July 9, 2008

I'm Not There

Ok, I am not sure if you've noticed, but although it seems I've been here- which I have, in a way, so stick with me- I have not been here like I usually am. My feet haven't touched the ground for weeks now and won't for a couple more... I don't know if I've ever been so busy in my entire life. And oh, almost 30 weeks pregnant, too. I have been working very hard on something very exciting that launches tomorrow, and can't wait to share it with you. This weekend is the big NWI bloggy meet up as well as a professional preggy photo shoot in Chicago that I won from Katja ages ago. And um, Blogher is next week. People, I don't yet know what I'm going to wear. AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

And hello- how awesome are you? Ali shared the love with me and is it cheesy to want to just share this with all of you? I mean, I am not sure if I've ever felt such encouragement and support from comments on my blog like I have this week alone. I wrote three sentences in my post yesterday and look at all the love that poured in! I can't thank you enough. I feel so much stronger and able with you all lifting me up. Does that sound weird? Because it's how I really feel. It is so fulfilling to open up and reveal my life with all of you and know you really get me and actually care. You are amazing.

So, I feel like I've been soaking up all the love while I've not even really been here. It's your time to shine. It's time to lift yourself up. I already love you. What do you love about yourself? Be honest. Be vain. Be real. I want to know!


  1. And so I am the first to drench love on myself....well, here it goes....

    I love my hair -- esp with my recent cut! And sticking to my workout routine has caused a new appreciation for my body -- spider veins and all.

    I cannot wait to see the new preggy pics. I bet they'll be awesome!!!


    PS I'll miss you all this weekend. Lots of family stuff going on here.

  2. Thanks, Steph, for sharing the love! It is easy to love you and your mom because y'all are such amazing women! :)

    What do I love about myself? It is hard for me to talk about myself a lot, but I'd say I love that I have such a compassionate heart. I love to help others, and do things to make them feel special!

  3. I like that I have uniquely-colored eyes and dimples. I am also really vain about my small feet. LOL. I cried when, at just like 13 weeks pregnant, I had to buy a 7 1/2 for the first time ever. Stinky swollen feet!

  4. What do I love about me?


    I love how much I love my daughter. I love how much I love words.

    And I love you, too! :)

  5. I love that I have been blessed to be a mom. Some other things I love about me is my ability to make others smile and laugh. I enjoy life and enjoying sharing it with the people God has strategically placed in my life!

  6. I love.........

    Something most may not love about themselves.....

    I'm not afraid to say what's on my mind. Ick! It doesn't always come out the right way, and I do have a tendency to open my mouth big enough so my foot fits nicely, but I'm pretty bold, and I kinda think that comes in handy, more times than not.

  7. I love my singing voice. I am singing at a wedding this weekend and that is one of my favorite things to do in this life. I love being able to share it with others...

    Thanks for Sharing the Love with all of us Steph!

    Can't wait to hear your news too! Maybe after BlogHer you can get some rest?

  8. Can I first say this? You are handling EVERYTHING with such grace and style that I'm in awe of you. Seriously, girl. You're a class act.

    OK. What do I love about myself? I love my hair -- it's long and thick and I don't have to mess with it much. I love that I love to laugh and make others laugh. I love that I have a bedrock of strength in my soul that comes from knowing my Maker. I love that I can cook (finally, after all these years).

  9. Uh... what do I love about myself? I guess that I'm compassionate and yet practical. I might sit and cry with ya for a few, but then I'm going to help ya off the floor and tell you to get back at it. ;)

    Have fun in Shecago this weekend!

  10. First of all I love that you're doing the belly shots. Have you done it before? I finally did it with my most recent babe and I love love love those pictures. Can't wait to see yours.

    Okay, now what do I love about me?

    I'm a straight shooter. I say what I mean and I mean what I say. It's good to be comfortable enough with who I am to do that.

    Have a great time at all your "stuff" coming up!

  11. I love that I am positive most of the time. I think I'm pretty. I'm a good cook. I love that I was able to finish school even with kids.

    Hey, the great thing about being so busy is you can't fuss over being pregnant. It will make it go so much faster. Mine has. We have been busy for the last three months and it is hard to believe I'm due next week! Now, just in time, things have calmed down.

  12. I don't know how you do it all, not to even mention your 30 weeks along.I hope you are proud of yourself.

    What I love about me? That I'm a lover and a giver. I do love that my crooked eyebrow frame my eyes. I've always loved my eyes.

  13. I'm not sure how you keep going! It makes me tired reading all that you have on your plate, and I'm not pregnant. You're amazing!:)

    Hmm...what do I love about myself? I love that I'm really good with makeup. I do bridal makeup at a salon, and I LOVE it. I love seeing brides transform on their wedding day. Even more, I love it when my friends ask me to do makeup for special occasions...or just because!
    I like that I make friends easily, and I like that people say that I have an excellent sense of humor. And I like that I'm open-minded and do my best to not judge.

  14. girl! you make me tired sometimes! i don't know how you do it ALL! super mom! and i can't wait to see the pics! i'm sure they turned out great!

    what do i like about myself? my personality, the way my brothers and i look like each other, my ability to multi task.... i'm really good at that!!!

  15. Good luck with figuring out what to wear! And thanks for sharing the love!

    I love that I am cleaning cages for two new bunnies this week without too much fuss - boy, am I flexible!

  16. Right now, I'm lovin' my toenails! I'll post a pic of them later.

    BTW, you deserve every ounce of that bloggy love!

  17. Thanks for the post Steph! and thanks for sharing the love!

    Preggy pic sound like tuns of fun, I sure you will look great!!!

  18. you're going to be a busy lady! Don't over do it ;) I'm anxious to hear how the doc appointment went and your birth plan...are you doing a water birth? I'm being awfully nosy LOL

  19. so jealous you get to go to blogher :-) im sure you will find something 2 wear.. and you are always very stylish. :-)

  20. Have fun finding outfits for all those events coming up...and shoes!!! My husband does not understand the need to have more than four or five pair of shoes (and those include climbing and mountaineering shoes). He'd pass out if he saw your shoe collection, even more if he knew it's my dream to grow mine. =)

    As for what I love about me....I love my red hair and green eyes, my ability to think quickly and help out people when they are in need, my cooking, my ability to be girlie but love primitive camping and outdoor climbing, and I currently love the fact that I finally have something to put into a bra thanks to pregnancy. Yeah, I know it's fleeting, but after asking God for boobs for 34 years, I'm going to be grateful for whatever I get, even if I still resemble a pear. =)

  21. Ahh, Steph...you are so incredible! I don't know how you do it! I can't wait to see what is a-happening tomorrow!!

    As for myself, I love the fact that I'm never afraid to cry. I just let it all out!

  22. I think you are amazing for staying so busy 30 weeks preggo with 3 little boys!

    I love that I can be ready to go ANYWHERE in 10-15 minutes and feel confident when I get there.

  23. I love my belly button.

    You are so busy, gal!

  24. I don't know how you do it Steph. latrly I feel like I am a mess. What do I love? I love that I am a little insane.

  25. Soaking in love is wonderful isn't it!?

    ---What do you love about yourself?----

    I love that I can make my children's eyes twinkle with delight. I love that I can still sit for hours on end with my husband and just chat about the nonsensical stuff. I love that I enjoy running around all day with the kids and still feel like there isn't enough hours in the day for more fun. I love that my best girl friends are from elementary, hs, and college days.I love that I'm meeting new and great friends everyday. I love that I have this life that has my family and friends surrounding it.

    Sorry for the novel. Just when I couldn't think of what to write in my own blog! hehe

  26. I love that I could be vain and still have a wife, a 5-year old and 2-year old that would love me.


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  27. I love how much I love my husband and kids and that I mostly do a great job of taking care of them. Except this week. And last week.

    Which makes me love how forgiving I am! Hee hee.

  28. I just got my hair did yesterday and I LOVE it! I also love my eyes, although right now they are swollen from lack of coffee. They are big and brown and I think they are my best feature. I also think that I am kind and truthful.

    Can't wait to see those pictures!

  29. Thanks for sharing the love, Steph! I'm excited to see you and everyone else this weekend.

    I have a way easier time naming things I don't love about myself, but I'll try to play along.
    Hmmm? I guess the one thing I love about myself is that I'm real. What you see is what you get. I can't be fake, or fake it very well. I actually had an employer reprimand me once because I don't hide what I'm feeling (as in one should always be smiley and cheerful- you know 24/7.) I am an open book, and I actually like that about myself. If you catch me on a bad day, I won't take it out on you, but you'll be able to tell how I'm feeling by just looking at my face.

  30. yay, girlfriend...you totally deserve it! good for you...keep on walking! :) hope you have a relaxing weekend!!!

  31. I love that I try to see the best about every situation -- notice I said "try".

    Honestly, I don't know how you do it. Girl, I am in awe when I read about all you have going on. I hope that you know that you are an inspiration. Some days, I feel overwhelmed with everything and it's nice to have a reminder that other moms are busy too -- and that we CAN do it.

    Good luck with the preg pics - I know they'll be wonderful!


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