. OMGosh...that is soooo true! My kids drove me to distraction when I would work out at home. So I joined a gym and started working out. Then summer came around...and I haven't worked out since. When they go back NEXT WEEK, I'll start hitting the gym!


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