June 21, 2008

You Asked

Today I am off to the spa and I am pretty sure spinach pizza and this movie (which I love) is in our future. As well as maybe some belly painting or something? We're wild and crazy like that.

Anyway- here's your questions and here's some answers.

Haley asked: When did your boys start crawling?

Noah was a little past 8 months old when he started crawling- and it was this weird crab-like leg crawl- not your normal baby crawl. But then again he never did anything normal. Carter was about 7 months and did everything early- including being born almost 10 lbs and getting teeth at 2 months old. Gah! Gray was, well, a blogged baby- so I have it right here! 7 months old.

Arianne said: What I want to know is...do you snore?

Just so you know, this is totally a loaded question because we are roomies at Blogher next month (which by the way I am giving away $250 for Blogher here).

And yes, Arianne. I snore. : )

DesignHER Momma commented: I would like to hear about how you time manage your boys, home, having fun and still having a rockin' blog that you maintain so well.

Oh, I have no idea- to be honest! I think the major thing that helps is the older two boys being in school during the day (except this summer- I do have one in summer school) and my "rockin' blog" is a result of getting up really early most days, thanks to this pregnancy, and doing my writing then. It used to be that I'd stay up way too late at night to keep up with the blogging world but now I crash around 9:45 PM (usually earlier) - not kidding. And getting to go out and have fun is all in thanks to an awesome hubby that insists that I go out and have my "me" time which often involves dinner with my girls.

And the house, well, it's lived in. But tidy, and we have clean clothes. And only occasionally does hubby have to dry off with a hooded ducky towel.

Naomi asks:
What shoes are you going to wear?!

Well, do you mean today? Since I am going to the spa and just hanging out, I'll be wearing my Born flip flops. Comfort is key. But if you're meaning to Blogher? Um, let's just say I may be taking an extra suitcase just for shoes. No matter if they charge extra. But, if you want to be technical, my Marc Fisher pink Osteria slingback wedges and Enzo Hypnotics will definitely be making an appearance.

How did you go about weaning your boys...?

Well, with my first two, I planned to breastfeed for the first year and they were both done nursing around 13 months. I nursed Gray with no timeline (although I did desire to nurse at least the first two years) and he is officially weaned now- since the past month or so. (He's 2 1/2). Early in this pregnancy I did stop nursing him because I was so sick and weak, but then we started up again. But now, it's been maybe more than a month since he last had "boo". After a while it was just less & less frequent and tapered off from there naturally. I feel it was a gentle and comfortable wean for both of us- just how I wanted. And I can not wait to nurse this next baby!

I'm saving the babywearing questions for next week when I am at the conference. Keep the questions coming if you'd like!



  1. Is it to late for you to answer my question? My question is what are some fun summer things your doing this summer or have planned with the kids and hubby?

  2. Too funny, I knew it was a loaded question...

    Hubby tells me I don't snore, I just "breathe loudly". So, I think we'll be ok. ;)

  3. I love how you are so passionate about everything in your life. I hope today is simply wonderful for you.

  4. I hope you have an awesome day! Belly painting sounds soo fun. My hubs was going to paint my belly when I was preggers but never got around to it. I might have to start getting up early to blog too! Can't wait to read more responses.

  5. I hope you have a wonderful spa day with the girls! After reading your "boo" post, I'm wondering, have you found a nursing bra you like? At 16mo my daughter is nursing 2-3x a day and I'm at a point now where I need to downsize. I'd be very interested to know if there is a nursing bra you would recommend? Also, while I need to downsize, I'm going from a 38F to a 36DD so one of my problems is finding a good bra in my size!

    Take care,

  6. Thank you so much for answering my question! I still think you have hidden super hero powers though....

  7. I would like to know out of ALL your 10,000 pair of shoes, which pair is your absolute fave??? I would like pictures!!

    And those hot pink things are cute!!!

  8. LOVE the Enzo shoes!! Isn't Piperlime the greatest?!
    Hope to see you at the conference next week. :)

  9. Spa day sounds wonderful. Pics of belly painting are expected!

  10. ;) Love your answers! It's so fun to learn more about people! And wow crawling at 7 months boy you were one lady on the MOVE!!!

  11. I hope you had a great spa day! By mentioning it I actually remembered a gift cert. that I've had for like 3 months now. I'm sooooo in need of a spa day before Stella arrives. I better make an appointment asap. I also love how much you love your shoes. A girl after my own heart!

  12. LOL - Oh boy, a snoring roomie. hehe

  13. Hope you had a fabulous day at the spa! You deserve it..


  14. Moment of silence for the Pink Slingback Wedge.


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